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In Actonville, South African men were seen singing, armed with clubs and pieces of wood, as they called for foreign shop owners to leave
The faces of peace and brotherly love
I can't believe that anyone would have the effrontery, the audacity, the bare-faced cheek, to suggest that South Africa is anything other than a happy land of rainbows and unicorns where cats and dogs live in harmony!
Police battled to contain a wave of violence in South Africa last night as gangs of migrants armed themselves with machetes to fight off anti-foreigner attacks by locals. 
Five people have died since vigilantes started looting and attacking shops owned by immigrants, mainly from other parts of Africa. 
Police fired stun grenades and rubber bullets as immigrant gangs confronted the vigilantes, and last night in parts of Johannesburg officers formed a human barrier to keep the two sides apart. 
More than 200 immigrants had to take refuge in a police station and dozens of businesses were closed when trouble spread just a day after a rally against xenophobia in Durban. 
Immigrants have complained about a lack of protection from the authorities and some have started arming themselves to fight back. 
Eyewitnesses have claimed that the vigilante violence is carefully orchestrated and that minibuses have been ferrying men armed with knives and machetes around suburbs. 
In the past two weeks, shops and homes owned by Somalis, Ethiopians, Malawians and other migrants have been targeted, forcing more than 2,000 to flee to camps protected by armed guards. [Didact: So apparently local, native South African blacks don't like blacks from other countries coming to South Africa to live and work there? Imagine that!] 
In Johannesburg, Malawian immigrant Samuel Idrssa described how his friend was stabbed and set on fire by a mob. 
‘We wanted to rescue him but there were too many of them,’ he said. ‘It was shocking.’ 
He added: ‘We have all left our homes. Those affected are those of us who live in poor townships because we live with poor South Africans who do not have jobs.’ 
So far, five people are believed to have been killed in the violent protests which started two weeks ago in Durban, a key port on South Africa's Indian Ocean coast, spreading to Johannesburg. 
Violence flared days after Zulu King Goodwill Zwelithini [Didact: seriously?] said in remarks reported by local media that foreigners should 'take their bags and go'. 
In a recorded speech sent to a local broadcaster, he said: 'We must deal with our own lice' and complained about foreign-owned shops. He has since said his comments were misinterpreted. 
Addressing parliament in Cape Town on Thursday, President Zuma reiterated his condemnation of the violence, calling it a 'violation' of South Africa's values.
First, the idea that South African President Jacob Zuma is anything other than a black supremacist who has quite happily sung songs calling for the extermination of the remaining white Boer population of his country, is frankly insulting to one's intelligence. The man is no different from any other post-colonial African leader- including the Left's beloved sainted hero Nelson Mandela- in most regards; he thinks of race as a zero-sum game and considers whites to be evil incarnate.

Now, normally, what happens in Africa would not be of the slightest concern to me. I'm very much of the opinion that people who choose to follow paths leading to barbarity and savagery should be left alone to do precisely that, as long as they don't try to take the rest of us down with them. If Zimbabwe and Tanzania and South Africa and Somalia want to go from beacons of colonial progress and civilisation to HIV-riddled economic basket cases within a few short generations, that is their problem; conversely, if countries like Lesotho and Botswana do whatever they can to avoid the stupid mistakes of their neighbours and choose to build thriving, relatively stable and corruption-free economies, good for them.

The rest of us shouldn't worry ourselves over what happens in a continent that, for all appearances, was largely abandoned by civilisation and hope around the time the British left it.

The reason this particular episode is of interest to me, though, is because it holds much broader and quite important lessons for the West.

Think upon the situation there for a few moments. Black Africans from countries like Somalia, Malawi, and Ethiopia- which, it must be said, are hardly paragons of international development and good governance- have migrated, or fled, to South Africa (take your pick), to start up new lives there. Native South Africans, who are racially overwhelmingly black, are not exactly thrilled about having yet more of their black brothers and sisters coming over to settle down next to them. They are so not thrilled about it, in fact, that they have rioted against foreign immigrants repeatedly since the end of apartheid in 1994.

To a liberal or social justice type, this set of facts and events is exceedingly painful to contemplate. Concepts like "nationalities" and "cultures" make no sense to such minds, implying as they do that perhaps white Americans and Europeans are not at fault for all of the world's ills, since if different cultures engender different belief systems, different modes of thought, and different economic and political outcomes, then the entire artificial construct of multiculturalism immediately crumbles to dust.

In order to get around the severe cognitive dissonance introduced by the fact that cultures are, in fact, different, even when the skin colour of the cultures concerned is the same, liberals mutter and wail and shriek about "tolerance" and the need for "understanding". They gnash their teeth at the utterly absurd notion that, far from being a short-sighted evil reaction in need of corrective thought-control, xenophobia is in fact a survival instinct.

To the conservative mind, however, there is nothing in the slightest bit surprising about what South Africa is going through right now.

This sort of thing is entirely to be expected when large-scale immigration occurs from one culture to another. Human beings have been hard-wired through millennia to distrust and dislike outsiders in general, even if we get along splendidly with specific individuals within a group of such outsiders.

In every single culture, ever, the words for "foreigner" or "outsider" are almost always pejoratives, especially when used in the vernacular sense. The Zuni Indian word for enemy is "Apache"; the Japanese term "gaijin" literally means "outside person", but its more common translation amounts to "foreign devil"; the Cantonese word "gwailo" is slang for foreigner and basically means the same thing as its Japanese counterpart. Most civilised nations have since developed more... shall we say, genteel or at least somewhat diplomatic appellations for foreigners, but every culture of any note in human history has always regarded outsiders with suspicion and distaste.

This is why the riots in South Africa are not the least bit surprising. And they serve as a stark warning to the West.

If Western nations continue to insist on importing vast numbers of culturally dissimilar people from economically and politically inferior countries, the inevitable and absolutely guaranteed end result is open racial and ethnic war.

In the southern United States, people living near the borders that Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, and California, are already taking matters into their own hands to defend their lands from Mexican invaders who cross American borders in clear and open defiance of American law.

In Britain, the English are being forced to watch as once-prosperous largely white suburbs in East and North London are transformed into enclaves of Islamic jihad, created by immigrants coming from Third World hellholes and basket cases like Pakistan.

In southern Israel, families near the border with the Gaza Strip have had to live under daily threat of rocket and missile attack, and with the very real fear of waking up one fine morning to find that their little brown brothers in the world's largest open-air concentration camp have popped out of tunnels under their very feet to take and pillage what Israelis have painstakingly spent decades building.

Even in India- one of the most racially and ethnically diverse countries anywhere on Earth- inter-community tensions are escalating because every special interest group and class with any amount of political power constantly uses its influence to pressure the central government to push "diversity-based" quotas upon the rest of the populace.

There is only one way that this nonsense will end: through open, genocidal war.

I do not claim to want this- only a lunatic would want to see millions slaughtered in an orgy of insensate violence and destruction. I claim only that it is inevitable- and I have literally thousands of years' worth of human history in support of my argument that a Utopian solution in which different races can coexist in peace and harmony is a fool's gambit.

In America's case, we already know that the Federal government has not the will, the wit, the wisdom, or the wherewithal to stop the ongoing invasion of the country's southern border and the increasing Mexification of the population. All it will take for the Southern USA to rise up in defence of its lands will be a realisation that the Federal government cannot effectively enforce the concept of the United States any longer at gunpoint. Once that happens, the forced union that resulted in the devastation of the South's culture, economy, and way of life at the end of the War Between the States will shatter... and then, all bets are off.

In Israel's case, all it will take is for the Israelis to finally get fed up of the immense price that they are currently paying, in both money and lives, to maintain the status quo. The moment that Israel decides to have done with the Palestinian problem, once and for all, they will send in their army- the finest pound-for-pound fighting force in possibly the entire world- to drive the Palestinians of Gaza into the sea, or the Egyptian desert, and the Palestinians of the West Bank across the Jordan River. And they will then take every precaution necessary to ensure that no Palestinian Arab may ever again cross into the borders of the Holy Land to wreak havoc within Israel.

And in the case of Europe, do not be surprised if, thirty years from now, we see the Second Reconquista well and truly underway.

The toll in blood and treasure will be monumental in every case. And the responsibility for all of those deaths, all of that bloodshed, can be laid squarely at the feet of the foolish and short-sighted Utopians who thought that they could engineer their way around human nature and political reality. Those fools will burn in a Hell of their very own design, but not before countless millions suffer for their stupidity in the process.

So take heed what is now happening in South Africa, and understand that- whether it be tomorrow or ten or twenty or a hundred years hence- the same thing could come to your neighbourhood.


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