Effing the ineffable

... Sahara Desert, in 5 years there'll be a shortage of sand." -Milton

Just when you thought the US government couldn't get any more retarded, they manage to take that incredibly low bar- and then smash headfirst into it:
The federal government missed an estimated $41.1 million in “cost savings” transporting immigrant detainees on charter flights due to an inefficient use of resources — namely flying with empty seats — a government watchdog concludes. 
A Department of Homeland Security Inspector General report released this month reveals that while U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Air Operations (ICE Air) met its responsibilities in transporting 930,435 immigrant detainees in a three-and-a-half year timeframe, it failed to document enough data on the detainees or fill seats effectively. 
ICE Air is the agency’s “air transportation arm” and is responsible for moving and removing immigrant detainees within the U.S. and abroad. 
According to the report, it costs ICE Air $8,419 per flight hour for charter flights of this nature. The cost is the same no matter the number of passengers on board. So due to ineffective management, planning, and data capture, ICE Air missed out on available savings. 
“As a result, ICE Air operated charter flights with empty seats and could have realized cost savings of up to $41.1 million upon determining optimum flight capacity,” the report reads. “This estimate is based on the average of charter costs incurred during the scope period for the missions analyzed. Although the estimated potential cost savings will not be claimed as funds put to better use, it is an indicator of ICE Air’s potential for future cost savings.” 
The report explains that from October 1, 2010 through March 31, 2014, ICE Air said it spent about $598 million, of which $464 million went to fund charter flights. 
The IG reported that ICE Air spent about $116 million on flights that were filled below 80 percent capacity in that timeframe — including nearly $12 million on flights filled to less than 40 percent capacity.
There is something deeply disturbing about the idea that the Immigration and Customs Enforcement- or whatever the hell the INS is called these days, the damn name keeps changing- has something like $600M to play around with just to put illegal immigrants on chartered flights around the country. That is money that is taken at gunpoint from you and me, legitimate taxpayers, to fund these ridiculous boondoggles. And all so that Jane Smith- or in this case, Juanita Sanchez, I guess- can fly at our expense to Anytown USA to start up a new life.

Now, I'm here on a work visa. I'm here to work. I'm here because, thus far, I've obeyed the laws of this country, kept to myself, generally tried not to be a nuisance or a burden, and contributed to the American economy. I earned a degree from a university here; I've put in the hard yards and the long hours at my workplace; I've built a decent reputation for myself; and I've paid my (exorbitant) taxes.

I've accepted those taxes and the ridiculous impositions of this country's government at all levels as the necessary price of living in what I regard without reservation as the greatest country on Earth. I live here as a guest, and I have no right to affect this country's politics through exercise of the sovereign franchise- which is exactly how it bloody well should be for a foreigner like me.

I'm here because I obeyed the law and I paid my way. So it really sticks in my craw when I see that a government agency has taken part of my money to fund charter flights for illegal aliens.

These people invaded your country. They are here in clear and absolute violation of your laws. It's not like they weren't aware that they were breaking and entering, either- you people have a whacking great fence built along your southern border with Mexico, and in places there are armed guards who patrol that border.

Which leads me to ask: what exactly do they do with those guns of theirs? I mean, they're not armed with peashooters or slingshots, after all. What, exactly, is stopping them from doing the right thing and shooting people who invade the country? What, exactly, is the entire Department of Homeland Security and its endless series of subordinate agencies for, if not to secure the homeland?

It's getting to the point in this country where it's actually easier to enjoy the fruits of American productivity and ingenuity if you're a free-loading illegal alien than if you're here legitimately, like me. An illegal granted amnesty under President Jackass's latest brilliant scheme to destroy the American republic would get tax breaks, benefits, and- eventually- the right to vote.

I get none of those things. And I earn... well, let's say a pretty good income, working for a big company here- because big companies are becoming the only ones that can pay the very high costs of hiring expensive foreign talent to come and work here.

Forget the (perfectly legitimate) argument about whether or not bringing in foreign workers makes sense in the first place- exactly how does it make sense to subsidise the invasion of the country by illegal aliens, while penalising the hiring of small numbers of talented foreigners to come here and contribute through honest work? (I'll freely admit that the H-1B visa system is an idiotic construct in dire need of reform.)

Examples like the above remind me that, for all that he was really basically a Keynesian heretic who ultimately believed in statist solutions to private problems, Milton Friedman understood perfectly just how utterly incompetent government really is.


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