Curie-Hultgreen Syndrome comes to Formula 1

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Bernie Ecclestone is considering a women’s Formula One championship to give fans extra value for money during grand prix weekends. 
Ecclestone, the sport’s chief executive, floated the idea at a meeting with team bosses before Sunday’s Malaysian Grand Prix. 
If he manages to get his way, the likes of Williams test driver Susie Wolff, her counterpart at Lotus Carmen Jorda, IndyCar’s Danica Patrick and emerging British talent Alice Powell could all be handed drives. 
‘I thought it would be a good idea to give them a showcase,’ said Ecclestone. ‘For some reason, women are not coming through — and not because we don’t want them. Of course we do, because they would attract a lot of attention and publicity and probably a lot of sponsors. 
‘We have to start somewhere so I suggested to the teams that we have a separate championship and maybe that way we will be able to bring someone through to F1. They could race before the main event or perhaps on the Saturday qualifying day. 
‘It is only a thought at the moment but I think it would be super for Formula One and the whole grand prix weekend.’ 
Lella Lombardi was the last woman to start a Formula One race, in 1976, and the only one to score points. 
Ecclestone’s support for a female series comes 15 years after he controversially joked that women should dress in white like all domestic appliances.
I am personally not particularly opposed to a female F1 series. If they want their own F1 racing series, that's fine, as long as the series is setup to provide pretty much the same spectacle as female gladiators used to provide in the Coliseum between matches.

As Vox Day noted recently, during the reign of the Emperor Domitian, female gladiators were put into the arena with dwarfs and midgets to provide, essentially, comic relief during segments of the games. And if that is the purpose of a new F1 league just for women, then so be it. I'm hardly going to complain about Bernie Ecclestone's creativity and business savvy in giving the crowds exactly what they want.

Just leave them to their own silliness while the men get on with real racing, driving, and winning.

If, however, the bosses of F1 want to actually put women in the races with men, then we're going to have a very serious problem.

Consider the list of names touted as potential F1 female drivers up there. Danica Patrick is among them. Now, I don't watch NASCAR- I find the prospect of watching stock cars turning left 2,000 times at roughly 200mph to be more than a little boring, which is why I watch F1 instead (on the very rare occasions that I can, anyway). But as far as I am aware, Ms. Patrick is quite possibly the most overhyped and overrated driver in the history of that entire sport.

Take a look at her motorsport career. In the last 17 years, she has taken pole position 6 times. She has cracked the top 3 in points rankings only twice. In her entire NASCAR career, she has never gone past 10th in the standings.

And in her entire overall career, she has won precisely ONE race, and that too at the IndyCar level, not NASCAR.

If this is what we're supposed to believe is capable of competing with the likes of multiple F1 world champions Sebastian Vettel, Lewis Hamilton, and Fernando Alonso, then someone in the world of F1 management is smoking some damn good crack.

Also, consider one thing. I personally find the appeal of American stock car racing to be completely incomprehensible- as I said, I see no point in watching cars turning left hundreds of times around a banked circuit. I will readily admit, though, that such racing does require tremendous skill, teamwork, technical ability, and competitive drive- you'll hear no arguments from me on any of those issues.

However, Formula One racing is on a completely different level of difficulty.

F1 racing involves much smaller cars with far greater power-to-weight ratios. The tracks are far more complicated, because they incorporate something that isn't particularly familiar to American drivers- namely, bends and corners, and even truly far-out stuff like chicanes. The added levels of complexity, difficulty, and technical challenges make F1 driving a tremendous challenge where only the finest drivers in the world have any real hope of competing.

This is also why Americans don't tend to do very well in F1. In the entire history of F1, precisely two Americans have ever won a Formula One Driver's Championship.

So you'll forgive me if I end up looking more amused than concerned at the idea that Ms. Patrick is going to have any kind of success in F1, even against other women.

And on that bombshell, let me leave you with clips from THE (sadly deceased) GREATEST TV SHOW OF ALL TIME and their last great roadtrip across the US of A:


  1. "For some reason, women are not coming through — and not because we don’t want them"

    My neighbors have a house full of German Shepherds. It baffles me, as well, why the feral cats don't try and sneak into that house, or even hang in the yard. Is it magic? What IS this devilry? A geomagnetic field, attuned to a cat's senses? Improper social education, so that generations of instinct are honed away, so that these animals have grown past mere genus and species constructs?

    It is EVIL, I tell you. Makes no sense. Cats are equal, right?

    1. It's utterly inexplicable, I tell you. Surely it's obvious for all to see that cats DESERVE to get in to your neighbours' house, simply by virtue of being cats!


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