Count the mistakes

Back before I came across the Manosphere, I did things along the lines of what the guy in this video did when on a blind date with a "female" bodybuilder:

(I use quotes simply because female bodybuilders have to take serious amounts of testosterone in the form of steroids to build muscle like that- women simply CANNOT naturally put on that much muscle- and the end result is that their voices deepen and everything that is appealing about their femininity disappears.)

See if you can get all the way through the video without suffering from spontaneous rage-vomiting of some kind. It'll be a challenge, even though the video is only 2.5 minutes long. And then, next time you're on a date, just remember: DO THE EXACT OPPOSITE OF WHAT THIS GUY DID.


  1. I couldn't watch it. Once I saw, uh, 'her', I stopped.

    I have to go and find an actual lady, or at least an actual female, so that I can wipe what I've just seen out of my mind.


    1. Amen and amen. That smile just makes the whole package sweeter.

      Referring to that above video with Giganta, the SimianWoman, I know a guitar player locally whom she looks so much like that it frightens me. And this dude she looks like is no prettier.


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