That's what Aliyah is for

The Jews of America would be well advised to take heed of Israel's open-arms policy toward them:

From what I have seen- and this is admittedly not a very big sample set- American Jews generally fall into two categories.

The majority of them are liberals- and by that I mean extremely liberal. They subscribe to a level of liberalism that is nuttier than a Christmas fruitcake. They are as liberal as they are for precisely the reasons that Ben Shapiro outlines- they are about as serious about their faith as the average lapsed Catholic, and have next to no understanding of what the Torah, the document that defines Judaism, means.

They're not bad people, necessarily- I'm good friends with a very liberal Jew and her Asian husband- but they have a rather schizophrenic way of looking at the world.

Then you've got the neoconservative Jews. Such Jews aren't really "conservative" as you and I might understand the term; many neoconservatives are in fact Marxists and Trotskyites who got the stupid beaten out of them by the realities of global communism. Such Jews are generally about as irreligious as their liberal counterparts, and share the same general beliefs about heavy-handed government intervention; the only major difference between them is that liberal Jews want to intervene globally for bleeding-heart causes, while neoconservative Jews want to intervene for reasons of "national security".

I am deliberately excluding the Orthodox Jews that I know from this sample set, simply because I only know a couple of them. They're good folk, deeply religious, morally upright, and deeply suspicious in their own way of outsiders. Of their political beliefs, though, I know very little.

The reason I bring all of this up is because of Prime Minister Netanyahu's speech in front of Congress today.

Now, I admire the man in many ways. He is tenacious, a skilled orator, and a gifted politician. He is also, like almost any politician, highly calculating and and very devious. But he has repeatedly made one call that Jews everywhere would be well-advised to consider.

Israel is the natural, national home of the Jewish people- it says so right there in the fine print of the Bible. Based on what I saw in Israel, introducing more Jews to it would be a very good thing indeed.

The world is turning against the Jewish people once again. While this is deeply sad to see, no amount of Holocaustianity is going to stop the rising backlash of anti-Semitism in Europe and elsewhere. America is, for the moment, still a safe haven for the Jewish race, not least because American Christians, particularly Catholics, do take very seriously the various Papal bulls and doctrines stating plainly that the Jews are a protected people under Christian morality. But there is no guarantee that this will last, especially given that the American people have seen over the last few years that there appears to be a statistically significant correlation between the number of corrupt and failed companies that have brought the American economy to its knees, and the number of Jews involved in running those companies.

And that's before we get to the number of Jews in the highest echelons of power in Washington, D.C., that have led us to this mess.

I'm not arguing that the Jews were responsible for this mess. I am arguing that there is a clear correlation between the two; of the cause, I have nothing to say.

The only natural and just home of the Jewish people is, indeed, Israel. And it is high time that the world's Jews took heed of this. Israel needs more young, dynamic, smart Jews to build its future- and if what I saw is any indication, that future is bright indeed. But it won't happen as long as the Jews insist on pretending that America will always be there to pull their chestnuts out of the fire.


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