Space rock

Of the most badass kind:

I saw MONSTER MAGNET play live as a warmup act for Iggy Pop over 10 years ago, at Download Donnington in 2004. They kicked ass. Dave Wyndorf is a truly great frontman (when he's not stoned out of his gourd on mescaline, anyway).

His funniest comment that day was about the crowd reactions to the fact that the headliner was LINKIN PARK, while the warm-up act was IGGY POP. The crowd went crazy about the latter, but the former got a sort of "meh..." reaction. Dave had this huge grin on his face after he'd finished smashing up his guitar and said, "I find that VERY interesting! I find that VERY muthafuckin' interesting!"

Evidently, Dave Wyndorf thinks just as poorly of Stinkin' Fart as my friend and I did (and still do).

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Don't bother listening to HAWKWIND, that one medley is better than the entire HAWKWIND discography combined.


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