Just release the damn album already!

Hey, who's the giant tranny in the middle???
OK, I get it, the next NIGHTWISH album is a really big freakin' deal. I understand that. I'm a huge fan of their music, and I think that Floor Jansen is simply amazing.

But if you're Tuomas Huolopainen, and you think that releasing fourteen (and counting) trailers for your new masterpiece make you look like anything other than a truly epic tool, then you're engaging in some serious wishful thinking.

And it's not like the few bits that we've heard from the new album have been all that amazing, frankly. I mean, the first single, "Elan", was actually a bit of a damp squib- not bad, to be sure, but not quite the amazing display of vocal pyrotechnics from Floor Jansen that I expected.

The second streaming single that I've heard, "Shudder Before the Beautiful", is definitely a step up. But it's still nowhere near as good as this band is capable of being. When Tuomas gets his head out of his arse and puts his hat back on properly, he can be a goddamn genius with music.

And when Floor Jansen really decides to let rip with her incredible voice and stage presence, she is quite simply unsurpassed as a frontwoman.

I'm hoping the new NIGHTWISH album will be awesome. I'm really hoping that the new album will surpass Once. That album was not perfect- too many filler songs, too much boring nonsense- but its high points were the musical equivalent of the Argonath.

The Argonath
Talk to the hand, bitches
But based on current evidence, I suspect that a lot of hardcore NIGHTWISH fans might just be a little disappointed.

Still, FLOOR JANSEN. She might look really weird, but her amazing talents more than make up for it.

Estilo de Floor Jansen
Looks like a tranny. Sings like a siren. And (apparently) one of the nicest people you'll ever meet.


  1. I like both tier Tarja era albums and their later stuff, but while Once in ways has their best songs on it overall, I keep coming back to Dark Passion Play, and Imaginareum (especially Last Ride of the Day...)

    Thanks for the posts - and for getting me hooked on Sabaton

    1. Yeah, Once was their creative high-point- though there is an awful lot of filler on that album. I do really like Imaginaerum, there is a lot of good stuff on it; "Last Ride of the Day", "I Want My Tears Back", "Rest Calm", etc. The perpetual fanboy slapfest about which vocalist is the best really doesn't bother me with that one; Annette's voice suits the newer material well enough, though she could never pull off the older stuff.

      Floor, on the other hand, has the chops to do it all. Which is why I'm quite surprised that, in the two songs released so far, she sounds pretty tame. That woman has astonishing versatility as a singer.

      SABATON have quickly become one of my favourite bands ever. They're beyond silly, but they're unquestionably great at what they do- I once called them the "Pacific Rim" of metal. And they're one of the best live bands around- they love the fans, and we love them.


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