#HuntTheTruth? How about #RedeemTheFranchise instead?!

Just release the damn game already!!!

I will admit that, by the looks of things, HALO 5: Guardians is going to be BADASS. But, as I've pointed out elsewhere, I am definitely worried that Bonnie "My job is to promote women in gaming" Ross went and did a hatchet job on the script because there weren't enough STRONG INDEPENDENT WIMMENZ in it. That, after all, is exactly what she did with HALO 4; it's a testament to just how good the creative teams are at 343 Industries that the game was as good as it was, if not quite up to the same standards as its truly monumental predecessor, HALO 3.

Now to be as fair as possible, a lot of this is just fanboy bitching about what is sure to be THE first-person-shooter game of 2015. But it is worth remembering that there is a reason why the HALO franchise is the blockbuster money-printing machine that it is. It got there because Bungie stuck to the Holy Trinity of great gaming: gameplay, plot, and character. Full goddamn stop.

Too bad it's SUPPOSED to be on the back of your hand.
Also known as the Triforce of Gaming.
(Can I just say- I don't normally approve of tattoos on women, at all. But I would at least consider an exception in this one case. Depends on what she looks like from the front.)

Far too many game studios forget this and squander their initial successes by trying to be flashier or more "progressive" than their rivals, by adding in gimmicks and tricks to cover up for failures in gameplay or plot, and by concentrating on the grievance du jour of the SJW set instead of focusing on timeless stories about the apocalyptic, all-consuming struggle between good and evil.

And for a while, it looked like 343i was going down that precise route. They screwed up royally with the botched release of The Master Chief Collection- what should have been a definitive, authoritative mark of 343i's confident, assured handling of the greatest game franchise of all time, instead turned into a complete catastrophe due to bugs, glitches, and utterly unplayable multiplayer features that alienated even the most hardcore members of the HALO nation.

It still looks a little like that now.

I put my faith and hopes in the fact that the development team at that studio is composed of hardcore industry veterans, who have all worked on some of the greatest and most successful FPS/stealth franchises in history- Metroid, Metal Gear, and of course the original Bungie-created games in the canon. These guys know what they're doing- and they ARE mostly guys.

I think HALO 5 will be amazing. I hope I am right. Based on what I've seen so far, I think I will be. But there is still room for doubt.


  1. My condition for expressing any amount of interest in this at all is that it concludes with John literally ripping Locke's head off.


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