How's about a bet?

Anyone want to take a punt as to the ethnicity and race of the perpetrators of a recent shooting at a pub in Sweden?
At least two people were killed and eight injured during a shooting at pub in Sweden last night. 
Automatic weapons are believed to have been used in the attack yesterday during the screening of a football match in Biskopsgarden, a suburb of Gothenburg with a history of gang violence. 
Detectives said it was too early to speculate on the motive behind the shooting - which happened at about 10.20pm local time (9.20pm GMT) - but there were indications that it was gang-related. 
Police spokesman Ulla Brehm said that at least two people were killed at the scene and several others taken to a hospital, adding: ‘There is absolutely nothing that indicates terrorism.’ 
One witness, who did not wish to be named, told Swedish broadcaster SVT that two men entered the pub and started shooting with automatic weapons. 
He said: ‘I didn't have a chance to think about what happened. Then I saw that my friend was bleeding. I tried to stop the bleeding as well as I could with my hand.’ 
Several people are now being questioned by police. Ms Brehm said the area on Hisingen, an island off Gothenburg, had seen a lot of gang violence and that was a likely explanation for the shooting. 
She added: ‘We have had a targeted police operation in this area because we have gang crime here. There have been shootings in the past.’ 
The attack took place inside a restaurant called ‘Var Krog och Bar’ (Our Tavern and Bar). It opened in 1995 and also has a sports bar and a nightclub open on Fridays and Saturdays. 
Gothenburg (known as 'Goteborg' in Swedish) is located in south-western Sweden and is the country's second biggest city. Police said the death toll from the attack was likely to rise.
The reason this is interesting is not because of the violence, awful and horrific though that is. This might be a surprising statement to some, because Sweden is not exactly the country that comes to mind when one thinks of violent countries with a lot of gang-related violence. Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Colombia? Sure. Sweden? Not really.

In fact, in terms of firearms-related deaths, Sweden ranks a lowly 44th out of 75.

Furthermore, Sweden does not have anything like the gun culture that Switzerland or Israel or the USA do. Relative to most American states, its gun laws are fairly restrictive- not quite as bad, as absurd, and as balls-out insane as the ones in New York, New Jersey, the People's Republic of Massachusetts, or several other deep-blue states, but still pretty restrictive compared to sane and fun states like New Hampshire, Texas, and Arizona.

No, the reason this tidbit of news is interesting is because of what the news reports do not mention. In fact, they refuse to mention it.

The report from the Daily Mail above points out that Gothenburg is Sweden's second-largest city, right after Stockholm. Nothing innocuous about that, and it provides some useful context for the overall story.

What is doesn't mention is that Gothenburg, along with Malmo and the aforementioned Stockholm, contains the highest concentrations of Sweden's estimated 500,000-strong Muslim population.

So here's what I'm betting: this little incident, in which at least two died, was not merely an episode of gang-related violence. It was instead a result of Sweden's insane long-term policy of multiculturalism.

I could very well be wrong. But, given the evidence- or in this case, the lack  of it- there is good reason to think that I'm not.


  1. Eric Raymond has an interesting article related to how many now are interpreting the lack of information when a muslim or minority commits a crime (where whites always have that fact mentioned) as a dead giveaway, with some discussion of how ultimately it's far more harmful than being honest about it.


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