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AV8R/A.V. Yader/Whatshisname published a (very) long article over at Return of Kings today that had quite a lot to say about the virtues of selfishness and hedonism, in typically forthright fashion:
If there’s one thing the loser has going for him that the man in the middle doesn’t—it’s that he is selfish. The loser doesn’t care if a woman ends up living in a cardboard box because she spent all of her money on him, and he doesn’t care if she has to work countless hours of overtime to make ends meet. 
The loser just thinks to himself, “Well, she’s a dumb bitch and it’s her fault for getting herself into these situations—ain’t my problem,” and you know what? He’s completely right—it is her fault and it ain’t his problem. 
Losers, despite their countless faults, understand that a woman’s fucked-up decisions are one-hundred percent her responsibility—not his. Any man with two functioning eyeballs connected to an operable brain can sit back and spectate as women do stupid shit and waste their lives away, and the loser is more than happy to lend a helping hand in that process in an attempt to procure all he can get. 
However, what the loser is not interested in is providing windfall protection for these women as they make their rapid descents—ensuring soft landings for dumbass women and their choices is beyond the scope of both the losers desires and his talents. The loser, for as stupid as he may be, isn’t stupid in this respect. 
In my own experience, some of the women I’ve had the most difficulty getting rid of have been the ones that have received the worst treatment from me. For whatever reason, I just didn’t like them all that much and didn’t treat them very well. In many instances, it was usually because I found out something unsavory about their pasts and subsequently lost the little bit of respect I may have had for them to begin with. 
As a result, I never went above and beyond to please them. I never complimented them or said nice things to them. I didn’t respond to their text messages or phone calls for hours, and that’s if I bothered responding at all. I flirted with other women right in front of them. I didn’t care if I gave them a good fucking, and I certainly didn’t care if they had an orgasm—I just didn’t give a damn about any of it. I treated these women like they were lower than shark shit at the bottom of Marianna’s Trench, and they completely adored me for it.
I don't necessarily disagree with what he's saying. I just don't think that his prescription is a particularly healthy one for the modern young man.

First, let's be clear about one thing: you have to be clear about your goals. If your goal in life is to get laid like tile, hey, more power to you. If that's what you want in life, then I'll be the first man to buy you a beer, slap you on the back, and wish you the very best of success. I will not question or put down your choice- hell, given the, shall we say, questionable virtues of the average Western girl these days, I'd argue that you're doing yourself a disservice if you didn't take advantage of their willingness to spread their legs for you. Hey, if the price of entry is low, and birth control is cheap, and all you're interested in is carnal pleasure, why the hell not?

In that case, my esteemed colleague Darth Yader's advice is right up your alley, and all that is left is for you to chart your own course. Go to it, and live out your days of wine, women, and song.

If, however, your goal is to do more than merely run along the hedonic treadmill, then there is something deeply wrong with the idea of treating women like disposable receptacles for bodily fluids.

If your goal is to rebuild civilisation, to reclaim it from the cultural Vandals who have done such horrific damage to the gifts bequeathed to us by our forefathers, then treating women this way simply perpetuates a cycle of destruction and degradation.

A Losing Battle...

I am not, for even a single moment, arguing that a young man these days should play "Captain Save-A-Ho". There is no upside to this. You cannot save a woman from herself, so don't even try.

If a girl that you know is fool enough to ride the carousel while holding out for the high-status man of her dreams, and is stupid enough to squander her beauty and her youth in pursuit of fleeting material satisfactions, then that is her choice, just as it is your choice to pump-and-dump her. There is not the slightest use in trying to persuade her through reason, logic, and idealism to change her ways; it will not work.

The worst of these women are the kinds that whore themselves out for a luxury lifestyle filled with designer clothes, fast cars, and paid vacations to exotic lands. My highly respected Reaxxion colleague and RoK columnist Matt Forney wrote an explosive article on this very subject earlier last week, blowing the lid off the lifestyle of the attention whores of Instagram and the utterly disgusting sexual acts that they willingly carry out in order to support those lifestyles.

If you look through the website that inspired his article, Tag The Sponsor, and if you are anything short of a complete hedonist, what you find there will truly turn your stomach. The women there are young, gorgeous- and utterly depraved. They are willing to debase themselves for a materially abundant lifestyle that absolutely will destroy their souls.

Try, if you can, to read through the full story behind the "VIP arrangements" made on behalf of certain travelling "dignitaries" using Instagram models. If you have any sense of decency, it'll be tough to get through the whole thing without wanting to hurt something.

No man who wants to preserve his sense of decency, his self-respect, and his integrity should go near such a woman with a 10-foot pole. These women are damaged beyond all measure, and are almost surely rendered incapable of being good wives and mothers by their experiences.

... To Win the War

If The Battle For Civilization Comes Down To The Wimps Versus The ...

These women cannot be saved. There is no point even trying. But you can help save other women from the same fate.

You have to start by holding the women you know to a higher standard. Your sisters, your wives, and your girlfriends must be shown, in no uncertain terms, that you expect them to behave like adult women, responsible for their own actions. You have to make it clear that your masculine leadership and strength is complimented and supported by feminine beauty and grace.

The most powerful and efficient weapon for doing this is shame.

There is neither call nor need to resort to anything worse than this; a woman who has not yet fallen off the path of virtue and (relative) chastity needs little else to keep her on it.

The reason that these women on Instagram are able to get away with doing the... things they do for their lifestyles is because they are beautiful and promiscuous enough, in a society and a culture that rewards both qualities, to get away with it.

If, however, these women are called what they are- prostitutes and degenerates- instead of being given a free pass because of their looks, then their crazy behaviour will be far more difficult to justify, to themselves and to others who would otherwise think of following the same path.

The next time you see a woman that you know playing the attention-whore, and being rewarded for it with the attentions of thirsty men and jealous women in her circle of friends, slap that behaviour down, and hard. There is no excuse for it. There is no reason why she should be allowed to get away with it.

The reality is that if you want men to be masculine and women to be feminine, you have to provide examples for people to follow. Without such examples, these concepts are nothing but abstractions and generalisations. But, with clear examples of masculine strength and feminine virtue, there will still be a future for civilisation. The question is, are you wiling to do what it takes to build it?

If not, then by all means, follow the advice that A.V. Yader is giving- it's very good advice, for achieving a very specific goal. If achieving it means treating women as toilets, then that is your choice and I do not oppose it.

If, however, you want to see the days of the West renewed once more, and you want to see your children and their children grow up in a world where ancient virtues are revered as they once were, then you have a lot of work to do. You have to hold yourself to a higher standard- and once you've achieved it, you have to hold the women around you to that same standard.

If you don't, then don't complain when the civilisation that you thought was going to last forever, comes crashing down about your ears.


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