Guns and bacon

Everyone loves a few good cat pictures to laugh at. Here are some ...

Apparently I'm not the only one crazy enough to think that the two go together very well:
A competitive shooter satisfied both his appetites by wrapping his gun in bacon and using the heat generated when firing to cook and eat it. 
Dustin Ellermann, a self-taught marksman and avid hunter, is captured on camera applying the rashers of bacon to his Gemtech TREK 5.56mm suppressor that rests on the back of a pick-up truck. 
Either Dustin or the video maker mutters under their breath: ‘So much America right now’, before the competitive shooter secures the bacon in place with some tin foil, which is also wrapped around the suppressor. 
Getting into position, Dustin lifts his Pre-86 M16 Lower rifle and begins firing rounds of Wolf 223 – spraying shells in every direction. 
Pausing to reload Dustin laughs and says: ‘I was like, what’s that sound?’ Referring to the sizzling noise coming from the suppressor of his gun. 
Dustin fires more bullets before pausing once again to examine his rifle. 
This time smoke billows from the tip of it and the sizzling of the bacon cooking can be heard even more clearly. 
The competitive shooter fires one last time and the vibrations caused by the bullets leaving the gun cause the tin foil to fly from the suppressor.
Stopping to admire the bacon, Dustin says: ‘There’s nothing wrong with that’ before taking his gun back to the pick-up truck.
 This is what you get when you combine bacon with guns:

Dustin uses a pair of tongs to remove the surprisingly well-cooked bacon from the end of the gun
There are not enough words to describe the sheer genius. This is the most epic thing I've seen all week. (Though this is unfortunately still not quite as epic as the confirmed existence of the weaselpecker.)

On a related note- HOW could any God-fearing man ever hate a country where you can get GUNS AND BACON in a single package?!?!?

This is why Islam makes absolutely NO DAMN SENSE- not only do they believe in using guns only to kill infidels (i.e. you and me), but they don't believe in bacon.

God Bless America!!!



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