Demographics is destiny

Deadline: In less than five years, minority children will outnumber white ones. In 14 years after that, more than half of all Americans will be minorities

White children will be outnumbered by minority kids in the United States in just five years, new Census Bureau projections reveal. 
This is the result of an ongoing trend of declining birth among white Americans and a baby boom among immigrant groups, as well as a surge in immigration. 
By the year 2020, 50.2 percent of all children in the US are expected to be non-white, according to the Census. By 2044, whites will be outnumbered by minorities. 
The Census study, released this week, predicts that by year 2060, nearly 20percent of the population will be foreign born - thanks to an influx of 64million new immigrants. 
The populations of Hispanics in the US will rise 114 percent - from 55 million in 2014 to 63.6 million in 2060 - making up about 29 percent of the population. 
And the number of non-Hispanic whites will actually likely to decline over the next 40 years - from 200million and 62 percent of the population now to 182million and 44percent of the population in 2060. 
The number of people who identified themselves as only black will also decline about 8percent to about 59 million. 
The number of Asian-Americans will also increase dramatically - even more than the Hispanic population - rising 128 percent to 22 million. 
The Census reporty also projects a massive surge in the portion of the population that's over age 65. By 2030, 20 percent of that population will qualify for a senior discount. 
In 2033, there will be more Americans over age 65 than children - thanks to the aging Baby Boom generation. 
By year 2060, there will be 76 'dependents' - those over age 65 and drawing government benefits or under 18 - for every 100 working-age Americans.
It doesn't take much more than a basic understanding of human nature, a reasonably solid grasp of deductive logic, and a few simple empirical observations, to conclude that these demographic projections can only end in catastrophe.

Offending EVERYONE


First, it cannot be stated too frequently that Western civilisation is a direct result of white, European, Christian heritage. The most successful, powerful, and intellectually advanced civilisation the world has ever seen, came about because, not in spite of, Christianity. The progress of first European and then American civilisation is inextricably tied to Christianity, and while the results of that demographic projection have little to say about religion, it is safe to assume that the explosion in the number of Americans of Asian extraction will diminish the role of Christianity within society.

This can only have deleterious effects in the long run, given that America was built on explicitly religious lines and has only begun displaying overt hostility to Christianity in the last 50 years or so. We are already seeing the destruction wrought upon the fabric of society of this course of action; it is likely to simply get worse from here.

Second, the destruction of the black community is going to render that group even more irrational than it is now. Black America used to be the strongest and most tight-knit in the country. Today, however, black America leads the rest of the country in dyscivic impulses: drug usage, criminal violence, children born out of wedlock, sexual promiscuity, educational underachievement, abortion, you name it. By insisting on being treated differently from the rest of the country, and by castigating anyone who calls them out on their own self-destructive impulses, the black community has basically guaranteed its own downfall.

Third, the rapid growth of the Hispanic segment of America's population can only result in one thing: open racial war. Hispanics are not, by any stretch of the imagination, a tidy people- as they amply demonstrated at the last World Cup. They are incapable of maintaining anything like civilisation in their own countries, which is why so many of them keep fleeing northward. They are staunchly Churchian- note here the vast difference between Churchianity and true Christianity- and often subscribe to a version of Christianity that emphasises the "cash and prizes" mentality of progressive thinking that the rest of us so thoroughly abhor. And they don't tend to get along particularly well with blacks, or Asians.

The resulting mix is going to be as combustible as it will be ill-advised. Add to this already volatile mixture the fact that the average illegal immigrant can leech tens of thousands of dollars out of the American public fisc, entirely at the taxpayer's expense, for literally breaking American law and invading American borders, and the result will NOT be pretty.

Fourth, the rapid growth in America's senescent population can only mean one thing: economic collapse.

An economy grows and is robust when real goods and services are being produced. But to produce them, you need a workforce composed primarily of people in their high teens to their late forties. Any younger, and they're too immature and unproductive to do any good; any older, and they're too close to retirement to do much of anything at all. This will change over time as longer life-spans mean that retirement at 65 becomes ever more silly, but eventually, the growth in America's population of old people means that the country will simply be unable to produce much of anything at all.

This same scenario is playing out across all of Europe right now, as well as Singapore, Japan, and to some extent South Korea. We can already see the ruptures that are being caused by an overabundance of old people and a severe shortage of young ones. The same ruptures will happen in the American heartland, but with far more devastating effects, because Japan and Singapore are relatively homogeneous nations in racial terms. (Not completely so, obviously; Singapore is "only" about 70% Chinese.) Japan survives, and in some ways continues to thrive, because of that racial homogeneity; no matter how little Japan's old people have in common with Japan's young people, the one thing that unites them is a shared culture, language, and heritage going back at least fifteen centuries.

By contrast, a nation in which old white fuddy-duddies are outnumbered by young Hispanic kids who have neither the will nor the ability to maintain the civilisation that the old white farts created, is not a nation that will survive for very long.

There Goes the Neighbourhood...

Horatius at the Bridge

Interestingly, this is one of the rare times when I'm actually more pessimistic about the future than some of my similarly inclined colleagues. Vox Day, for instance, does not believe that minorities will ever outnumber whites. He could be wrong- it's very unlikely, but it is possible.

He could also be quite right, and we might just avert the bloodcurdling catastrophes that I predict will follow. I certainly hope that is the case- but "hope" is usually a poor substitute for logic and a strong dose of common sense.

Of course, Vox has also predicted that the USA will disintegrate as a political entity sometime around 2030, and that a large part of that disintegration will be due to the decivilising effects of vast hordes of invaders immigrants coming to America's shores and fundamentally altering the character of the country.

For my part, I rather agree with that latter assessment. The demographic reality of the United States points straight toward open war. Nature's Reply to the idiotic creed of multiculturalism is the same as ever: Diversity Equals War.

The next two decades will probably be remembered by future historians as pivotal ones for the fate of our various races. The world's greatest superpower will almost surely be brought to its knees through a combination of hubris, folly, and short-sighted stupidity, and all of the great good that it did will be forgotten in the conflagrations that follow. With Asians, Hispanics, blacks, and whites all at each other's throats, the future could get very ugly indeed.


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