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It would appear that Clint Eastwood's latest girlfriend is, how you say, a few cards short of a full deck:
Clint Eastwood showed off his new girlfriend Christina Sandera on the red carpet at the Academy Awards, and now her ex-husband is opening up about their past together - and her criminal history. 
Paul Wainscoat, who was married to Sandera for 11 months before filing for divorce, says her 'drinking' led to frequent fights between the pair, and a few that even turned physical
In fact, prior to their marriage, police were called to the house and she was arrested for domestic battery after an incident between her and Wainscoat.
Wainscoat tells The National Enquirer that on July 17, 2002, just two months after he began dating Sandera, she became enraged when he refused to move in with her, and when he tried to leave 'grabbed onto his shirt and scratched his neck to prevent him.' 
He managed to call the police, who in their report, noted a 'strong odor' of alcohol on Sandera's breath as they arrested her for domestic battery. 
The couple still married eight months later though, [Didact: Dude... seriously?!? DON'T marry the crazy ones!] after, according to Wainscoat, he spent $80,000 on the couple's honeymoon and jewelry and 'dental work' for his bride
A few months after they married another physical fight broke out between the pair, with Wainscoat claiming that this time Sandera went into a rage as she was 'distraught due to the recent death of one of her cats.' 
He claims she began screaming at him 'Where are my kittens?' and then began hitting him with a closed fist before throwing 'a full bottle of Gatorade, which hit him in the back of the head.' 
He says he did not file charges on account of her 'drinking.' 
Wainscoat also describes other instances of 'bizarre behavior,' including a time that Sandera threatened to 'axe' their furniture if he left her. 
The marriage finally blew up in June 2003, when police responded to another domestic disturbance with Wainscoat claiming he was 'being battered by his wife.' 
In court papers Sandera said she was not an alcoholic but had quit booze and attended AA meetings.
This, by the way, is what Ms. Sandera looks like:

Ex-husband Paul Wainscoat,  claims that on July 17, 2002,  she became enraged when he refused to move in with her, and when he tried to leave 'grabbed onto his shirt and scratched his neck to prevent him. He called police, arrested her for domestic battery
Over at RoK I believe this is what they call the "thousand-cock stare"
Don't feel too sorry for Clint Eastwood, though. He's gone through plenty of women in his time, and even at 84, he's still going to be more than capable of scoring hotter women than guys one quarter his age.

He has also gone through more than his share of crazy women. Anyone remember Sondra Locke, from back in the day? Turns out she was, if anything, even more loony than Ms. Sandera here. And given that Clint Eastwood is still in terrific shape (well, y'know, considering), I have no doubt that he will no problem whatsoever handling this woman. So don't feel too sorry for him- he knows what he's doing.

What this story shows us more than anything else is the vast difference between your average Beta male and, well, Clint Eastwood.

(By the way, I have a really hard time referring to him as anything other than his full name. Clint Eastwood has been known as a masculine badass for so long, he's practically a brand name. Like Kellogg's, but, y'know, without the retarded tiger.)

Take a look again at what Ms. Sandera's ex-husband did:
  • She physically assaulted him just two months after they started dating; instead of dumping her crazy ass, he carried on dating her;
  • Instead of paying attention to the warning signs, he put a ring on that bag of bat-s**t crazy;
  • He paid 80 grand- an amount of money that will buy the average, non-stupid man who thinks with something other than his little head, a very nice car- to get her teeth fixed and to buy her expensive jewelry;
  • And then he got divorce-raped in court
this is just so much fail i had to put it up and yes the list ...

Basically, this guy didn't pay attention to men like Terrence Popp- if he had, he might have saved himself a LOT of time and trouble.

Crazy chicks can be a lot of fun to date, I'm sure. But they're just not worth the emotional and financial toll. If you can't handle a crazy woman, dump her ass and save yourself a huge amount of time, trouble, and money.

In a day and age where young hot women will do literally anything, including debasing themselves through the most disgusting sex acts imaginable, to get the lifestyle that they want, there is no excuse whatsoever for staying with a crazy woman and letting her dominate you. That is inexcusably stupid, and if you do this, you have only yourself to blame.

Don't play Captain Save-A-Ho. Instead, take a lesson from Clint Eastwood's book: no matter what happens, no matter what manner of nutball your girlfriend or latest squeeze turns out to be, your mission and your priorities have to come first.


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