Bring Back Clarkson!

Rumours: After the latest falling out with the BBC, Clarkson is rumoured to be ready to leave and join a rival
I'd watch it. Over, and over, and over again. Just like I already do.
I'm going to go out on a limb here and suggest that the BBC's ideological purge of Jeremy Clarkson on what appears to be rather flimsy grounds is going to backfire in truly EPIC fashion upon the thought police in charge of the Baghdad Broadcasting Corporation:
Jeremy Clarkson said today he was 'off to the Job Centre' after the BBC suspended him for allegedly punching a producer in a fight over food. 
The 54-year-old millionaire is being investigated for allegedly 'smacking' Oisin Tymon, 36, in the face after being told there was no hot food after a day's filming in Newcastle. [Didact: Given what I know of the city of Newcastle and its culinary, uh, "delights", the punishment does seem to fit the crime.]
More than 440,000 [Didact: 500,000 and counting] supporters have signed a petition demanding he is reinstated by the BBC while many more used the #BringBackClarkson and #jesuisClarkson hashtags to show support. 
Co-presenter James May admitted today his friend was involved in a 'bit of a dust up' over dinner where a punch may have been thrown, but said the row was not 'serious'. 
The BBC has decided Top Gear will not be aired on Sunday and the further two remaining episodes of this year's series may also be axed while he is investigated. 
But Mr Clarkson, whose BBC contract expires this month, is considering quitting Top Gear even if he is cleared of punching Mr Tymon and moving to a rival TV network, a friend said. 
'The last three episodes of this series have been pulled,' a source told the Radio Times, adding: 'Can I see him going back to film another BBC series? I don't think so. But he'll be fine. The other broadcasters will bite his arm off.' 
With his Top Gear career in the balance after the 'fracas', sources have told MailOnline that ITV may be preparing a £10million bid to lure him away, sparking a bidding war with Sky. 
Clarkson could walk out on Top Gear within days because his multi-million pound BBC contract runs out at the end of the month.

He and co-stars James May and Richard Hammond were understood to be days away from signing new three-year deals before he was suspended. 
If Clarkson is sacked by the BBC or leaves, Chris Evans is the early favourite to replace him. [Didact: Dude. Come on. Chris Evans??? I mean, he's a proper petrolhead and all, but he's nowhere near as funny.]
The corporation owns the rights to the Top Gear brand, which is valued at £50 million, and includes the show, DVD rights and live shows.

After it cancelled the final three shows the BBC could face financial penalties from other broadcasters they have sold the show to for failing to deliver a full series.
There is so much FAIL on display here, even for a public broadcaster that is as hard-left as the Beeb, that it's very difficult to know where to begin.

Top Gear is not merely a TV show, or a magazine, or a brand name. It is a television blockbuster. It has easily the biggest viewership of any "factual" television programme in the entire world.

Its unique and hilariously bizarre combination of blokey humour, supercars, epic explosions, utter stupidity, and great film-making, make the show a true pleasure to watch no matter how ridiculous and outlandish the stunts get. Witness, for example, what happens when the hosts try to find out whether Communism has ever produced a good car:

Hint: NO

However, it has been well known for years now that the rest of the BBC loathes this show- which is one of its biggest revenue-generators and by far its most-watched non-news programme. The reason for this is simple: the BBC is one of the most highly left-wing institutions in the entire United Kingdom.

For you Americans out there, who don't know or understand the BBC's operating model, it is a private corporation, to be sure- but it is funded by a licence fee, charged to every British resident who owns a television, whether he likes it or not. It doesn't come to a huge amount every year- GBP145 for a colour TV annually- but the fact that one cannot voluntarily opt out makes the Beeb utterly unaccountable to the people who pay for its existence.

The BBC has always defended the existence of the licence fee, and by extension its own existence as a part of the very fabric of British society, by pointing out the undeniably high quality of the shows that it produces. And indeed, if you look at the output of the BBC's various media divisions, you would be hard-pressed indeed to argue that the BBC doesn't put the money to good use, giving the public high-quality news, entertainment, and cultural offerings.

As far as its news programming goes, in fact, I grew up watching the BBC because my entire family simply could not stand the nonsense that American broadcasters pretended was "news" coverage. When I was growing up, American cable "news" networks basically consisted of CNN- full goddamn stop. And they were awful. By contrast, the BBC always came across as more measured, more internationalist, and more interested in actual reporting of facts and events.

Of course, as I've grown older and broken free of the uniformity of thought imposed by the Left upon the rest of us, I've come to see the BBC for what it is: yet another corrupt, hard-Left institution with its own very particular and very nasty set of ideas about what is Right and Good for Society. Indeed, if you want to get an idea of just how leftist the BBC is, all you have to do is look at their utter refusal to treat the UK Independence Party seriously, or look at their stance on anthropogenic global warming.

Anyone who spends more than ten minutes watching or listening to BBC news coverage and has a functioning brain will quickly be able to tell that it is deep in the tank for the Left. It is so deep, in fact, that it doesn't seem to know which way is up. When it comes to coverage of the ongoing and wearisome war between the Israelis and the Palestinians folks who live in Gaza and the West Bank and want nothing more than to see the only free state in the Middle East destroyed root and branch, the BBC's coverage was so openly anti-Israeli that an investigation by Malcolm Balen was launched internally into the Corporation's reporting practices. The resulting Balen Report was deemed so damaging to the BBC's reputation that its leadership has spent more than $400,000 (and counting) to stop it from being released to the public, despite multiple Freedom of Information requests and lawsuits.

And, because of its Leftist nature, any opposition or deviation from the internal groupthink absolutely cannot be tolerated. Such, after all, is the thought process of the hardcore Leftist, as anyone who has ever had to deal with these particularly odious specimens of humanity can attest. The BBC has repeatedly covered up internal malfeasance by popular personalities- witness what has happened as the awful realities of the Savile child-molestation case have come to light.

edit ] Cartoon depiction of the liberal viewpoints
Actual results of a brain scan done on a BBC presenter
The one major exception to the BBC's relentlessly left-wing bias within its "factual" content has always been Top Gear.

This is a show fronted by three fat grey middle-aged blokes who like nothing better than to drive ridiculously expensive cars at very high speed while laying on the superlatives, playing hilarious pranks on each other, and blowing things up. It is a very masculine, very boys-own-club sort of show. It is tremendous fun to watch. It is extremely politically incorrect, particularly when it comes to the received wisdom about manmade global warming and the supposed evils of a modern Western lifestyle.

And because it is irreverent, silly fun, and therefore the very antithesis of everything that the ideology of the BBC holds dear, the BBC has been trying- and failing- for years to destroy it.

In the past year, the BBC has been able to use the whole Argentina affair to browbeat the producers and hosts of the show into some level of compliance, but fortunately Clarkson is just too independent-minded a personality to take the hint. And now the Beeb has gone one step too far and threatened to cut off its nose to spite its own face by attempting to stop Jeremy Clarkson from doing what he does best: bring in money for the company. For the thought-police in charge at the Beeb, this latest little dust-up that Clarkson found himself engaged in was the only excuse that they needed to purge someone who the management of the corporation loathe to a degree that has to be seen to be understood.

To those of us who aren't a bunch of emasculated nancies, though, Jezza's uniquely acerbic commentary just doesn't bother us. We love the show because it is an escapist, over-the-top, hilarious, male-dominated foray into a world of fast cars, hot women, and giant explosions. And a faceless, mysterious racing driver known as THE STIG.

The Stig
Some say that the Stig can't ever hear you over the sound of his own awesomeness
Only people who need an excuse to be offended- i.e. liberals- would watch an episode of Top Gear and find themselves reduced to a frothing rage by the things that Clarkson and his colleagues say. The rest of us know damn well that Jezza calls Koreans dog-eaters and makes jokes about "slopes" in relation to Japanese cars with a real twinkle in his eye and a giggle in his voice. We see Top Gear for what it is- damn good entertainment. 

Judging by the fact that over 500,000 people (and counting) have signed the petition to restore Jeremy Clarkson to his job, the BBC has probably just scored a truly epic own goal by trying to axe him. They've alienated their own fanbase by trying to purge one of their most popular figures- and in so doing, have made a classic 2nd-Generation Warfare mistake in the ongoing war to save our culture.

Jeremy and Top Gear are likely to emerge from this whole fiasco stronger than ever. It's quite possible that the show, and its producers and staff, will be moved to Channel 4 or Sky, where they'll be given a bigger budget and a lot more creative freedom (God help us) to do what they do best. And the BBC will have lost credibility, public support, and revenue.

Which leads us to one last pertinent fact about the Beeb that its most ardent Leftist defenders keep forgetting. They argue, with considerable justification, that the BBC produces tremendous amounts of great content for a very low cost to the taxpayer. And that is true.

But if the BBC can produce high-quality material as it is right now, supported by public money, what exactly is to stop it from doing so as a completely private corporation?

After all, Fox manages to do just fine as a private company. Hell, Fox News has beaten the ever-lovin' bejeezus out of the other networks so badly in cable news that the rest of the field has virtually surrendered to them. And Sky- also owned by Rupert Murdoch, by the way- has been doing rather well for itself in the UK, breaking the BBC's long-held iron grip on TV entertainment here.

The BBC isn't afraid of losing the licence fee because it can't compete- it can, and does so just fine with its BBC America arm in the US, against all of the major American networks. It's afraid of losing the licence fee because it then loses its single greatest and most important asset: its utter dominance over an already left-wing country's cultural zeitgeist. Like all cultural Marxist institutions, the Beeb craves power, and will not surrender it lightly.

BBC presenters have deeply held left-wing political views’. Do ...

The only way to beat it, and thereby destroy its grip over the culture and its ability to shut down criticism of such Leftist memes as AGW, EU integration, multiculturalism, and welfare-statism, is to cut it off at the knees by using its own stupidity as a weapon.

To do this, we take the lessons applied from #Gamergate and other textbook applications of 4GW. The moral outrage of hundreds of thousands of people is a powerful weapon when used correctly; in this case, the petition to restore Jeremy Clarkson is that weapon.

Sign the petition. Force the BBC to back down. Weaken its already fading grip on the country's media and culture. And then watch as it doubles down and tries ever harder to destroy those who disagree with it- never realising that in so doing, it assures its own ultimate destruction.

And join me, and the rest of Top Gear's hundreds of millions of fans around the world, in watching the show that we love.

Pretty lame, and yet really funny at the same time


  1. My cousin watches this show religiously. She's been emailing me about this here and there. With each article I read about it, I continue to just scratch my head. It makes my teeth ache.

    Frankly, however, I cannot be bothered to any longer feel anger at these Sensitive Warriors Doing Battle With Imaginary Enemies because, well, why be angry any longer when I can see now that they continue to aim their weapons at their own feet and noses. The more of the Stupid they release into the general atmosphere, the more folks out there see how patently stupid we were for following along with this political correctness curse.

    Top Gear, I would imagine, will be just fine. Like you said, likely better for it. So let these howling banshees scream their death song until everyone's sick enough about it to ignore it. Then they'll go away. It's all an empty threat. We just misread them. "OH GOD, Am I really a racist?" we all wondered.

    Huh. Turns out we're not all racists. We knew it, but now we're once again beginning to BELIEVE it.

    1. I love this show, to the point where I can quote chapter-and-verse from the Clarkson Bible on certain things. And anyone who watches it can tell very easily that there is nothing even slightly racist about it. It's merely damn good entertainment.

      We'll win the culture war, eventually, but it's going to take a lot more pain and suffering before we do. And it will eventually become abundantly clear that the biggest racists in the world are not the conservative-minded, like you and me, who judge cultures, individuals, and racists by their outcomes, but liberals, who refuse to pass judgement on all three and yet want nothing whatsoever to do with those different from them when push comes to shove.


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