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A certain English metal band called IRON MAIDEN begs to differ
I finally managed to listen to The Doomstar Requiem: A Klok Opera all the way through, and I have to admit, I was totally wrong about it. The first time I listened to it, I couldn't get past the first song. I've listened to a lot of concept albums in my time, some great, and some terrible, but I thought that this was the worst album I'd heard in a long time.

A good long while later, I relented and decided to give it a fair shake. And I'm damned glad I did, because it proved once and for all that Brendon Smalls is a goddamn musical GENIUS.

Why? Well, have a listen to a few tracks from the first three DETHKLOK albums, and you'll quickly understand:

And now try listening to the entire concept album that Brendon Smalls wrote- with none other than GENE HOGLAN on the drums:

Slightly retarded lyrics aside... this is great heavy metal.


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