An intemperate response will follow

If you don t like America get out
Amen, Baldy
There is apparently a black female rapper by the name of Azealia Banks, who posed for Playboy and was extensively interviewed by the same for the March issue. Her comments about her own country were, well, less than complimentary:
Do you want to leave the U.S.? Yes! I hate everything about this country. Like, I hate fat white Americans. All the people who are crunched into the middle of America, the real fat and meat of America, are these racist conservative white people who live on their farms. Those little teenage girls who work at Kmart and have a racist grandma—that’s really America. 
Are your creative impulses closely related to your destructive impulses? Yes. In my adulthood I’m having to destroy all these things society really wants you to think. The history textbooks in the U.S. are the worst if you’re not white. “The white man gave you the vote. He Christianized you and taught you how to speak English. If it weren’t for him, you’d still be living in a hut.” I could write a book about why black people shouldn’t be Christians. Young black kids should have their own special curriculum that doesn’t start from the boat ride over from Africa. All you know as a black kid is we came over here on a boat, we didn’t have anything, and we still don’t have anything. But what was happening in Africa? What culture were we pulled away from? That information is vital to the survival of a young black soul. 
You said black people aren’t supposed to be Christians. What religion do you identify with? I don’t want to say, but I’ll tell you about one form of the religion. It’s called 21 Divisions. When they brought the slaves over to the Caribbean, they syncretized all their African gods with Catholic saints. So in 21 Divisions there are black gods and goddesses, and my mother practiced that when I was little. Whenever problems happened, we turned to 21 Divisions to fix it. It’s funny, because my friends on the block in Harlem, their mothers would be like, “Oh, you fucking with that witchcraft. You working roots.” You can cleanse people with root work or do bad things to them. But 21 Divisions is celestial.     
How charming...

All I can say, as a foreigner who has been gifted the privilege to live and work in the US of A, is: woman, shut the f**k up and get the f**k out.

I'm a brown bloke from another country. I was given the opportunity to come to the USA to study nearly 9 years ago. I never thought I'd end up staying for as long as I did; I figured I'd be there for just a few years, make some money, and head back to Asia.

Things changed. Life is what happens when you're busy making plans, and that's certainly what happened to me. I stayed, far longer than I ever thought I would. Things worked out for me pretty well. I was able to live a very comfortable existence in a country that, for whatever reason, treated me as a welcome guest and productive member of society.

This land of beauty and grace has given the rest of the world a complex and infuriating and bizarre and quirky and strange breed of people known as Americans- easy to misunderstand, easy to dislike (if you can't see beyond their quirks and rough edges to the good and decent people underneath), and all too easy to underestimate.

It was here that I learned that the divine gifts of freedom and liberty are not to be treated as light or transient things. I keep saying that Americans don't understand just how good they have it, and I have had ample opportunity to test this argument here in the UK. Hell, I didn't realise how good I had it in America, until I had to leave last year due to some rather annoying but easily handled visa issues.

I am now nearing the end of my stint here in Blighty, and I cannot even begin to describe how happy I am to be going back to God's country. In less than two weeks, I will finally be back again on American soil, and the first thing I'll look forward to seeing when I get off that plane is the sight of Old Glory flying high in the sunshine and the cold spring breeze.

This country of riches and wonders, this... America, is something worth fighting for. Long before I left last year, I came to love the idea of America, that semi-mythical set of guiding principles that forged the greatest civilisation the world has ever seen upon the anvil of history in a manner never experienced before or since.

I have seen America at its best, and perhaps at something approaching its worst. I have witnessed firsthand the innate decency and compassion of its people. I have come to love a country that is not my own in a way that is nearly impossible to describe to anyone who doesn't feel something similar. I am grateful beyond words for the opportunities I was given there by people that I respect and admire.

There's a new facebook page that I've become aware of, called "Not ...
I'm not a big fan of the taxes, though
Like your greatest modern President, Ronald Reagan, I firmly believe that into the hands of America, God has placed the destinies of an afflicted Mankind.

Let's be clear that I don't view America through beer goggles of any kind. Make no mistake- there is plenty wrong with America. The ideas that forged this greatest of all nation are all but dead in the land of their origin, and the country itself is almost surely headed for civil war, anarchy, and economic collapse.

But, knowing what I do of Americans- real Americans- I do believe that what follows will affirm my faith in both the country and the God whose divine providence give it life and sustenance.

So when I see an ugly black woman bloviating about the supposed injustices that the greatest country on Earth has inflicted upon her, I can't help but get angry.

This "lady" seems to think that the rest of the country owes her, and her kind, something simply because of her skin colour. She seems to think that the entire country is just composed of fat white people and racist grandmothers and gun-totin', beer-swillin' rednecks.

She seems to think that simply because she insists on speaking and acting like an uneducated, foul-mouthed, classless, barely literate whore, the rest of us are obliged to listen to her and take her seriously.

And she seems to hate the country of her birth- the country that made her famous, that gave her the opportunities to put her, uh, "talents" to use, and that enriched her beyond the dreams of avarice- to such a degree that she simply wants to leave it.

To which I reply: so what's stopping you?

America does not need pathetic trash like her. Those oikophobes who hate their own people, their own culture, and their own heritage with such venom and passion do not deserve pity nor mercy from the rest of us.

If Ms. Banks, or whatever her name is, cannot see what a foreigner like me can see with perfect ease- namely, that to be an American is to belong to a nation like no other anywhere on Earth, and that to be given the opportunity to live and work there is basically the same as being handed a golden lottery ticket- then she deserves to be deported forthwith. Her country is better off without her.


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