A little POWERWOLF goes a long way

New album this July. GET THEE A COPY.
Extreme introverts find human stupidity to be vastly more toxic to our mental well-being than any other personality type. To us, having to deal with idiots on a daily basis drains our batteries so fast that we can't get away fast enough.

Case in point: I spent a large part of the day today getting dragged into a raging argument about whether or not risk numbers fed into a system needed to be multiplied by 1 or -1.


The perfect antidote to this sort of nonsense is, and will always be, EPIC HEAVY METAL. Like the kind that a certain German power metal band called POWERWOLF plays with considerable skill and panache:

Now some people find this sort of thing unbearably cheesy. It is worth noting that some people have lousy taste in music- whereas mine is, of course, unimpeachably excellent.

Besides AMON AMARTH's last album, I have yet to find a better cure for the ailment of excessive human stupidity than good old-fashioned over-the-top power metal.


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