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The Austrian government appears to be realising that the country's people might be on to something:
Austria has passed a significant change in the law which is designed to ferment a distinctly ‘European Islam’ and prevent undue influence from foreign groups and nations by restricting funding and forcing preachers to speak in German. [Didact: German-speaking Germans might object to the notion that Austrians speak German, but that's a different argument altogether.]
The move, which has been dismissed as “discrimination” by Austrian Muslim organisations comes as a new poll in the country shows a majority of Austrians “fear” the radicalisation of Muslims and felt natural Austrians and Muslims “coexisting” was “not so good”. [Didact: I never realised the Austrians had quite such a talent for Laconic wit.]
Although the new law significantly pre-dates the recent terrorist murders in Paris and Copenhagen, they will put Austria in the vanguard of European nations taking concrete steps to tackle extreme Islam and encourage proper integration. 
The new law, which replaces legislation dating back to the Austro-Hungarian Empire, will balance rights and responsibilities for Austrian Muslims, reports Although all Islamic organisations and Imams will be banned from receiving money from abroad to prevent further foreign cultural indoctrination, they will be given the right to eat Halal food and see Islamic clerics for spiritual needs while at school, or hospital, in prison, or while serving in the armed forces. 
All Muslim organisations will be required to show a “positive approach towards society and the state” or face being outlawed, and Imams will be required to set a “positive example” to young Muslims by speaking only in German. In return, Muslims will receive the right to take Islamic holidays as days off work.
Anyone got a Scooby Snack? Oh, wait, those aren't halal.
Unfortunately, the Austrian government kind of sort of forgot something rather important. Namely, they forgot to check whether they're dealing with a religion, or a political ideology.

Given that Islam is a particularly virulent, deeply unpleasant, and thoroughly noxious ideology, treating it like a religion is very foolish indeed. The only thing that this new law is going to achieve is an endless series of lawsuits and appeals to the so-called "laws" of the European Union.

In fact, since it is already pretty well established that European Parliamentary law supercedes national sovereignty, it would not surprise me in the slightest if the Austrians wake up tomorrow morning to find the European Commission overruling them and declaring them to be in violation of some nebulous, nonsensical "human rights" issue.

Moreover, the Austrians- or at least, their government- fail to recognise that a "European" form of Islam will never come about.

The surprising thing about Islam's ideology is that it isn't actually as monolithic as some of its less well-informed critics would like to pretend it is. Founded as it is upon the power- and sex-crazed ramblings of a probably mythical lunatic, the outside observer is sometimes mystified to find that "orthodox" Islam actually exists in several different forms worldwide. They all emphasise different aspects of Islamic doctrine, they all have somewhat different attitudes toward the example set by their so-called "prophet", and they draw their belief systems from different descendants of that figure's successors.

Amusingly, they also spend quite a lot of their time very violently expressing their thorough dislike of each other. The Sunni can't stand the Shia. The Salafis absolutely abhor the Sufis. (And don't for one moment believe that nonsense about the Sufis being the hippy-dippy mystics of the Islamic world- they're some of the most violent and noxious LINs out of the entire bunch. The Chechens, who are some of the most violent Islamists in the world, are largely if not entirely Sufi.)

And they all hate the Kurds, the Druze, and the Baha'i. The latter three are highly unusual in that they actually tend to play very well with other faiths, which just goes to prove that simply being a Muslim does not necessarily mean that an individual immediately undergoes a mandatory lobotomy to remove any traces of humour, compassion, and decency from one's soul. Many of them are actually pretty decent; unfortunately, the ideology to which they subscribe is foul beyond measure.

Dhiyaa Al Musawi - Bahraini Intellectual & Writer on Arab ...
Hey kid, didn't you get the memo?
However, when it comes to the important features of Islam, except for the last three groups or faiths that I mentioned, they all agree on the central features. Namely, they agree that the world is divided into the House of Islam and the House of War; they agree that unbelievers and infidels are to be persecuted wherever possible; they agree that the laws of their "god" take primacy over the laws of Man; and they agree on the use of violent means to violent ends.

Exactly none of this is compatible with European secular representative democracy. Nothing in the Islamist ideology is compatible with notions about natural rights, or representative government, or individual liberty. Pretending that Islamists will become Europeans simply because Europeans want them to be, is pure folly.

The only answer to Islam is to remove its cancer from the host, completely. That means giving Muslims in Europe a very clear ultimatum: either renounce your ideology- meaning, give up any and all hope of political representation- or leave.

It's that simple. As long as the Islamic ideology is allowed to remain within the bowels of an already diseased and ailing Europe, the host will never be free of the poison that is killing it.

Nevertheless, it is heartening to see that the Austrians are at least beginning to recognise that they have a serious problem. There is hope for the future. Things are definitely going to get much worse before they get better- but never forget that the Reconquista took over 700 years to carry through to completion, and its completion resulted in a golden age for Europe in general and Spain in particular.

There is good reason to believe that Europe will push its invaders out once again, and that the banner of the Lord Christ will once again fly high and proud over its lands, as it rightfully should.


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