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My centre is yielding. My right is retreating. Situation excellent. I will attack.
-- Attributed to Marshall Ferdinand Foch, commander of the French Ninth Army, First Battle of the Marne, 1914

"The Third Hellrider Came, Teaching Brothers to Kill Brother Man..."

As anyone who has been keeping up with current events is aware, these are dark times, and it is all but assured that they will get worse. Those of my generation- men in their late twenties and early thirties- are coming to realise that the world that our parents inhabited, a world of peace and plenty during the greatest economic boom in human history, is gone. In its place is a world in which the threat of economic collapse is real and becoming more likely by the day. Our societies are bloated and slothful, weakened from decades of gluttonous overindulgence upon the fruits of peace and prosperity. The people of the West are weak and soft, largely unable and unwilling to make the hard sacrifices and painful choices needed to restore balance.

Worst of all, we are now living through the Third Wave of Islamic expansion, as Islamism enters the third major stage of its life cycle and waxes powerful and deadly in once-Christian lands.

We live in a world where Christians are now a persecuted majority in their own countries. From the USA to Scandinavia to Australia, Christians are being mercilessly persecuted for the supposed "sin" of holding true to Scripture and refusing to give in to sodomites and cultural Marxists who hate the truth and beauty of the Word. In Africa and the Middle East, Christians are being rounded up and massacred for their faith by murderous adherents of the so-called "prophet" of Islam.

And as we saw just this week, America is evidently led by a President who believes the same lies that I was taught in school about Christianity, who heaps scorn and abuse upon the name of Christ and upon the Truth of the Word, and whose delusions of grandeur are so severe that he is incapable of recognising the difference between fact and fiction.

War is on his way. The signs of his coming and his passage are all around us. All we have to do is pay attention. That war will spill out upon the streets of the West's greatest cities, and if we do not understand this, we will be doomed to watch the greatest culture and civilisation the world has ever seen, burn and die before our eyes.

The scale of the problem that confronts us can be illustrated with a personal story.

"You Don't Belong Here"

for Vendetta parliament
This could very well come to pass in the near future
This afternoon I took a brisk walk along the north bank of the Thames to Westminster and the houses of Parliament. It was a beautiful day outside, and rather warm by the standards of an English winter, and I marched on, lost in thought while listening to one of the greatest albums ever recorded.

It was a most pleasant and invigourating journey, to be sure. But as I neared Whitehall and the palace of Westminster, even through the rampaging heavy metal coming from my headphones I could hear what sounded like an angry protest, and I could see around me a lot of "British Asians". (This is of course a particularly poor euphemism for "Muslims who look like they come from Pakistan and Bangladesh.)

And as I walked past Westminster itself, I could see what the fuss was all about. Hundreds of Pakis were marching and yelling as loudly as they could about how much they "love their Prophet", in a display meant to intimidate those around them so that no one would ever insult their religion again.

Think about this carefully for a moment.

Westminster is surrounded by ancient and beautiful relics of England's Christian past. On one side of the road, there is the Palace of Westminster, the home of the British government and once home to the Catholic and then Anglican kings of England. Back then, when England had a strong and virile culture, they could truly build. The Palace is a magnificent work of staggering architectural skill and vision, a testament to the power and influence of an empire upon which, once upon a time, the Sun never truly set, an empire that, for all of its faults, did more to advance the condition of Mankind from barbarism to civilisation than any other before or since.

On the other side of that same road is Westminster Abbey, the place where the Kings and Queens of Britain are crowned, and the resting place for their remains when they die. It, too, is a testament to the greatness of a culture that was once the strongest and most vital in the world.

And a bit farther down Victoria Road from all of this is quite possibly my favourite religious site in this entire heathen land, Westminster Cathedral. Above the massive doors of the Cathedral are these immortal words, printed in bold black letters in open defiance of time and fate above a mosaic of the Lord Christ receiving homage from earthly kings:


These are some of the most holy and sacred sites in all of Christendom. They are places of reverence and worship, places to acknowledge the power of God and the majestic beauty of His Creation.

And it is here that Islamists befoul the peace and tranquility of the land with their crude sloganeering and chanting on behalf of a mass-murdering, war-mongering, psychopathic paedophile that they uphold as the exemplar of all that is right and moral. It is here, in the midst of the glories built by devout Christian men who understood true beauty, that they seek to spread the filth of Islam's poison. It is here that they seek to intimidate the very people who let them come to this country and left them in peace to pursue their own ends, however foolish and insipid those might be.

A strong, Christian culture can have only one appropriate response to such a spectacle:

... :
Indeed, looking at what these LINs want, I am much struck by the timeliness of the words of a former American President:
Communism is a form of insanity, a temporary aberration which will one day disappear from the Earth because it is contrary to human nature. But I wonder how more misery it will cause, before it disappears.-- Ronald Wilson Reagan
All you have to do is substitute "Islam" for "Communism", and you've got today's reality down to a tee.

Press On Regardless

I'm not the only one who sees these things for what they are. I am not alone in observing that Christianity is everywhere under assault as never before. The facts are what they are.

And from them, there is only one conclusion that can be drawn:
There has never been a better time to be a Christian.
In case you're wondering, no, I'm not drunk and I'm not high. Just like Marshal Foch at the Marne, I see what many of my fellow Androspherians see: that our enemies, for all of their cruelty and avarice and folly, are also cowardly and weak.

They have numbers on their side. But you have faith. Take it from a formerly faithless man- the rock that anchors the faith of a single man counts every bit as much as divisions and armies in this war to save civilisation.

I don't say this lightly either. I know what is at stake here. I know that Christians are faced with terrible choices. I know that the Truth of Christ has never been more difficult to bear, and that its weight becomes heavier for Christians by the day.

Yet is this not exactly what He predicted? Is this not precisely the fate that He said would come to pass? Is not this burden indeed what He gave Christians to carry?

I am just a pagan, so perhaps it is unseemly for me to speak on behalf of a faith that I agree with on practically every level, but do not actually follow. Yet I say this to Christians everywhere: do not lose hope, and do not be afraid.

Unlike anything before it, the Christian faith is anchored in a series of miracles so powerful and so profound that they utterly transformed the lives and attitudes of those who witnessed them. I'm sure I don't have to tell Christians that, at the time of Christ's crucifixion, the Apostles were weak and cowardly men who quailed and fled before the power of Rome and the corruption of the Pharisees. The Disciples were hesitant, fearful, doubting, and timid- and in one case, traitorous. (Of course, that one killed himself, so he doesn't count.)

Then they witnessed the Resurrection. The world has never been the same since.

These men- once weak, once afraid, once helpless before the might of the greatest military power in the world- became as lions among men. They spread the Word, and the Truth that is the Word, and they died as they did so- often horribly, always in service to the Lord.

They proved what so many have proven both before and since- that evil is powerless, if the good are unafraid.

This is the faith of which Christians are inheritors and beneficiaries. This is the example that has been given to those who believe. What true Christian can but be inspired by such an example? And what true Christian could possibly think that a faith founded upon such an incredibly powerful miracle will wither and die in the face of evil?

My friends, a Time of Testing is upon us, and we are being called upon to defend civilisation against those both within and without who would seek to destroy it. Dark times lie ahead, full of pain and doubt and hardship. Difficult choices will be thrust upon us. "Open war is upon us, whether you would wish it or not".

For our children, and their children, we are called to battle. For them, we must fight. There is no choice any longer. Pick your side, make your stand, for God, for your culture, for civilisation itself.

Could any man ask for a better fate than this?

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"The peace of God, it is no peace at all, but strife closed in the sod.
Yet, brothers, pray for but one thing- the marvelous peace of God."


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