She's certainly shaking something

What happens when you put a Taylor Swift single into an atom-smasher along with polka music and a metal shredfest?

Well... this:

(Kindly sent to me by Carey)

I think I might have ruptured something laughing so hard. There is a particularly priceless moment right near the end, where I swear the evil genius who put this together had a WEIRD AL moment with the polka beat.

It's even better than that awesome DISTURBED mash-up from a few years back:

You know what the funniest thing is about Taylor Swift trying to brush off people commenting about her inability to keep her legs closed? Her so-called "death glare":

They call her porcupine.
If she had as many
pricks sticking out
of her as she has had
sticking in her....
I'm not joking about this when it comes to Taylor Swift


  1. Fantastic Taylor Swift cover. Better than original and SiriusXM's been playing the hell out of it for about a month now.


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