She never gets old

Well, it's far more accurate to say that Michelle Jenneke's warm-up dancing routine never gets old:

As for Ms. Jenneke herself, she's about 21 now and... well, this:

Michelle Jenneke, onze favoriete hordeloopster , is terug! Wat ooit ...
Somehow I don't remember hurdling being quite this interesting
The thing is, without the makeup and the hello-sailor outfit, she actually looks quite ordinary- mannish, even. But that great smile of hers is constant, and reminds you exactly why she has such appeal.

Back when this video went viral, a lot of clueless feminists wasted a lot of time asking what was so interesting about watching jailbait a teenage female athlete warming up to a soundtrack in her head. Our unfortunately dormant colleague Unleash The Beef got it exactly right in his response
She does everything. Everything like: 
1. Be young.
2. Be naturally pretty. There are lots of pretty 19 year olds. The problem is that most of them bleach-rape their heads and paint their faces heavily enough that they could stand in for any member of KISS and no one would notice. Especially now that Gene Simmons has tits. 
3. Exude joy. When was the last time you saw any American broad perform such a public display of exuberance? Well I’m sure if you work at the Cinnabon you see suburban land-walruses act this way all the time, but I’m talking about hot 19 year olds. When was the last time you even saw a genuine smile? Most 19 year old chicks wear the fixed scowl of middle class malcontent, unless, of course, it’s time to muster up some preconceived facial distortion for a contrived Facebook photo op. Michelle Jenneke couldn’t possibly fit any more smile on her face. Her smile is on a very short list of things in life that don’t bother me. 
4. Move like a motherfucker. She’s graceful, powerful, and athletic, all without appearing masculine or threatening to the male ego. In other words, unlike Serena Williams, she doesn’t look like she’d tear your dick off with her teeth, then chew and swallow it, all without breaking eye contact with you, just to show you what a pussy you are. [Didact: Despite the hyperbolic tone, he wasn't actually exaggerating by much.] When’s the last time any girl you know moved like Michelle Jenneke? Her hurdling is a thing of beauty and her warm up is the first step toward world peace. Most chicks her age can hardly navigate a flight of stairs due to the limited range of motion created by their tard-cut skinny jeans. Hurdles? Hurdles? It’s all they can do to keep their assholes from falling out of their jeans as they penguin their way up the stairs.
He finished off (heh) with a summary that was as poetic as it was truthful:
Michelle Jenneke’s high-octane femininity triggers an instinctive male hormonal response vastly different from the one seeking stimulation via streaming clips of themed interracial gangbangs. No matter how far one strays from nature, what’s intrinsic is undeniable. Michelle Jenneke is undeniable. She is the scent of grilled meat in the nostrils of a dying vegan.
Perhaps he phrased things a bit more crudely than I would, but the basic point remains: Michelle Jenneke was, and remains, a great example to young women everywhere, showing them exactly what it is that men value in them.

The essence of girl game is, like Ms. Jenneke's smile, constant: be happy and feminine. The rest is just accessorising.


  1. "The essence of girl game is, like Ms. Jenneke's smile, constant: be happy and feminine. The rest is just accessorising."

    Bless the hearts of these rabid feminists and average 20-something girls. It's so damnably easy. SO easy. The envy-based hatred of the feminine they harbor is both delusional and sad. Sad in that they---no one else in the universe---rob themselves of joy at every thought and word and facial expression.

  2. Facially alone, unadorned in a photo still, Jenneke is not an attractive girl. But she is youthful, physically fit, though a dancer's physique is preferred, and as you say, happy and feminine. Those latter 2 qualities are important and I believe too often undervalued in Manosphere blogs. Not ignored, but undervalued. A plain girl with a decent physique can make up a lot of ground by exploiting her natural femininity and exuding light.


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