Islam: What the West Needs to Know

Given that the Danes are the latest in a long line of recipients of Islamic peace and brotherly tolerance, I'd say it's about high time that the useful idiots of this world got their noses rubbed into the realities of Islam's origins, good and hard.

Fortunately, a group of enterprising scholars, film-makers, and producers got together a few years back to produce a very sober, completely serious, and remarkably scholarly documentary designed to do precisely that.

Unlike most anti-Islamic films, this one doesn't use dramatic music or rapid cuts between scenes and themes to make its point. It simply presents the facts about Islam's origins, methods, ideology, and results, and lets the reader draw his own conclusions.

And if we lived in a sane, sensible world, this would be required viewing in every single Western school. Instead, you have to go looking for it, because it's considered so "politically incorrect".

If you want a copy of the DVD- I got one a few years back- then go here. It's well worth the price.


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