How NOT to do pushups

A man in a dress Michelle Obama shows up at a short-haired lesbian's talk show and proceeds to demonstrate exactly why she should simply STFU about nutrition and health:

I have to admit, the first time I saw this, I ended up shouting at the computer screen while watching Mr. Mrs. Obama doing what can only be called "CrossFit pushups". It was infuriating to watch- this is a woman (apparently) who likes to lecture the rest of us about how unhealthy our habits are, and yet she does pushups like that.

Also, this is apparently her idea of a school lunch:

The brown stuff on top of the green stuff with the yellow stuff on the side?
When the inevitable finally happens and the Didact is elected Supreme Overlord of Mankind, I will immediately make it a crime to do retarded half-reps like this. First offences are punishable by a swift boot up the ass. Repeated offenders will be thrown out of gyms, face-first, onto the pavement.

(Or I could just have Batman go all metal on your hide. That works too.)


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