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London: Somalia Edition
An American comes to London, gets the crap beaten out of him in Shadwell, and surprisingly, the newspapers aren't shying away from pointing out exactly what ethnic background his attackers come from:
A group of men who threw 40 kicks and punches at an American student during an 'unprovoked' attack which left him with post-traumatic stress disorder have been jailed for more than 15 years. 
U.S. student Francesco Hounye, 23, had only been in Britain for three days when he was left permanently scarred after being attacked by the gang as he walked home following a night out in Shadwell, east London. 
Mr Hounye suffered a fractured eye socket and was left needing 23 stitches after being kicked repeatedly in the head by the five men, who also grabbed a bottle of Jagermeister liquor from his hand and smashed it over his head. 
According to police, Mr Hounye was assaulted simply because he was 'obviously not local'. 
Samad Uddin, 25, Shaleem Uddin, 21, Shadhat Hussain, 20, Kamrul Hussain, 23, and Masoom Rahman, 22, were today jailed at Snaresbrook Crown Court for the attack. [Didact: Hey, I guessed it right away!]
The court heard how the gang landed up to 40 kicks and punches in just 30 seconds during the brutal attack on Mr Hounye on June 17, 2013. 
CCTV footage showed Mr Hounye being kicked mercilessly as he lay crouched in the road. 
He was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder following the incident and dropped out of college where he had been training to be a commercial pilot, the court heard. 
He has since been left too terrified to go out in London and plans to return to his hometown in Florida, U.S. 
In a victim impact statement, Mr Hounye said: 'Prior to this incident I was a confident, 'happy-go-lucky guy'. Never did I think that something like this would happen to me. 
'As a direct result of this incident, I am now scared to go out on my own, particularly at night, and have become a much quieter and withdrawn person. 
'I remain a visitor to the UK, but this incident has made me reassess my future plans. 
'I was intending to remain in the UK and attend interviews as a personal trainer to fund my studies; however I could not attend job interviews when my face looked like it did.
Welcome to the kind and gentle face of multicultural Britain, my friends. Where simply not being "from around here"- i.e. not being Pakistani or Bangladeshi in an ostensibly "English" city- is excuse enough to get beaten to a pulp by a bunch of yoofs in hoodies.

This is the reality of multiculturalism, right here. There is no getting away from this- diversity equals WAR.

This nonsensical, idiotic notion that all cultures are equal and equally valid has been proven tragically and terribly wrong on hundreds if not thousands of occasions across the West in the last few years alone. There is a vast difference between immigrants who come to the West and seek nothing more than to get away from the economic dead ends of their past, and immigrants who come to actively subvert the culture and laws of their hosts.

When Islam is culturally and technologically weak- as it has been for most of the previous century- the ulema works to subvert other cultures quite insidiously, by exporting large numbers of expatriates from Islamic nations to settle in Western ones. There, they put down roots and claim all of the benefits of civilisation- but they never give up their own culture or political ideology. They never abandon the near-monolithic insanity of the Islamic worldview.

It is tempting to think that ALL immigrants everywhere will always act like Han Chinese or Hindu Indians or Ashkenazi Jews. All three ethnic groups are exceptionally good at becoming more native than the natives in terms of speech patterns, habits, and cultural norms- although they tend to be far more socially liberal than their hosts. This is not surprising, given that one of the founding ideas of the liberal ideology is that race and gender are nothing more than social constructs; who benefits more from such nonsense than immigrants?

But immigrants are not all the same. Immigrants from Islamic nations are showing their true colours more and more by the day, such as in this instance where an innocent man was brutally beaten for doing nothing more than taking a walk down the street.

Having walked around Shadwell not too long ago, I can tell you this. I'm a brown-skinned bloke. I'm in good shape. I've been trained to deal with street attacks, at least up to a point. And I felt distinctly uncomfortable walking through that neighbourhood- even though I probably blended in just fine.

Walking through Shadwell is a downright weird experience- the moment you walk past the Overground station, it's like you've stepped out of England and entered some upscale part of Bangladesh. This is not the way London should feel, where Londoners are made to feel unsafe and out of sorts in their own city.

Yet this is the direct result of the insanity of multiculturalism- this perverse, ridiculous, completely ahistorical belief that if you simply bring over your little brown brothers from the failed states and junk piles of the world, they'll be so filled with gratitude and the milk of human kindness that they'll magically become Western overnight. It is utter nonsense, and the Brits are discovering this to their terrible cost now.

America is finding it out too. There are now millions of Mexicans from the failed states of Central America all over the country. Deporting those of them who are in America illegally is "too difficult", as we are constantly told. Yet if they are allowed to stay, and if they are allowed to bring more of their brethren with them, they will turn the USA into an even uglier image of the hellholes that they fled.

I will say this in Britain's favour, though: unlike you Americans, the Brits are beginning to recognise the problem. Here, the media is actually willing to state unequivocally that the perpetrators of these crimes are Muslims. In America, by contrast, there is an undeclared racial war going on that the media flatly refuses to talk about. Every time you see a report of a serious assault, a mugging gone wrong, or a murder of an innocent person at the hands of "a group of attackers", you can bet that said "group" was black.

And 99 times out of 100, you will be right.

Yet the media resolutely refuses to acknowledge any of this, preferring instead to turn a blind eye to the utterly one-sided race war being fought on the streets of America's greatest cities.

The answer to that race war is the same answer that the British will eventually have to face up to when dealing with the thugs of Shadwell: either we leave, or they do.

And when- not if, but when- that desperate calculus finally becomes the only option available, you'd better be ready, because the results are going to be unimaginably horrible. In the worst case, I'm talking about something on the order of the Rwandan Genocide- across every major nation in the West.

As for the goons who saw fit to assault an innocent man for no reason, there is a suitable punishment for that too: deport them. If they insist on behaving like barbarians, send them back to barbarian lands. Simple solution, everyone wins.


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