#Gamergate and 4GW

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It just doesn't get any more badass than this

At first as an observer, and now a direct participant in #Gamergate, I've watched over the past 6 months or so as the pro-#Gamergate faction has used the tactics and philosophies of 4th-Generation Warfare to attack and destroy once-impregnable bastions of leftist thought and rhetoric. Since I have been reading avidly from the works of some of 4GW theory's greatest proponents, such as William S. Lind and Martin Van Creveld, much of what they have written about 4GW applied in other contexts made a great deal of sense in relation to #Gamergate.

So I wrote an article about the uses of 4GW tactics in the ongoing battles being fought by pro-#Gamergate forces against the SJWs who have sought for so long to corrupt and subvert gaming. You can read that article here.

Getting that work, which I personally regard as one of my better write-ups, published by Reaxxion.com was pretty cool. I had hoped to stir up a bit of a discussion and get some ideas going; judging by the comments less than a day after publication, it would appear that this is happening.

I wrote it partly to provide a bit of perspective on why #Gamergate has succeeded so far, and partly as a rallying cry. In this war for our culture, neutrality just isn't an option anymore; any middle ground was taken away long ago by the SJWs and their mindless cultural Marxism. 

Now, as plaudits go, personally l think it doesn't get much better than that. As anyone can see from reading through my posts from 2013, I have the highest possible respect for Vox and his writing, and I regard him as the most important thought leader of the Androsphere.

He had this to say in response to my writing:
This is a very, very important lesson to absorb. You cannot win at the moral level of war when crippled by ambiguous values and a lack of moral confidence. This is why the Christian churches that compromise their principles and turn against their own historic values rapidly collapse. Defeat at the moral level of war destroys an institutions raison d'etre; once robbed of its core reason to exist, an institution ceases to grow and rapidly begins to decline.
This is why #Gamergate has succeeded so wildly so far. It is because we present a clear, completely unambiguous moral choice.

Join us if you want to be able to develop, test, market, and play games the way you want. If those games happen to have women with ridiculously awesome titanic tits, well, that's your choice and as far as we're concerned, you are free to make it. If you want your games to have over-the-top violence in a completely open world with totally destructible environments, hey, that's up to you. If you want your games to be intricate puzzle-based or strategy-based games with compelling plots and story-driven action, so be it.

If instead you want a world in which a small coterie of smug know-it-alls with bad haircuts and worse dispositions tell you what to think and how to play and where to buy games, then by all means, join the SJWs. Just don't be surprised when we destroy you in the realm of public debate and wipe the floor with you to get out the stains left by your sanctimonious feminist moralising.

Rabbit thought police
Choose your side, and make your stand. Today, it's gaming. Tomorrow, it'll be the basic values of Judeo-Christian culture. And the day after that, it'll be an open Crusade to retake that which we lost.

UPDATE: Just got some link love from Instapundit too. All told, not a bad day. Not bad at all.


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