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Uh, sorry mate, you're not convincing anyone
A rather butch lesbian decides to take a page from a campy Blake Edwards film in order to understand how men think. The results are... well, downright strange- but also very revealing:

I got this off a reddit forum a few days ago but didn't have the time or ability to watch it all the way through. If you have 20 minutes free, get a cup of coffee, sit down, and watch the whole thing. It is worth the time and there are many useful lessons to be learned- for men just as much as for women.

The woman in question, Norah, basically invents a personality called "Ned", a (theoretically) straight guy. In order to become a man, she faces several rather difficult challenges- chief among which is that male and female behaviours, postures, speech patterns, and methods for dealing with their own kind are so radically different.

Take a look at her transformation from Norah to Ned- it's shocking to see on camera. One moment you're looking at a masculine-looking woman; the next, you're looking at a slightly effeminate-looking man.

Norah made some critically important discoveries about men during her time as one of them, and I think that it's to her considerable credit that she went about doing what she did. She discovered what red-pill types have been going on about for YEARS but rarely articulate well: it is, in fact, a tremendous challenge to be a man.

We don't articulate this well because, as men, we understand it in a very primal and subconscious way- who among us can articulate what it means to breathe, for instance?

We know it's tough to be male, but we get on with the challenge of being male anyway, because that is what and who we are.

For women, however, this is something of a shock to discover because for the better part of a century now, they've been taught that men are the aggressors and women are the victims; they've never had to stop and think for a moment that maybe men act like we do because this is what we're supposed to be.

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Might as well be called "The Seven Virtues of Manliness"
She discovers that, in order to be male, men have to repress things that women freely share. Men have to keep our emotions and most primal urges in check; if we didn't, society would fall apart in very short order. We are expected to be strong, capable, and resolute, and we're supposed to solve our own problems.

And we absolutely must keep our darkest urges for violence and and our most destructive impulses at bay- not without reason is it argued that civilisation is essentially a veneer of order over chaos, and for that same reason, civilisation is built by men, not women.

Speaking as a man, as far as I'm concerned, that's exactly how it should be. And it's not "social conditioning" or any other such nonsense that made us this way. Men who are overly emotive, weak, dishonourable, cowardly, or manipulative are rightly seen as defective, because they are going against the specific programming built into us through literally millions of years of evolutionary pressures and genetic selection. (Not to mention the hand of the Almighty- if you read the Bible, you will constantly come across examples of men who are punished for failing to meet the requirements of masculinity.)

It's also interesting to see a woman finally begin to understand how male sexuality works. As Norah points out, for men, sex is physical. Sex is a fundamental need. It drives and shapes us in ways that women find next to impossible to understand. We men are driven by a fundamental desire to mate and to pass on our genetics, just like women are- but for us, the desire is vastly stronger.

Indeed, I think the best articulation of this urge that I have ever seen comes from Frost's book, Freedom Twenty-Five, in which he had this to say:
Throughout history, men have created masterpieces, advanced technology, and built empires with energy fuelled by their subconscious hind-brain desire to put their penises inside vaginas and move them around until they make a mess. The world we live in is no more than the extended phenotype of our horny ancestors.
... in a relationship: Does a friend of the opposite sex confide in you
Not pictured: reality
For women, sex is primarily mental, which is why, if you look at the sex advice given by any number of guys with real game- Halfbreed, Roosh, Roissy, Blackdragon, etc.- they all say basically the same things: with women, it's the emotions and the mental games that count.

Perhaps the best bit of the video came about near the end, where Norah actually became depressed- dangerously so, in fact, to the point where she was actively asking other men to inflict physical harm upon her as a man- by the demands of playing her role.

Think about this carefully for a moment. If you take this lesson learned and apply it to the world around us, suddenly the unhappiness of the modern woman will become very clear to you. You will immediately realise why modern women are popping anti-depressants in truly unprecedented numbers, especially older women.

They are doing so because the destruction of traditional gender roles in modern society has resulted in men acting like women- and women acting like men.

As the video above shows, this massive conflict between a woman's innate desire to be feminine, and society's demands for her to be more masculine, ultimately results in self-destruction.

Modern women can, and do, try very hard to pretend that they are interested in Sensitive New Age Guys ("SNAG" was a term that I used to see a lot around the year 2000; these days, it's been replaced by "Beta" or, more accurately, "putz"). They go through tremendous mental gymnastics to do it. Yet in the end, when called out on their BS, they inevitably crumble and admit that, actually, what really turns them on is ambition, drive, and self-mastery.

Full credit to Blackdragon for finding this one

The only objection that I have to the video- other than the fact that it was originally made by a feminist lesbian, but she sort of came around, at least on the feminism thing- is that it ends by arguing that men need each other for emotional support and strength.

Uh, lady, we're men. We're not interested in crying on each other's shoulders. Our bonds with other men are based on fundamental virtues and strengths, not on fleeting emotions. We don't tell our troubles to others because every one of us at some point accepts that our failures are OUR FAULT, and no one else can fix us.

We don't need other men to help fix us. We do need women to offset our worst tendencies. And make no mistake- a good woman who can smooth out the rough edges of a good man is worth her weight in gold. (Which is why such women tend to be so difficult to find. Hey, price and value are linked, deal with it.)

Despite this one major mistake, this video is yet another hammerblow against the stupidity and absurdity of the entire concept of modern feminism. It may be eight years old, but age is no object when it comes to Truth.

... virtues” that I used to define primal masculinity in The Way of Men
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