The Darwin Awards: Selfie edition

There are plenty of times in one's life when it's appropriate to take a cool photo of yourself in interesting surroundings.

The Didact standing in the Negev Desert
(No, that's not me going Super Saiyan, that's just a lens flare I dropped in for anonymity's sake.)

Thing is, you're supposed to take pictures of yourself such that you don't get hurt.

End result: some of the most unintentionally hilarious Darwin Award candidates of all time.

Fell to her death after taking this photo

Survived attack by camel

Attempted to qualify for Darwin Award; failed, but the cleavage was a nice thought

Hey, it's Barry from Finding Nemo!

selfie_wide_2 (1)
One of these two definitely enjoyed taking this photo. I have no idea which one.
The Selfie Generation: so solipsistic, it throws basic safety precautions right out the window. Along with itself.


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