The crazy gun lovers of Texas

... are bloody well on to something:

I've been to Texas a few times- although I imagine that, as far as most Texans are concerned, Houston is probably a few steps from Sodom down the list of places condemned by God.

(I'm not saying it's a terrible place, I actually liked Houston; I'm just saying it's liberal, by Texan standards.)

One of those trips involved a visit to San Antonio. Yes, I got to see the Alamo. It was an incredible experience. I don't buy into the mythology of the Alamo quite as much as many Americans do, but I get why they revere the place so much.

From my experiences, the Texans are a warm, friendly, hospitable, courtly, and deeply religious people who did much to make me feel welcome. Of course, it doesn't hurt that I happen to be even more of a right-wing nut job than the average Texan, but that doesn't change the fact that the Texans- again, based on my experiences- are a great and good people.

And when it comes to guns, knives, rocks, and other weapons, they damn well have the right idea: more is definitely better.

Also, Halfbreed is from the San Antonio area. (Er, at least, I think he is.) That, along with the Alamo, counts a long way in their favour.

So, next time you're planning a trip down South, why not visit Texas? They never shut up about their wide open spaces, after all.


  1. The Riverwalk in SA is pretty sweet. Plus you can eat your body weight in barbecue within about an hour and a half from Austin in Lockhart, Driftwood, etc. Texas has everything you could want in a place.

    1. Indeed. My sister and a couple of my friends have sometimes remarked that I live in the wrong part of the USA- I should be living down south along with the rest of the rednecks.

      Can't say I'm inclined to disagree, either...


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