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Mia Khalifa, porn star dividing Lebanon |
All that and brains too- or so we're supposed to believe
I thought it was against corporate policy at most newspapers to encourage their writers to take hallucinogens, but apparently that is exactly what a particularly unhinged writer at the Telly did when writing about a young woman who is supposedly the new "it" girl of smut:
When it comes to picking role models for young women, where do you start? It arguably needs to be someone charismatic, someone who’s likeable. Someone who’s independent and has a career. Someone inspirational. Someone who’s earned enough money to support themselves. Someone with integrity. 
Perhaps a politician? Maybe an activist? 
What about a porn star? 
The women of Lebanon have waited years for a high profile woman from their country to take the world stage. And now it’s happened: in the form of 21-year-old Mia Khalifa, a porn star. 
Khalifa is in fact the world’s most popular porn star, having just become’s most frequently searched adult performer after three months in the industry. 
Not only has she that, but she’s also got a BA in History from the University of Texas [Didact: And that makes her supposedly smart?], her own car, her own apartment and two dogs. She’s moved out of home and is supporting herself financially, which makes her the millennial dream. [Didact: No. Her titanic tits make her the millennial dream.] 
Khalifa’s Amazon wish-list is full of books, from the Complete Works of Shakespeare to Speaking like a CEO. Regardless of whether the books and her trademark black rimmed glasses are real or feigned, they’re a masterstroke in personal branding. 
She has 107,000 followers on Twitter and 143,000 on Instagram. 
Khalifa’s not just a porn star. She’s an influencer. 
But she’s not the influencer people want. Juliana Yazbeck wrote for Now Lebanon: “Really? Of the very few Lebanese women who are making global headlines, it has to be a porn star?” 
But why not? Why is being a porn star any less valid, important or inspiring than any other career? And the answer is that high profile women aren’t supposed to have sex at all, let alone on camera. High profile women are supposed to be “above” that. They’re supposed to be concerned with loftier things than sexuality. And they’re certainly not supposed to have breast enlargements to further themselves. 
Khalifa’s unapologetic choice to use her body to succeed makes people incredibly angry. Her social media account is a testament to just how much hatred she gets on a daily basis. Her Twitter feed is almost identical to that of any other young woman her age (lots of Vines and selfies) apart from casual references to the constant death threats she and her family receive
One user wrote this week: "Ur head will be cut soon inshallah". 
Khalifa responded: "Doesn't the Middle East have more important things to worry about besides me? 
"How about finding a president? Or containing Isis?" [Didact: Well, at least the porn actress in question sort of has her head screwed on right. Sort of.] 
She recently posted a picture of an Agent Provocateur underwear set, captioned: “After a long day of death threats coming home to my Xmas present to myself turns the entire day around.” 
The way that Khalifa takes this abuse in her stride - and doesn’t let it affect the way that she lives her life - is inspirational in itself. Why wouldn’t women be motivated by it? 
Despite a paucity of female role models, many people in Lebanon are rejecting Khalifa - a self made business woman who’s so proud of her Lebanese heritage that she has the first line of the national anthem tattooed on her body: that same body on which she bases her whole career. 
Of course, if Lebanon were to design a dream role model for young women, they wouldn’t have made her occupation ‘porn star’. Parents understandably don’t want their children to grow up to have sex on camera. And young women should never think that the only option to better themselves is through their sexuality. But, on the other hand, young women should be confident that their bodies are their own; that they can make their own choices and use the talents they have to succeed. And Khalifa represents that. 
When it comes to female role models, we can all agree that Pakistan’s Malala Yousafzai, is as good as it gets. A porn star is never going to have the same mass appeal. 
But are Malala and Mia really so different in their attitudes? After all, they are bright, intelligent and brave young women who refuse to be stopped from doing what they love, even in the face of death threats. 
If people of Lebanon really do care about having a high profile female role model, they should embrace Khalifa. It seems hypocritical to sneer at a person because they don't work in the industry you'd have chosen.  
Please, dear God, let that be a satirical piece. Otherwise, I will have no choice but to believe that the world has truly gone mad.

You failed so hard even this polar bear is ashamed
The author of that article should be arrested for animal cruelty
As Carey would say, IT MAKES MY TEETH HURT.

Let me start with the usual caveats. If Ms. Mia Khalifa- no idea what her real name is, don't really care- is over the legal age of consent, then what she does with her body on camera for money is entirely her business. And as long as she is fine with the consequences, so be it- her life, her choices.

But it's high time we stopped pretending that this lifestyle comes without a cost. That cost is real, and terrible.

And it's certainly well past time we stopped pretending that a porn star's lifestyle is about "integrity", as the (apparently blitzed) author of that article claims.

(Interesting thought experiment: just how many vodka martinis would a woman have to consume before becoming so s**t-faced as to write such puerile trash? I'm guessing, probably enough to induce severe alcohol poisoning in any normal person.)

Porn is, quite simply, about performing certain acts for money. That's it. It isn't that far removed from prostitution. It provides a release, an escape, a fantasy world that both men and women can access at will. These days, pornography is increasingly taking the place of real relationships between men and women because, well, let's face it: modern young women are a gigantic pain in the ass to date, court, and marry.

The only message to be found there is expressed in moans and screams uttered for money.

The only integrity to be found is the integrity of a voluntary transaction- a woman is paid to pretend that she enjoys having her various orifices penetrated by objects both organic and otherwise. (She might actually enjoy it, I have no idea. But let's call her actions what they are: theatrics performed for money.)

The reason she's moved out and living on her own is because her parents have stopped speaking to her- rightly so, because they're forced to live daily with the reality that their little girl is performing sex acts for money on camera. Exactly how is it right and good that a young woman from a familial culture should be cut off from her parents thanks to her own choices, and then ought to be applauded for her "courageous" actions?

Daddy Issues
Puts a whole new perspective on those movies, doesn't it?
And then Ms. Reid, the author of this episode of pure unhinged lunacy puff piece, goes off the deep end completely by claiming that young Ms. Khalifa here is "an influencer".

Uh, Ms. Reid, she's certainly influencing things- the things that reside within men's pants.

Other than that, a 21-year-old with more boobs than brains is not exactly going to inspire world peace or open schools in underprivileged cities or force a re-evaluation of bad government policy for the betterment of mankind.

(I've known a few women with BAs in History. I'm not impressed. It's safe to say that I know more about history than most of them do, and I merely have a strong interest in the subject.)

Finally, let's be very clear about one thing. Malala Yousafazi may not be quite the saintly figure that we've been told to think she is, but there is no denying that she was put in mortal peril for receiving an education. She was shot in a country that is ravaged by war, enslaved by a lunatic political ideology that values blood and death over life and humanity, and remains deeply opposed to giving women even the most basic freedoms of agency and action that Westerners take for granted. She was attacked and left for dead by MEN.

Ms. Khalifa was raised in a country where people are willing to stand up for her right to play the harlot on camera- with force, if necessary. She lives a life of relative safety and security, without having to live in fear of being shot just for walking down the street without wearing a headscarf. She gets to do what she wants for a living- never mind that her choice is... questionable at best. She gets to live a life of independence and freedom that most women can only dream of, because her choices are enabled by MEN.

She is not a female role model. Not even close. She is instead a poster girl for the degree to which women owe their sexual and financial freedoms to men.

She is also, unfortunately, a mirror reflecting the darkest and ugliest realities of the modern man.

If that is Ms. Reid's idea of a "role model", then I think she needs to get a new dictionary. Or preferably a full brain transplant.

One final thought: you know what I see when I look at this picture?

Hey, just because she's slutty doesn't mean she's ugly
Yes, all right, I see a ridiculously hot (and ridiculously augmented) porn star. I'm a guy, and I like girls with big tits.

You know what else I see?

I also see a young girl. At 21, she's younger than my own sister.

I don't just see an object or a plaything. I don't just see a male fantasy.

I see someone's daughter.

I see a father's anguish at knowing that his daughter's modesty and chastity is being violated by her choices. I see his guilt and rage. I see him asking himself why he didn't raise his daughter better, to be a good and modest and chaste woman who would preserve her beauty and her femininity for a man who proved worthy of it.

I see a brother's fury and helplessness at knowing that his beloved sister is being used as little better than a receptacle for bodily fluids, treated no differently than a toilet with softer edges.

Is this what Ms. Reid wants us to believe is a "role model"? Is this something from which we're supposed to take inspiration?

Somewhere is a village missing its idiot
Paging Ms. Reid, your village is calling...


  1. Replies
    1. True. Though to be honest, I wasn't paying much attention to her face.

  2. Ha!

    But it really does make my teeth hurt. I know what's going on, but saying it out loud gets you looked at like you're someone insane. But it's downright demonic. And it's frightening how quickly it spread.

    The way that pornography is now simply mainstream activity to so many people. It boggles my mind. I have those moments where I myself think, I don't know what the hell's going on. That's despite knowing. It's exasperating to accept it all as normal. My brain says, No. I agree with my brain: it ain't normal.

    What we're becoming is frightening to me. Hell will soon be renting space up here to take notes on debauchery. Here in Caligula's Bedroom (I believe I read that at Unca Bob's place. Rather perfect descriptor).

    1. I got a distinct sense of unreality when reading that article in the Telly. It took some doing to cudgel my brain into understanding that a supposedly "educated" and "intelligent" (ha!) woman could possibly write such garbage. It was at that point that I stopped yelling at my computer screen and settled down enough to rip on that vapid moron who wrote the article.

      Took a while, though.

      "Caligula's Bedroom"- that's perfect. I'll have to remember that one.


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