John C. Wright on blue sci-fi

To quote in full:
The social commentary involved in stories where a brawny space-privateer in a torn shirt and broken power-armor is firing a vehicle-mounted automatic weapon one-handed upon an undead but rampaging vampire-lord Tyrannosaurus Rex thundering down the blood-soaked golden streets of primordial Atlantis risen, drenched in seaweed and eldritch lore, to the surface of the unquiet sea due to the evil influence of the Red Demon Star of Gthothmorg during a near-collision with Sol while a buxom yet lithe cavegirl in a leopardskin bikini clings to his manly yet roguish thigh, her flint-napped dirk held calmly in her brave yet slender hand (pause to draw breath) is summed up in the word AWESOMSAUCE.
Manowar backdrop wallpaper
Admittedly, it's artwork from the MANOWAR site, but the point remains.
Remember, my friends, only you can stop puppy sadness!

To do so, sign up as a member of one of the various sci-fi writing and comic book conventions that vote for the prestigious literary awards in the field of SF/F, namely the Hugo and Nebula awards. Vote for works written by the Evil Legion of Evil, which are full of nasty and horrible things like interesting plots, fully fleshed-out characters, epic battles between good and evil, brilliant far-future and high-fantasy ideas, and everything else that the SJW crowd hates so much.

I hope Brad Torgersen has these available as jacket patches...


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