"I'M the real victim here!"

Sorry boys, I couldn't find a picture of Ivy Valentine's titanic tits with the #Gamergate logo on them... I'll try to do better next time
"Oh please please PLEASE you have to believe me!":
Almost every day, for the past six months, Zoe Quinn has received rape and death threats. 
She gets called a bitch, a c*** and worse. [Didact: A woman who claims to be equal to men as a game designer can't handle the criticism, and then wants us to feel sorry for her?]
Every few hours, someone tries to hack into her online accounts. She gets messages from people saying they’re outside her house. 
It means she hasn’t been able to live at home for the past six months – she doesn’t even have in a permanent location, so the online mob can’t track her down. 
This abuse has been happening ever since Quinn, 27, started developing video games. Most of it centres around the fact that she’s a woman working in ‘a man’s world.’ [Didact: The hell it is, Bonobo-Nose. Do your damn homework next time.]
But it intensified last year, when a movement called #Gamergate started. 
The hashtag was ostensibly used to debate the questionable relationship between journalists and games developers. 
But it was used by video games fans around the world to troll Quinn and other female games critics. The abuse they received was horrific. 
Quinn herself was the victim of an attack by a former boyfriend, who published a blog post naming a list of men she'd allegedly slept with, a number of who are video games journalists. It led to her receiving threats, having her personal details hacked, being forced to move out of her house and becoming a victim of revenge porn. 
“Things haven’t really quietened down at all. I’m trying to figure out what my life is now," Quinn tells me. 
"It seems to be - with long-term harassment - that it doesn’t calm down. 
“Considering how people are really escalating this, I definitely can’t be at home. I don’t want to deal with someone trying to kill me.[Didact: That's what handguns are for, dumbass. Get one.]
Think she's exaggerating? Quinn tells me about the vivid rape fantasies she's sent constantly and describes it like "having acid poured on your heart". 
Of course, many people who've experienced similar abuse online have simply deleted their social media accounts and retreated offline, in an attempt to escape the threats. 
This has never crossed Quinn’s mind. 
“I’ve lived my entire life online," she explains. "Growing up in a small town in upstate New York, some of the first real friendships I had were in chat rooms. My entire career is online – I create games on the web. 
They’re very clearly trying to create an example out of me. 
“Plus I love making games. It’s not something I’m going to give up because some a**holes want me to”.
This is what happens when you let a woman with more nose than brains have her own column at a once-respected daily newspaper's "Women" section.

Radhika Sanghani new b&w
And you thought I was joking about her nose
You end up with the worst kind of literary onanist, who never once stops to check her facts, her sources, or her conclusions.

Well, since Ms. Sanghani can't be bothered to check the facts of Ms. Quinn's statements, it falls on us here in the Androsphere to do her job for her. Which, of course, Matt Forney already did last year. The gatekeepers of gaming journalism have been exposed for the ethical frauds and liars that they are, and in response they have quietly been modifying their ethics codes, but if you read Ms. Sanghani's article and you didn't know any better, you'd think that all we're doing is persecuting an innocent woman for allegedly sleeping with her boss at Kotaku.

Ms. Sanghani writes an opinion column for the Daily Telegraph and is not, to my knowledge, paid to be a reporter for that paper. That is a very good thing, because if Ms. Sanghani were a paid journalist and she produced a news article this execrable, she should have been fired immediately. And then barred from ever working as a journalist again.

Since she is an opinion writer and not a journalist, she is therefore fully entitled to produce her own opinions and be as one-sided and as idiotic as she pleases- provided that she accepts responsibility for the consequences of her stupidity.

As is usual for a woman in this day and age, though, she appears to think that simply because she is a woman, she doesn't need to be held accountable for the words of her mouth (or keyboard, in this case).

In this case, it is clearly evident that she did not do her homework and produced only one side of the #Gamergate story. She is incapable of understanding that #Gamergate is a diverse movement that exists to reverse years of anti-gamer hatred and prejudice within mainstream gaming journalism.

Ms. Sanghani, there is nothing "alleged" about Ms. Quinn's actions. We know that she slept with her boss, Nathan Grayson. We know that Kotaku hates real gamers, or did before they got exposed as douchebag hack journalists literally sleeping with their subjects. We know that she has worked to kill projects by other indie game developers because they do not kowtow sufficiently to the Social Justice Warrior's creed. We know that Zoe Quinn has posted nude pictures of herself online (link is work-safe)- which proves that, in addition to being an insufferable idiot, she is also far from innocent as you would have us believe.

Indeed, her article is a perfect illustration of everything that #Gamergate stands for- which, incidentally, is everything that SJW types like Ms. Sanghani hate.

We are fed to the back teeth of seeing articles like Kotaku's ridiculous "Gamers Are Dead" screed- which that very same organisation then desperately tried to redact- that insult our intelligence and the pastimes that we love.

We have had enough of being told by the neckbeards of the gaming journalism establishment- many of whom appear never to have gone anywhere near real games for years- that we are misogynists and fools for playing video games with masculine heroes and pneumatic heroines.

And we will not tolerate being told what to think and how to play. Not now, not ever again.

Those like Ms. Sanghani who insist on presenting just one side of the story without doing their background research do not deserve our attention, our time, or our money. They deserve nothing less than the most withering scorn, contempt, and bile.


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