Gay tennis doubles

Martina Hingis with Anna Kournikova.
Not pictured: reality
Yeah, no doubt having gay and lesbian tennis doubles tournaments will be huge sources of revenue:
The U.S. Tennis Association will sanction same-gender couples' doubles tournaments for the first time, starting at the Plaza Racquet Club in Palm Springs, California, on March 7-8. 
The USTA announced Wednesday that it will schedule same-gender adult competitions throughout 2015, with a goal of having national championship events next year. 
In its news release, the USTA quoted International Tennis Hall of Fame member Billie Jean King as calling the introduction of these events "a great and important step forward for tennis." 
King adds: "The makeup of families in our world is changing and I'm thrilled to see that tennis also is recognizing that change, and making it easier for same-gender couples to compete and have fun together on the tennis court."
So now we get to endure the spectacle of Martina Navratilova and her, uh, "wife" playing doubles against their fellow lesbians?

Tennis legends Martina Navratilova and Martina Hingis head to Adelaide
"Alternative lifestyle", and never mind the children
And here I thought tennis was all about athleticism, competition, skill, and guts. Instead, we now have to watch a great game being reduced, once again, to a pantomime so that certain people can "feel good" about being "inclusive" and "tolerant".

Look, I don't care one whit if the people playing doubles in a tennis match are straight, gay, single, married, divorced, or crazy. (You'd be surprised at how entertaining tennis can be when the participants are just effing nuts.) All I care about is whether the tennis is any good- which is generally why I just don't watch doubles matches. They bore me.

And now there is even less reason to watch doubles. What, exactly, is the point of setting up doubles tournaments specifically for same-sex couples? To prove that lesbian couples can totally compete on a level playing field with regular, non-scissoring doubles teams? To show to all the world, once and for all, that sodomites can hit balls on the court as well as off it?

Seriously, can someone explain to me the purpose and value of doing this, rather than simply adopting the tried-and-true "don't ask, don't tell" policy about the sexuality and pair-bonding status of a men's or women's doubles team? Near as I can tell, this is simply about looking "stylish". It doesn't have a single damn thing to do with the actual sport.

It's just truly sad to see yet another aspect of human competition and skill hollowed out and forced to resort to self-mockery simply to appease the Pink Mafia. I mean, this is the same sport that produced quite possibly the single greatest athlete the world has ever seen:

Federer24 Federer Wins Brisbane Title, Claims 1000th Match Win
Shhh... genius at work
The same sport that produced the most sublime genius ever to hold a tennis racquet is now being turned into a circus, and we, the paying public, are being told to like it... or else.

Enough already. Let the sport and its players speak for itself. Neither one needs the least bit of help from GLAAD, Bille Jean King, or any other member of the Pinkshirts.


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