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Cutting the Crap

Like everyone else (who ISN'T a LIN), I was outraged by the cold-blooded slaying of twelve cartoonists whose "offence" was to create and publish cartoons mocking the so-called "prophet" of Islam. I had hoped that the rage that I felt at seeing innocent blood spilled in the name of a genocidal paedophile who is for some reason upheld by over a billion people as the exemplar of moral virtue and holiness would have subsided by now.

It has not. And nor do I want it to.

There is no love lost between me and the French nation. I make no secret of this fact. I don't particularly like them, in the same way that most of us don't particularly like chihuahuas. I have no problem whatsoever with this state of affairs. And neither, I imagine, do the Frogs.

Yet, I harbour no particular animus against them; in fact, one of my clients in my previous role is French, and I always got along with him very well indeed. And I wish them no harm- let them do their thing, and as long as I can mock them for being French, all is well.

Seventeen people are now dead. The bastards who pulled the triggers are, fortunately, among them. I really do hope they suffered, far more than their victims did, as they bled out.

Their deaths do not change the fact that innocent blood was spilled, for drawing cartoons about Islam's supposed "prophet" that are far less offensive than the sketches that the very same magazine has created about Christianity and Judaism.

For instance, here is a link (courtesy of the always delightful Ms. Ann Barnhardt) to a cartoon that the magazine Charlie Hebdo published not all that long ago. I will not display that cartoon here- even though I am a mere pagan, it appalls me to see the Holy Trinity treated in such fashion. I'll let Ann describe its contents to you:
God the Father is on the left, depicted as a grey, bearded man, glassy-eyed, mouth open, tongue hanging out like a dog, bending over at the waist being sodomized by God the Son, also glassy-eyed, wearing the crown of thorns, holes visible in His hands and feet, who is in turn being sodomized by the Holy Spirit, depicted as the triangle with the all-seeing eye in the center.
Offensive? Yes. Irreverent? Certainly. Disagreeable? Absolutely. In bad taste? Definitely.

Worth getting angry over? No. It's a cartoon. Christians have been poking fun at themselves for centuries using comical drawings; to my knowledge, only the most ardent and hard-core Puritans back in the day ever got their panties in a knot over such things.

Worth killing over? Never.

I don't agree for one moment with what the satirists of Charlie Hebdo were trying to do with that cartoon of the Trinity. But I will always defend their right to do it- with force, if necessary, if only because we should never be afraid to laugh.

Indeed, one of the many wonderful things about Judeo-Christian morality is that its central thesis maintains the Universe was created by a loving, rational Creator who yet possesses a literally divine sense of humour.

By contrast, last week six people died at that magazine because of a bunch of Islamist nutbags whose understanding of "god" is of a capricious, vain, and deeply fickle deity that has no capacity for humour, love, or compassion- this, despite Muslims going to prayer every day to praise "Allah the merciful, the benevolent, the compassionate", etc. etc. ad f***ing nauseam.

It surprises me how deeply I was angered by the deaths in France- but then, it took me a long time to understand what Islam really is, and I've long since come to the conclusion that, when it comes to understanding Islam, if you're not angry, you're not paying attention.

And through the silent fog of that cold rage, one thought kept hammering home. It can be expressed in one word:


Enough of pretending that Islam is some sort of "religion of peace".

Enough of maintaining this ridiculous charade that the West can continue importing Islamists without consequences.

Enough of this idiotic myth of the "radical Muslim minority".

Enough of the gutless and craven Western mainstream media, who claim solidarity with Charlie Hebdo and yet refuse to print the very cartoons that caused the offence in the first place.

Charlie Hebdo 1/14
Yeah... clearly horribly offensive...
Enough of being browbeaten into silence with the threat of being labelled a racist or a bigot.

Enough of watching the Jews being persecuted merely for being Jewish in European nations with large Muslim minorities.

Enough of half-measures, enough of believing that this problem can be solved with time and care, enough of pretending that we can save Western culture without bloodshed and sacrifice and terrible pain.

It is time- well past time- that whatever remains of the free peoples of the West launched a crusade to take back their lands from those who have invaded them and attempted to destroy their cultures from within.


Regardless of what you've been taught in school, the previous Crusades were not wars of conquest and expansion. They were wars of defence and retaliation in the face of massive provocations from the Saracens and Seljuks in the Holy Land. The coming wars of the new Reconquista will be fought for the same reasons: for self-defence, for preservation of a Judeo-Christian culture, for the sake of Christian lands and freedoms.

We can "march in solidarity" all we like. We can proclaim piously and loudly with bleeding hearts how much we support the right to free speech, free inquiry, and free criticism of religion. We can delude ourselves into thinking that freedoms merely need to be defended with moronic Twitter hashtags- but all we have are delusions, nothing more.

The reality is that if we want to preserve the historic and ancient freedoms of the West, that defence must come at great and terrible cost.
"Value has no meaning other than in relation to living beings. The value of a thing is always relative to a particular person, is completely personal and different in quantity for each living human..." 
"This very personal relationship, 'value', has two factors for a human being: first, what he can do with a thing, its use to him... and second, what he must do to get it, its cost to him. There is an old song which asserts that 'the best things in life are free'. Not true! Utterly false! This was the tragic fallacy which brought on the decadence and collapse of the democracies of the twentieth century; those noble experiments failed because the people had been led to believe that they could simply vote for whatever they wanted... and get it, without toil, without sweat, without tears." 
"Nothing of value is free. Even the breath of life is purchased at birth only through gasping effort and pain... Ultimate cost for perfect value."
-- Lt. Col. Jean V. Dubois (Ret), from Starship Troopers by Robert A. Heinlein 

The Path to the New Reconquista

La "Reconquista" spagnola: una crociata di otto secoli.
Crude, but... effective
And so I call for the inevitable: a Crusade, to retake the West from those who have usurped and defiled it.

A Crusade to restore a culture that has lost its way, that has fallen to worship of false idols, that has stumbled out of the light and grace of God.

A Crusade to rebuild the nations of men, to dedicate them once again to unleashing the creative spirit and awesome power of men who are free- from their very first breath to their last.

This will not be easy, and it will not be quick. For one thing, how do we even begin telling the Loony Islamist Nutbags from "the rest"?

Well, for starters, we have to recognise Islam for what it is- a political ideology first, and a religion second.

Unlike Judaism, which is not a proselytising religion- the Jews have had the ability to preach beaten and persecuted right out of them- Islam openly seeks to convert those who are weak enough to fall under its spell, and openly wages war against those who do not. Unlike Christianity, which acknowledges explicit separations between church and state- "render unto Caesar", and all that- Islam holds no such distinction.

Freedom of religion and conscience is embedded within the cultural DNA of the West- and of other cultures besides, including that of my country of origin. This is right and just, so long as those religions do nothing to harm those who happen to believe differently and attempt to convert and persuade through reason and argument. This is why Christianity works- because the more closely you examine the axiomatic principles of Christianity and the entire structure that is built upon them, the more sense it makes. Faith is ultimately a companion to reason; it gives us tools to find truth and meaning where reason alone cannot suffice.

Ideology, however, is not reason, and it isn't really faith either. Ideology is the absence of reason, for it assumes that certain things are "true" without ever stopping to examine those assumptions. And ideology can be very dangerous indeed, because if you build an entire system of thought and action on flawed principles, it will mislead you when it runs face-first into the brick wall of reality.

Unlike religion, ideology is not a subject that is out of bounds from intervention by government. Ideologies which openly call for genocide and slavery based on flawed assumptions are flatly incompatible with a free society that not only permits but encourages freedom of thought and agency.

Imagine what would have happened if, in the late 1930s and early 1940s, fascism had been judged a religion rather than a particularly nasty branch of socialism. Imagine if Nazis had been allowed to serve in America's military under the First Amendment's protections of religious conscience and speech. Imagine if the genocidal impulses of Imperial Japan had been judged as merely religious teachings, rather than what they really were- state-sanctioned wholesale murder.

America wouldn't just have lost the war. She would have lost her soul.

Therefore, it should be perfectly clear that the only way to stop Islamists from killing your people is to STOP LETTING THEM INTO YOUR COUNTRY.

How hard is this to understand? If you're being attacked repeatedly by left-handed Klingons who speak with bad lisps but are otherwise indistinguishable from regular Klingons, then you'd be a damn fool to continue letting Klingons of any kind into your home. Muslims don't subscribe to a religion- whether they like it or not, they subscribe to a political ideology, and as such, it is perfectly legitimate to argue those of us who want nothing to do with is should not be forced to deal with it.

Yet the West keeps importing Muslims by the thousands and tens of thousands each year. Muslims now make up roughly 10% of France's population, roughly 5% of Britain's, 5% of Germany's, 6% of Switzerland's, about 5% of Sweden's- and about 8% of Europe's total population. (I concede that this counts the substantial Islamic populations of the Slavic nations, including Russia. If you exclude those, the numbers add up to about 4%.)

This is not sustainable or desirable. We have already seen what happens in the UK when entire suburbs of London are allowed to become miniature versions of Islamabad or Lahore or Dhaka- and that's after a mere 30 years, the equivalent of just a single generation's worth of equalitarian lunacy.

At this point the equalitarian's response will generally be to point to strong evidence that Muslim fertility rates are collapsing as fast as, if not faster than, Western ones. To which I respond: so what?

Does it particularly matter whether Muslims will reach majority status in the population by 2050 or 2100, when it is Muslims who are attacking you now? Quibbling about whether or not Eurabia will become a reality at some point in the future ignores the fundamental threat in the present.

So let's say Europe finally does the sensible thing and shuts down its borders not only to immigration from Islamic nations, but to ALL foreign immigrants. What then? What about the population of Muslims currently within the borders? How do we test whether they are loyal to their host nations, or to Islam?

Well, Islamic doctrine helps partly answer that right out of the box. If you are a Muslim, you aver that church and state are one and the same. The ulema holds sway over what is both spiritually and judicially correct.

There is no equivalent to this in the Judeo-Christian world. Pope Gelasius I set the precedent for the division between the temporal and the spiritual realms quite clearly when he stated:
[T]here are two powers by which chiefly this world is ruled: the sacred authority of the priesthood and the authority of kings. And of these the authority of the priests is so much the weightier, as they must render before the tribunal of an account even for the kings of men.
This has historically been interpreted by the Church as the so-called "two swords" doctrine, and most Popes since his time have faithfully adhered to clear and unmistakable separation between the powers of the Church and the powers of the rulers of Man.

There is no such concept in Islam. The shariah of their "god" governs all aspects of life, excludes nothing, and commands absolute obedience as the price of salvation.

Therefore, a true Islamist will never agree to live under a political system that separates the temporal sphere from the spiritual one. All you have to do is find out who is a "true Islamist".

With regard to this, I rather like the recent modest proposal made by Roosh:
To end Islamic terrorism in the West, I earnestly propose a program called Cartoon Sensitivity Examination (CSE). It must be required for all Muslims who intend to visit or inhabit a Western country. Let’s use France as an example for how the program would work. 
At border control, a follower of Islam will be politely escorted to a cartoon examination room. He is first shown two anti-semitic cartoons and asked for his opinion. Then he is shown two tasteless Jesus cartoons and again asked for his opinion. Finally, he is shown two cartoons of the prophet Mohammad in the most debased and vulgar manner, having sex with an animal, fellating a pig, or engaging in homosexuality with a Jew. Special biometric cameras will examine his reaction for rage. The border control agent will then ask him the following questions: 
a) “Are you offended by the cartoon against your prophet?” 
b) “Do you believe these cartoons should not have been published because of the offense it may cause the Muslim population?” 
c) “If you were president of France, would you pass a law prohibiting publication of these cartoons?” 
d) “If your brethren decided to kill the cartoonists, do you believe Allah would send them to paradise, or at least thank them for their service?” 
If the immigrant answered yes to question C or D, he would absolutely not be allowed entry into France. He would be escorted to a return flight back to his homeland. 
If the immigrant answered no to question C or D, but biometric data conflicted with his answers, he must be subjected to a rigorous background search, and if he passes the checks, he must agree to close surveillance by the state security apparatus along with voluntary check-ins. But if he is conclusively linked to radical imans or mosques that have produced terrorist activity in the past, he will not be allowed entry. 
Not a bad start at all. But it doesn't go far enough. Not nearly so.

Indeed, I propose that we supplement such a process with a requirement that any and all entrants from Islamic nations, whether immigrants or mere guest workers, be required to sit down and watch Ann Barnhardt burning the Koran- after covering its pages in bacon:

A Christian watching the Bible being treated like this would be horrified and saddened, and would pray for the souls of those who were so short-sighted and so filled with self-loathing as to resort to such folly.

An Islamist would simply go into a frothing rage.

Easy test, isn't it?

Winning the Long War

The Battle of Vienna
The gates of Vienna- September 11th, 1683
Cutting off the inflow of Islamic immigrants into the West is just the first step. Those who remain must be given a clear, unambiguous choice.

Islam provides exactly three possible options for non-Muslims: convert to Islam, agree to live as second-class citizens under the protection of the sword of the "prophet", or die.

No other major faith has any such philosophy at its core. Even the Spanish Inquisition at the absolute height of its excesses was nowhere close to this level of moonbattery. And that, once again, is because Christianity, and most other religions, are just that- religions. They seek to convert through force of argument, through persuasion, through the promise of a release from suffering and death.

It cannot be said often enough- Islam is a political system, not a religion. And as such, there is no reason whatsoever to treat it any differently from any other noxious and deadly political ideology.

The only way the West will survive is if it presents the Islamists who have invaded it with a very clear choice: convert to Christianity, or be expelled.

It took more than 700 years to free Spain from Moorish rule, but ultimately, this is exactly what happened. The remaining Muslims were given a simple choice: convert, leave, or die. Most of them left- because that is what happens when the good finally stand up to evil.

There is far more to winning this long war. I have outlined in broad strokes a strategy that has worked in the past, and can work again. Simply put, this war has to be fought on multiple fronts.

First, on the economic front, the Islamic world must be brought to its knees. Anyone who has seen anything about the economic output of the major Islamic nations of the world knows that, other than Malaysia and Indonesia, most of them produce nothing of value other than petroleum-based products. Saudi Arabia's actual share of the American oil market is far smaller than most people think- but the House of Saud's ability to affect global oil markets is not to be underestimated. Yet Saudi Arabia's power is precarious, based entirely on its ability to supply the world's oil. Its economy is monolithic and heavily state-controlled. Destroy the source of its economic power by breaking its monopsonistic hold on the supply of a major global resource, and we destroy Islam's major source of funding, power, and influence.

Second, Islam is by its very nature a highly aggressive, expansionistic ideology. However, its expansionistic tendencies are its greatest weakness. Because of the appalling treatment of the dhimmi under Islamic law, and because Muslims under shariah law cannot be taxed, dhimmis tend to convert to Islam pretty quickly under a caliphate in order to escape such abuse. Islamic caliphates inevitably find themselves running out of tax bases very quickly, and so are forced into perpetual expansion mode. The moment that a strong antagonist stops such an expansion in its tracks- as Charles Martel did at Poitiers in 732 AD, and as Jan Sobieski did at Vienna in 1683- an Islamic state very quickly falls into disrepair and ruin.

Third, it is well past time that Western militaries recognised that you cannot fight a 4th Generation War enemy, like Islamists, who recognise no state or higher authority except for the word of their "god", with a 2nd Generation military apparatus. Pull back, out of Iraq, out of Afghanistan, out of Arabia and every other Muslim nation on Earth. Secure the borders of the West and strengthen them. Devote resources once spent fighting pointless wars for "humanitarian" purposes overseas on preventing the virus of Islamism from infiltrating the borders.

This is just the start. It continues with the various Christian traditions of the West finally reuniting to hold the line, to save those who wish to be saved, and to carry the Gospel of the Lord Christ without fear to those who have not seen and felt its light.

This Crusade Must Be Fought

He knew it. He DIED knowing it.
And it must be won. We no longer have a choice. We are long past the point of no return. The people of the Judeo-Christian West must regain their confidence, their faith, and their own national identities.

For too long, we have let our elites get away with telling us that nationalism is evil and wrong, that nations throughout the West can continue importing Islamists without fear of any negative consequences, and that anyone who thinks otherwise must by default be a racist, a bigot, and a legitimate target for persecution.

Enough of this madness. It is time for each of to choose where we stand- with the Judeo-Christian culture that spawned the greatest civilisations the world has ever seen, or with a barbaric, totalitarian political ideology that seeks to enslave and destroy you.
Choose ye, O choose. It is good hunting! For the Pack- for the Full Pack- for the lair and the litter; for the in-kill and the out-kill; for the mate that drives the doe and the little, little cub within the cave; it is met!- it is met!- it is met!
-- Mowgli's oath to the Seonee Pack, from "Red Dog", The Second Jungle Book, by Rudyard Kipling 


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