Blog changes


As promised in my New Year's greeting, there will be a number of changes rolled out over the next week or so. You can see some of them already. Here is a short list of the major ones:

New Background and Layout (Maybe)

As soothing and simple as the current layout is, I'm getting a bit tired of it. The new one should be more... HALO-ish, if I can get it to work. (It's a work in progress right now.)

About Me

There will be a new page that gives you some information about who I am and what I'm trying to do here. Unlike all of the other pages on this blog, it will NOT be open for comments.

I'm not going to reveal who I am- mostly because no one cares- but you'll get a slightly better idea of how I think and how I came to be what I am today.


The Rules of the Blog post from January 2013- one of my very first- has been deleted. Its entire contents were copied and updated into a standalone page and parked up top.

The Rules are what they are. No one now has any excuse to claim that they didn't see them.

So if you post a comment that violates those rules, don't come knocking asking why it didn't get published. I'm not even going to bother answering such a question.

Changes to Reviews

I haven't written a book or album review in a good long while, and with good reason. They take a long time to write and, judging by Google Analytics page views, no one much cares about them. Simply put, they're not worth the effort for me.

That doesn't mean I'm going to stop reading good books or listening to good music. Nor am I going to stop promoting high-quality works which I think deserve good publicity.

People who create good things should be rewarded for their labours, and I intend to do just that.

Therefore, I will add two new pages to my blog which will be regularly updated.

The first will be for book reviews. It will contain a bullet-point list of all books that I read in a given year, along with a numerical verdict (out of 5) showing what I thought of that particular book. Any book that gets 3/5 or higher automatically gets a link to its page so that you can buy it in its cheapest version if you so desire.

An almost identical process will be used for album reviews on a separate page.

Comments are not only allowed, but encouraged, for both album and book reviews. If you disagree with my verdict on a particular work, that is where you can tell me why.

Links to Other Works

It's early 2015- time to get moving with new projects. I have already submitted a couple of articles for and I intend to continue doing so over the next year, as regularly as I can. I will link to those articles, and to any other works that I create, via an additional page.

Promoting Other Manospherians

The Manosphere is a great place to learn. For the most part, we are highly independent, very territorial, free-thinking individualists. We don't agree on many things, and that is exactly how it should be. Unlike the monolithic Cathedral of the Left and its insistence on uniformity of thought and action, the Bazaar of the new Right is a freewheeling, chaotic conglomeration of ideas, some great, some crazy, almost all interesting.

And it's full of great authors who write very well. Most of them are far better at it than I am.

For that reason, I will be adding a page where I'll promote the works of other Manosphere writers as and when I can.

I will not take compensation from anyone for doing so on this blog. I have my own full-time job and source of income, so I don't need the money.

If I think your work is good, you get props. If I don't, you won't. Pure and simple.

I also will not promote works that I have not read or listened to myself. You can accept my opinion or form your own and tell me that I'm full of crap- but at least you'll know that it's my opinion.

Opinions are like assholes... Everyone has one, and most of them stink...


I will soon be posting a request to my readers for their opinions about this place. Commentary on any and all aspects of it will be requested.

If you like what I do, say so.

If you don't, say so.

If you don't care- which I suspect will be the default option- then don't do anything.

It's entirely up to you, but either way, I appreciate and respect reader feedback.


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