Become a #Meninist! They have t-shirts!

Supporters of 'meninism', a controversial movement that opposes feminism, have now begun wearing 'meninist' T-shirts. 
The online retailer has sold 615 shirts bearing the hashtag #MENINIST at $22.99 each. [Didact: Look, man, if I want to buy an overpriced t-shirt that's embarrassing to wear in public, I'll go to a HALESTORM concert and get one of their concert tees.] 
'Support the movement by getting yourself the official Meninist shirt. #YesAllMen,' proclaims the product description, seemingly mocking the #YesAllWomen hashtag that circulated social media to raise awareness for violence against women in response to misogynistic postings by Elliot Rodger before his deadly rampage in Isla Vista, California, last May. 
Teespring has sold ten shirts in another style, which reads 'I'm A Meninist.', for $15 each. Its description says: 'Show your pride and tell the WORLD you're a MENINIST! The official t-shirt of #MeninistTwitter!!' [Didact: I don't want to live on this planet anymore...]
The #Meninist Twitter hashtag began in 2013 as an outlet for men sharing jokes, according to the BBC, which noted: 'Supporters of the hashtag say it's become a channel for men to express the difficulties of being a man in the 21st Century.' [Didact: Being a man means getting on with the business of being a man, not whining about it and moping around in a gay-ass t-shirt.]
A Meninist Twitter account, which now has more than 600,000 followers, posts misogynistic jokes. 
Last night, the account tweeted: 'Ladies, if you have more followers on Instagram than you do on Twitter it just means dudes like you better when you stfu [shut the f**k up].' 
Men who've purchased the controversial T-shirts have been proudly sharing photos of themselves sporting them on social media. 
One man, with the handle MeninistAmbassador, tweeted a picture of himself with the caption: 'Loving my new #meninist t shirt @MeninistTweet.' [Didact: #neuteredmyself]
And it's not only men who are buying the shirts; a woman named Paige - who appears to support meninism - tweeted a picture of herself wearing one on Friday with the caption: 'Supporting equal rights @MeninistTweet #meninist.'
It goes without saying that this is a pretty dopey idea even at the best of times. Wearing a t-shirt that shows that you belong to a particular movement makes sense in certain contexts- like, say, when you're going to see a metal band play live. But when you're trying to mock feminism, printing out a t-shirt with a Twitter hashtag on it simply tells the world that you're a bit of an idiot.

Unfortunately for those of us guys who still have both ballsacks and brains, and enough blood to operate at least one at a time, these are a few of the faces of the #Meninist movement:

Proud: Men who've purchased the T-shirts have been sharing photos of themselves sporting them on social media
Please stop helping us
Not only men: A woman named Paige tweeted a picture of herself wearing one on Friday with the caption: 'Supporting equal rights @MeninistTweet #meninist'
Not the mascot we need, boys
To give credit where it's due, Carey already dealt with this earlier today. I saw it while taking a break at work a bit before that, but didn't have the opportunity to comment. All I can say is that, if this new "movement" is going to have any effect whatsoever, it needs to be led by real masculine men, not by pasty-faced weaklings who look like they can barely bench their own bodyweight.

Really. Just stop. Please. I'll even give you one of my IRON MAIDEN shirts.
... out weve got a badass over here - Watch out we got a badass over here
Where's his shirt?

If these people who promote the #Meninist movement want to be taken seriously, they're really aiming their shirts at the wrong people. We need masculine men and feminine women to take up the fight- and it helps when they look good wearing tight t-shirts.

Adriana Lima wallpapers (26241)
Hey, she seems like she could use a shirt
(One should never pass up the chance to provide gratuitous skimpy-underwear shots of supermodels when supporting one's arguments.)

Quite aside from their image problem, the #Meninist movement has a far more serious issue: its ideology is idiotic.

These guys and their supporters are pushing for "equal rights" for men and women. This is insufferably stupid. There can be no such thing as equality between men and women. There never has been, and there never will be, for the simple reason that "equality" between the sexes will never work.

To argue that men and women should be equal in every way is to flatly ignore the realities of human biology. Men will never be equal to women- we are built by default to be physically completely different, and those biological differences drive us toward very different goals, imperatives, and needs.

Men are designed to lead, to fight, to be aggressive, to be dominant- it's in our very DNA. Women are designed to be submissive, to nurture, to provide all of the soft and wonderful comforts that only women can give. When nature is given free rein to express itself, the end result is strong, stable societies in which men lead and build and destroy, and women follow and support and restore.

The #Meninist movement will fail for the same reason that the Men's Rights Movement will fail- its founding premise is completely flawed. Instead of fighting the real battle, the one that most desperately needs to be fought by overturning over a century of progressive insanity that has brought the greatest civilisations the world has ever seen to their knees, these guys are saddling up to tilt at windmills in the name of illusory "equality" with women.

The reality is that the West and its people will only thrive again when men retake our genetic and natural inheritances as leaders and creators, and women recognise that their dreams of "having it all" are hallucinations that must be ignored at all costs.

And please, will someone introduce these #Meninist manboobz to the Iron God? They look like they really need it.


  1. Two things:

    1. The Meninist T shirt just sounds like a scam

    2. Meninism just sounds like another form of controlled opposition - created because MRA (the original controlled opposition) is no longer marketable.

    1. That's as good a theory as any. Certainly it would appear that someone saw an opportunity to monetise what appears to be a growing backlash against feminist stupidity.

      As commercial ideas go, it wasn't a bad one- it's just that the execution of it was terrible. I'm all for mocking feminists and their idiocies- but the best way to do that is not through a t-shirt, it's through getting masculine guys out there, front and centre, who won't put up with women's crap anymore.

  2. I was hoping that you would pick up on this. You and Uncle Bob are two people on this here manosphere thing that I don't mind keeping a link to on my site. I know that your content is going to be consistently toward the *better* side of becoming a man.

    Sadly, I don't think this shirt would even look tough on Mr. Sylvester Stallone himself. And growth hormones or not, at his age he's still spring steel and rawhide. Not to mention, the man is a great example of just continuing to move forward no matter what is going on in the world.

    That point you made about wearing a t-shirt to a metal concert is perfect. It's absolutely the truth. That's about the only time that wearing a t-shirt to support a movement seems appropriate in the first place.

    I think someone has to teach these young guys that being a man does not mean declaring every single thing that you believe and support. It simply means being a fixed point, the last one standing in a room if necessary. It just means you have your beliefs, you stand firm on them you don't move and you don't have to declare every single thing that you feel it every moment. Especially on a damn t-shirt.

    1. Thanks for the kind words, they are much appreciated.

      Sadly, I don't think this shirt would even look tough on Mr. Sylvester Stallone himself.

      Yeah, these things would make a bitch out of a badass in a heartbeat. And the guys who are wearing these are nowhere even close to badasses to begin with.

      That point you made about wearing a t-shirt to a metal concert is perfect.

      Indeed. Metal shirts send a very clear message: "I belong to this group, these are my people, I'm standing up for what I believe in, and if you don't like it, FOAD". Whereas these shirts simply say, "I'm a milquetoast that'll buy any branded piece of crap that someone sells me simply because I feel mildly inconvenienced by feminism." There is no soul, no core, to the movement.

      It just means you have your beliefs, you stand firm on them you don't move and you don't have to declare every single thing that you feel it every moment.

      My generation could learn a very great deal from the old Stoic philosophers. Millennial men have become emotional crybabies obsessed with their own thoughts. This is not sustainable, and I suspect that when the fiery collapse comes, the best of us will come through it as the men of iron that our forefathers were. But it's going to take a lot of nastiness before we get to that point.


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