Barnhardt steps up to bat

And knocks it straight outta da park!

Oh, and this video is pretty NSFW after about the halfway mark:

(Baseball analogies do not come naturally to me. It's not a game that I understand, even slightly. Then again, I've only ever met one American that actually likes cricket, so who am I to talk...)

As far as I'm concerned, if you want to understand why Islam is such a twisted and weird political ideology, and why it cloaks itself in a mantle of sanctimonious morality, you need to watch that video, all the way through. It'll be a struggle, trust me- you'll have trouble keeping your lunch down at certain points- but it's worth the time and the effort.

Even if you could discount 90% of what she says in that presentation as the insane ravings of a lunatic- this would be difficult though not impossible, because her evidence is strong and well-presented, but not bullet-proof- you're still left with a body of evidence that points to Islam as a political ideology of sexual repression, violence against women, paedophilia, and extreme abuse of both women and children.

There can be legitimate questions asked about her evidence, by the way. For instance, I have been unable, thus far, to find real evidence that the circumstances surrounding Abu Musab al-Zarqawi's death actually involved a weekly gay orgy called the "Thursday Night Club". That doesn't invalidate the rest of her arguments. Her points about the prevalence of consanguinity and its devastating effects on IQ and learning ability are well documented, as are her arguments about the brutality and wretchedness of female genital mutilation circumcision.

This is not an ideology that is compatible with Western values. It is well past time that the West understood this. The only reasonable answer to Islam's demands to be given a seat at the table, whether overt or covert, is to bar the way with bayonets and rifles at the ready, and to throw out any Muslim who refuses to be beholden


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