A worse love story than Twilight

If such a thing could even possibly exist, this might be a contender:

This reminds me of what happened last Friday night when I was doing my heavy powerlifting workout. These two really rather fetching young ladies walked in- a blonde and a brunette- and proceeded to head over to the mats to warm up and/or stretch. They then used the leg press for about 20 minutes each- a giant waste of time, of course, you might as well do proper squats instead- and then went back to the mats to stretch.

Now, the brunette did the sensible thing and lay down with her head pointing toward me and her legs pointing toward the wall before doing her hip-thrust stretches.

The blonde, of course, was, well, blonde. So naturally, she did her hip thrusts with her legs and feet pointing straight into the free weights area.

And thereby gave the three guys in the area at the time, including yours truly, quite a good show.

Sort of like this, but much funnier
Don't you just love blondes?

young thing doing squats.....
Except when they're using Smith machines. That's just too effing stupid.


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