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Happy New Year

The Annual Fourth of July Fireworks display at Woodsom Farm starts on ...
I miss seeing Old Glory flying high in the wind...
In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was with God in the beginning. Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made. In him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it. 
John 1:1
Goodbye 2014, hello 2015.

I've probably celebrated the New Year a few hours earlier than most of my readers, given that I'm currently in Asia, but the rest of you lot will catch up eventually. There may also be the odd Australian (this is somewhat redundant) who got to 2015 even before me- but he'll be too drunk by now to know it.

Let me take a moment from celebrating with my family here to acknowledge those who have stopped by, read, commented, linked, re-posted, quoted, and so on, and to thank you for doing so. I write for no one other than myself, because I like it, because it keeps my mind sharp, and because it interests me, but I have found, to my slightly bemused surprise, that others actually like to read what I write.

I have no idea why that is the case, but I am most deeply grateful that you do. I've been able to do it for two years and counting now, and I'm looking forward to many more years of it to come.

And I give thanks to the Lord for all that He has given me in my life. I hope and pray to Him that His mercy, wisdom, and benevolence will enrich your life as it has enriched mine.

Let me also say this about 2014: this was unquestionably a dark year. As Vox Day points out in his preface to one of Castalia House's latest releases,
[I]t is readily apparent to every well-informed observer that War is preparing to mount his steed, and he will soon be once more riding that terrible red horse over the nations of men. 
Death, too, has mounted his pale horse and is riding across the land. His scythes have cut deeply wherever they have landed- just ask those who lost loved ones on Malaysian Airlines flights MH17 and MH370, and AirAsia flight QZ8501.

All we need is for Conquest and Famine to mount their white and black horses respectively, and for the Whore of Babylon to ap- uh, wait, she's already here, never mind.


The resemblance is... uncanny

Yet even in the darkness, there is light. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.

For this was also the year in which we- a loosely held, deeply territorial, highly individualistic, largely leaderless, perhaps almost anarchic, and congenitally anti-authoritarian confederation of social misfits, grumpy old farts, family men, pick-up artists, gamers, the odd woman or ten, cranky Millennials, and near-nutbags (like me)- proved that we can no longer be easily ignored.

For anyone but an SJW, this is really easy
This was the year that we showed the SJWs, the rabbits, the Morlocks, the Orcs, and all manner of foul creatures from the Left that they can no longer attack us with impunity.

This was the year that we showed them that they are weak, and we are strong.

That we will stand and FIGHT for what we believe in.

And that we are not afraid of them- but they had damn well better be afraid of us.

This was the year in which our ideas, tempered and purified and sharpened and polished through the endless debates of innumerable blogs and articles and monographs and books, gradually began to take hold in the mainstream.

Whether it was our rejections of the nonsense of feminist Utopianism, our furious reactions to the SJWs and their ham-fisted attempts to tell us what and how to play video games with #Gamergate, our resolute stance against unchecked immigration, or our insistence that women should strive to be feminine rather than feminist, our truths and our ideas are no longer the fevered dreams of fringe lunatics. They are daily becoming reality among the masses, if not the elites.

And that is how revolutions start. That is how we will win. We have Truth on our side- eternal Truths that have been discovered and refined through the free-for-all debate that is characteristic of our kind. We don't seek to remake the world in our image; instead, we seek to preserve and build upon that which we hold most dear.

We don't agree on the little details, and we shouldn't be expected to. But we agree on the major points, and that is enough.

The monolithic wall of stupidity that is the modern Left will stand for some time yet. That, too, is unavoidable.

But it will not stand forever.

As Vox said in his Christmas message, a Time of Testing is upon us, and the New Year will give us new battles to fight, new tactics to use, new ways to drain the clinging swamp of filth, slime, decay, and degradation that the Left has forced us to live in for the better part of fifty years. We bear responsibility for this, too, because we let them get away with it. The process of draining that swamp will take decades, and will consume many of us, body and soul, for it will require every ounce of strength, every iota of willpower, that we can muster.

But we will endure. We will fight back. We will triumph. And we will live to see the green and golden days of the past renewed once more- by the power, majesty, and might of God, the light will shine through again, for our children, and for their children.

Stay the course, my friends. Finish the fight.

But for now:

This message is approved by the Master Chief

And what better way to party than by listening to some TROLLFEST?

The useless, pointless, stupid, yet really fun party post

Seven stunningly beautiful women to help you celebrate the New Year properly. All more or less work safe (but use your discretion even so). You're welcome.

1. Kate Beckinsale

Nothing particular stands out about her, and yet she's quite possibly the most beautiful woman alive. I can't quite put my finger on exactly why, but... well, just look at her.
Class, elegance, and grace all in one

2. Gavintra Photijak

Thai former Miss Universe contestant. You really need to know any more?

A rose? How romantic.

3. Sunny Leone

Yeah, she used to be a porn actress. Yeah, she sounds kind of weird with her Canadian accent. And yeah, she's married. She's still ridiculously hot. And, apparently, a decent actress.

Probably THE hottest desi girl around

4. Stana Katic

TV's sexiest, funniest, and by far least realistic detective. Also married, sadly.
She looks great without makeup too

5. Floor Jansen

Now, the thing about Floor is, she looks downright weird sometimes, especially without all that makeup. However, she is also a hugely talented singer with incredible stage presence (I've seen her play live with REVAMP), she's apparently one of the nicest people you'll ever meet (my sister has met her), and she's frankly amazing at what she does. Plus, she looks great in the right outfit. What's not to like?

Easily the best frontwoman in metal today

6. Kelly Hu

Part Hawaiian, part English American, part Chinese. All hot. Even though she's 46. And she has one of the sexiest voices I've ever heard. WYB?

Wal Kelly Hu Movies
Not a bad candidate for Lady Deathstrike, actually

7. Emily Ratjakowski

Total sex kitten. Probably useless for anything else. So what?

No law against being this ridiculously bangable- at least until the feminists gain power

BONUS: Cortana

You knew this was coming. I didn't say they were all real women, after all.

Hot, crazy, and great at blowing stuff up- but only digital. Sorry, gents.

The Didact's top ten posts of 2014

This year is fast drawing to a close, so I figured I'd take a few minutes to post my personal favourite posts (of mine) from this year. I am well aware that this is navel-gazing of the highest degree, and I do apologise for that. I'm not normally given to narcissistic tendencies- I've got too much facial scarring for that.

greek mythology narcissus illustrated greek mythology link narcissus ...
Uh, dude, you realise there's a hot half-naked chick right next to you?
I managed a decent level of output this year, though admittedly I actually wrote one fewer post than I did in 2013. (I was hoping to hit 365.) The difference this year is that I got settled into the groove of writing a bit better, and got to be better at it. I managed to refine my style a bit more, and I found no end of topics with which to keep myself entertained.

I didn't manage to do everything I wanted, and it's quite evident that there are things I could do better. I wanted to write the equivalent of one post per day, but for various reasons that didn't happen. I'll look to improve on that in 2015.

And I'm aware that my writing could be tightened up a bit, and my analysis could be a lot sharper in certain areas. I don't intend to be a Vox Day clone- which is technically impossible anyway, the dude's ridiculously smart and a great writer to boot- but if you've been to Vox's blog, you would have valid reasons to criticise this one as being somewhat derivative of his.

Even so, apparently I've done something right, because if you look at Blogger's own stats, in 2013 I had over 88,000 pageviews in one year- which was my first year of blogging.

In 2014, my all-time pageviews (again, according to Blogger) went past 210,000. A roughly 140% increase in traffic year-on-year is not bad at all.

I'm nowhere near the big leagues, and probably will never be. That doesn't bother me much, I like it here in the corner and I don't intend to monetise this blog.

I'll also be rolling out a few changes over the coming weeks, which I'll announce, and some requests for feedback from readers. (I actually don't have high expectations for the latter- most of my readers are lurkers- but this is one case where I'll be happy to be surprised. Normally, I hate surprises.)

With all of that in mind, if you're new to the blog (or you've been coming here a while and just want a few highs/lows), I've compiled a list of posts from this year that I liked the most in hindsight, along with a short excerpt of each to give you a flavour of what's going on. These aren't necessarily posts that generated a lot of hits, nor are they in any particular order, they're just the ones that I liked the best upon re-reading them.

Thanks for visiting. Thanks for reading. Thanks for keeping me honest. And if you have favourites of your own- all 2.5 of you- stick 'em in the comments below.

1. Ghost Rider

In every way, I am as different from those around me as a man can be and still call himself human. Indeed, during my most misanthropic moments, I have often wondered whether I could even reasonably be called human, as my capacity for dealing with other people beyond a certain point appears to decrease with the passage of time, and Man is nothing if not a social animal. 
I am not alone in this regard. As far as I can tell, most of the readers of this blog are introverts to varying degrees. All of us know what it is like to be outcasts, to be without a real sense of home, of belonging, of security. As Tempest put it, we know what it means to be at the fringe. 
We know what it means to be alone. 
And oddly enough, most of us like it that way. Most of us would not change even if we could. 
Being a ghost rider means travelling the path that few others have the strength to take. It also means having to face certain very hard choices. It means that you'll pay a fearful price for choosing to live life on your own terms. And it means that you'll have to face up to the possibility of hurting those you care about the most, simply because you choose to live as you please.

2. The Phalanx

An apt metaphor for the workings of the 'Sphere would probably be the classical Spartan phalanx. The Spartans were the most feared soldiers of their- and possibly any- era precisely because while they were individually terrifying warriors, when banded together, side by side, they were virtually unmatched. They fought for what they believed in- for ancient rights and freedoms, for martial virtues, for their lands and their people. They lived lives of honour and discipline (yes, I realise I am glossing over certain ugly details here). An individual Spartiate was a citizen-soldier who was a truly formidable opponent in battle- but when banded together with his brothers in the impenetrable unity of the phalanx, he became unstoppable. 

 3. When N > 10,000...

Now I'll be the first to admit that I love mucking about with numbers. I do it for a living, it's a lot of fun, and I'm trained to do it well. 
But looking at these specific numbers, you know what I feel? 
And not just for Ms. Montenegro herself. She probably would reject the notion of being deserving of pity, but I suspect that deep down, before she was gang-raped and tried to escape the hell that she had entered through drugs and sex, she was just like most other young women, looking forward to a life full of promise and happiness. 
But now, just like every other woman with a high N, she is irreparably damaged. 
Looking at her pictures, you can see that she has aged terribly. 
I know a few women in their mid-thirties; none of them look like they're in their early fifties.

4. The point of sex in gaming

The best game franchises either subtly incorporate sexual escapism into games that are a hell of a lot of fun to play, or ignore it altogether. 
When sexuality is used to enhance the quality of an already solid game, it works- often brilliantly. But when it is used to sell the game, you can generally bet that the game itself won't be great. 
Game of War might be a good game. It might even be a great game. But if it is, why is the company selling it spending so much money focusing on Kate Upton's appearance in it, rather than on the gameplay itself? 
Truly great games use sexuality to make the player's experience better. They don't put the women front and centre just for a cynical exercise in marketing.

5. Moral Government, Pt. 1: Rights are earned, never given

There is perhaps no more ridiculous exemplar of the risible notion of "moral" rights than the Universal Declaration of Human Rights that the United Nations tries (and singularly fails) to promote as one of its greatest achievements. If you read the document, you'll find a lot of supposedly unobjectionable language about how you have "right" to an education; about how you have a "right" to get married, and how spouses have equal rights in that marriage (God's Teeth, what a joke); and perhaps most absurdly, how you have a "right" to security and medical care (and presumably rainbows and dancing bunnies too) in the event of ill health, unemployment, disability, sickness, or widowhood. 
One can only presume that the people who authored such pabulum were smoking weapons-grade crack when they wrote this. I know weed-smoking philosophy and art majors in college who can come up with better ideas when they're baked than this nonsense. 
Why do I write this? Simple. Go back up a bit and read about how rights cannot come without a price. The UDHR would have you believe that these rights can be secured without cost. Moreover, this document would also have you believe that you have the right to another's labour and profit without lifting so much as a single finger to earn it.

6. "Congratulations. Now prove that you've earned it."

Never stop seeking to improve yourself. Never stop trying to better your life, to beautify your life. Never stop trying to see through the lies that others tell you. Never stop seeking the truth. This world is deeply unfair, very tough, quite unforgiving. It rewards only persistence and hard work. There are no shortcuts to getting what you want. You have to be willing to endure great pain and suffering in order to reap great rewards and joys.

7. Didact's Mailbag: No bullshido allowed

You see, it's all well and good to start studying a martial arts style. If you're anything like me and you actually enjoy exercise, you'll soon come to love doing an art because it will make you move and exercise in ways that you've never experienced before. Sooner or later you'll reach a level of proficiency that will make you very confident in yourself and your ability to conduct an intelligent street fight. This is a very dangerous point for a lot of aspiring students, where they think that their skills are sufficient to let them survive on the streets. 
However, if you have never sparred or studied takedowns or gotten choked, you are going to be in for an extremely rude, and probably incredibly painful, awakening the first time you get into a real fight. 
As I said in my post about sparring, if you have not sparred, you don't know how to fight. So in my opinion the first question that you should ask of any prospective school of any art is, "when can I start sparring?".

8. Because they don't do the work, that's why

This is the fundamental lesson that Americans seem to have forgotten in this day and age. No matterwhat field you want to pursue, success comes from work. There is simply no other way to get good at something. If you want to get good, you have to put in the work.

9. The Holy Land

There are parts of Israel that appear as alien to the human eye as the surface of Mars, and every bit as inhospitable to human life- and yet somehow, through inhuman will and unbreakable faith, the Israelis have created a land that not only permits life, but lets it thrive. 
The result is a country unlike any other on Earth. In the forge of God, the hammer of War and the anvil of Destiny have created the only truly advanced nation in the region. This is the only nation in the Middle East that actually practices religious tolerance- in Saudi Arabia, for instance, not oneChristian church is permitted to exist. Other nations in the region have been blessed- or cursed, depending on how you look at it- with abundant mineral resources, but were completely incapable of exploiting those resources without Western help; by contrast, tiny Israel, with almost no real resources of its own, has found ways to tap into the wealth of the land through ingenuity, perseverance, and sheer guts. Her neighbours remain enslaved to a totalitarian political ideology in the guise of a “religion” that embraces a world-view that remains mired in the backwardness and folly of the 7th Century, and that offers nothing but war, slavery, and death; Israel is a modern nation that pushes the boundaries of what is possible every single day, seeking resources, wealth, and knowledge in places and ways that the rest of us could not even begin to imagine. 
The Star of David flies high and proud in its simple glory once again over a God-kissed country.

10. Crossing the Rubicon

If we want to spend Sunday mornings zerging each other over, or playing Advanced Squad Leader with our friends, or creating online mayhem in TitanFall, or playing 8v8 deathmatches inCall of Duty, that's how we want to spend our time, and as far as we're concerned, people like John Scalzi and Nick Denton don't have a damn thing to say about it. 
We will not retreat. We will not give in. We will win this war because they need our money, and without it, they have nothing. Our most powerful weapon is one that they cannot take away, no matter how hard they try- because they cannot make us buy what they're selling. 
Finally, we will win because, as is always the case with progressive idiots, we are strong, and they are weak. They believe in an ideology that is completely bankrupt, that preaches equality over reality, and that has been proven a false god more times than I can even begin to count. 
We stand for the inalienable and God-given right of game developers to write, code, and develop games as they see fit, and for the right of gamers to play the games that we want to play, the way we want to play them. 

Game essentials for introverts

... my fellow introverts 21 pics 23 pictures for all the introverts out
A typical SWPL social gathering
Halfbreed puts together a compilation of exceptionally good advice in easily digestible form for all introverts looking to master game:
In some ways, introverted men are better at game. 
For example, many quiet guys are good at relationship game – adept at dealing with women they’ve already slept with. 
Introverts are able to make strong emotional connections, so they’re skilled at harem management, plate-spinning, or even traditional monogamous relationships. 
But in other areas, introverts under-perform their louder brethren. 
The beginning part, the initial approach and seduction phase, is harder for quiet men. Meeting and seducing new women takes introverts out of their comfort zone. 
In practice, most of that discomfort comes from direct approaches, online first dates, or social circle game. But you’ve gotta do those things to sleep with new girls. 
So to be successful with women, quiet men must adopt the extrovert persona. 
At least, sometimes.
Go read the rest here. And if you haven't already, bookmark his blog or add it to your favourite RSS reader. He doesn't write often, but when he does, it's worth reading.

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

"Sometimes the bull, he wins"

If only...
A woman finds that grabbing a bull by the horns may well end very, very badly:
A female bullfighter was gored twice by the same bull while trying to kill it in a Mexico City bullring. 

A 1,090lb-bull named Gamusino threw Karla de los Angeles up over his head on Sunday as she went in to kill it at the Plaza de Toros de Mexico, BBC reported. 
de los Angeles was treated by medics before going back to fight, when she was gored a second time by Gamusino, according to the news outlet. 
According to the BBC, cuts of 4.7inches and 3.9inches were made to the 25-year-old bullfighter's thigh and gluteal muscles during the battle. 
Federico Dominguez, de los Angeles' assistant, was also gored by the massive bull, BBC reported. 
Gamusino injured two different assistants as well as a farmer after he leaped over the ring and went into a walkway, according to AFP. One of the assistants reportedly had a concussion and is in serious condition. 
5,000 people went to the bullring on Sunday, as part of a ten-day event, the wire service reported. 
Speaking to Picture Radio in Spanish, de los Angeles said 'I'm sad because I could not cut off an ear and I could not kill a second bull.'
De los Angeles also stated that she and three people that Gamusido wounded are in the hospital. 
'It was [a very bloody run], there were many mishaps, thank God, so far as it goes, we're fine,' she told Picture Radio. 'You have to accept it as it is, to recover and what comes.' 
de los Angeles' Facebook shows that in addition to being a female bullfighter, she is also the mother of a young girl. 
AFP reported that it was the first time three female Mexican bullfighters participated in the event at the Plaza de Toros de Mexico.
Look, no messing about here- first and foremost, I wish good health and a speedy recovery to those injured in the bullfight; to say otherwise would be churlish.

Also, is there any tradition in Spanish culture that allows for bulls to be pardoned or something for being, well, badasses? I mean, if you know anything about bullfighting, you'll know that it's a nasty, bloody, beastly business. It's damned dangerous for the torero but it usually- though, as in this case, not always- ends in the bull's death. I'd say the bull's performance earned him a governor's pardon from death row, wouldn't you?

With all of that being said- the other major question on my mind is...
WHO THE HELL in his RIGHT MIND thought that putting a WOMAN in a ring with a half-ton of VERY RARE STEAK was a GOOD IDEA?!?!
Indeed, it's bad enough that one female bullfighter was gored twice in the process of proving that the Big Strong Girrrrrls are every bit as good as those Horrible Mean Icky Boys at doing insanely dangerous things. But as it turns out, Senora de Los Angelos was not the only female torero who got hurt yesterday:
Two female Mexican bullfighters, one a single mother competing for the first time in three years, have been gored in a bloody annual festival. 
The two fighters, Karla de los Angeles and Lupita Lopez, were taking part in an all-women event called the "festejo de damas", alongside Hilda Tenorio. The event was staged at one of the world's biggest bullrings, Plaza Mexico. 
De los Angeles, one of Mexico's best-known female bullfighters, was fighting for the first time since she withdrew from the sport in 2011 to look after her young daughter. 
Before the fight, she had spoken of her dream of becoming a matador - a master bullfighter - and made national headlines by saying "being a mother is not an impediment". 
During her fight, the 25-year-old was struck twice by the bull, known as Gamusino. The first injury came when the animal tossed the fighter over its head as she went for the killer blow. Despite the injuries, De los Angeles managed to resume the battle, only to be badly gored once again shortly after the resumption. 
The horns of the bull - which reportedly weighed around 495kg - pierced De los Angeles' thigh to the depth of 12cm as well as leaving her with a 10cm cut across her gluteal muscles. 
According to the BBC, one of the fight assistants, Federico Dominguez, was also attacked by the bull while attempting to help De los Angeles. The severity of Dominguez's injuries remains unknown but they are not thought to be life-threatening. 
Lopez, meanwhile, was injured while going for the kill in her own fight. The bull gored her in the right thigh, leaving her to require hospital treatment. Again, it is not known how severe her injuries are.
In my travels I've come to see that a culture's, or society's, worthiness is often determined not by how much it lets its women get away with, but by how much it tries to protect its women from their own stupidity.

By that standard, judging by this particular unfortunate episode, the Mexicans- already struggling to maintain any semblance of civilisation amid a rapidly degenerating fratricidal drug war- may well be doing better than most "developed" nations, but they're still falling prey to the absurd notion that women can do everything that men can as well as if not better than them.

What exactly is "empowering" or "affirming" about letting a mother of a young daughter, who hasn't been in the bull-ring for three years, face off against 495 kilograms of raging bull? Where is the positive message in that? Ms. de Los Angelos's claim of motherhood not being a barrier has fallen flat on its foolish face; she herself is badly, though fortunately not critically, injured; and her very young daughter ends up paying the price for her mother's desire to pursue a very dangerous dream.

That's gonna leave a mark...
Then there is the question of whether women can in fact fight bulls professionally to any great degree. The answer is that they can, and do- but they take immense personal risks when doing so. The list of female bullfighters of any renown is quite small. This is not surprising given the extreme dangers involved in dealing with angry bulls while wearing the very heavy outfit of a torero.

Now, if you operate on the (completely unsupported) theory that men and women are equal- i.e. equal in speed, strength, agility, endurance, tolerance of risk, and general badassitude- then there would be no reason to oppose the idea of women getting into the ring as bullfighters.

If, however, you realise the truth that men are expendable (by and large) while women are precious, you will immediately understand that allowing a young mother, or a potential mother, to risk her life and the lives of other men in the ring as a bullfighter isn't just stupid, it's downright insane.

If a man chooses to go into bullfighting, all well and good. He's nuts- there happen to be very good reasons why the Darwin Awards tend to be so heavily dominated by men- but that's his problem. After all, if you look at men coldly and impersonally as simple sperm generators, a ratio of one man to every ten, twenty, or even thirty women is more than sufficient to ensure the continuity of the species. (It also ensures that said single man will thoroughly enjoy himself.)

But if a woman chooses to go into bullfighting, she's not just risking herself; she's risking the lives of future generations that would otherwise come from her. Until and unless artificial wombs are invented, that will always be the case- and I strongly suspect that artificial wombs may well come about at roughly the same time that realistic female sexbots do, at which point women will simply become accessories and egg-providers.

Therefore, I ask again: what sane society allows a woman to expose herself to such risks in the name of art and sport, when the consequences are so devastating?

Answer: a society well on its way to collapsing under its own decadence.

A young man stopped at a local restaurant after a day of roaming around in Mexico. 
While sipping his tequila, he noticed a sizzling, scrumptious-looking platter being served at the next table. 
It looked good. 
It smelled good. 
He asked the waiter, "What is that you just served?" 
The waiter replied, "Ah senor, you have excellent taste! Those are bull's testicles from the bull fight this morning. A delicacy!" 
The visitor, though momentarily daunted, said, "What the heck, I'm on holiday down here! Bring me an order!" 
The waiter replied, "I am so sorry senor. There is only one serving per day because there is only one bull fight each morning. If you come early tomorrow and place your order, we will be sure to save you this delicacy!" 
The next morning, the man returned, placed his order, and then that evening was served the one and only special delicacy of the day. 
After a few bites, and inspecting the contents of his platter, he called to the waiter and said, "These are delicious, but they are much, much smaller than the ones I saw you serve yesterday!" 
The waiter shrugged his shoulders and replied, "Si, Senor. Sometimes the bull he wins."

Monday, 29 December 2014

Game in a nutshell

A comment from Harsh over at Vox's pad tells you all you need to know about game:
Why do chicks dig jerks, I wonder?
Because jerks aren't boring.

A non-defence of Indian girls

The last few days have been... interesting, to say the least. The house here is still in a state of disarray- though it's mostly livable, now. Internet connectivity is, frankly, abysmal- it's like being back in the days of dial-up. (It depresses me greatly to think that I am old enough to remember the days of 14.4kbps modems when they were considered "cutting-edge"; by contrast, people ten years younger than me have never known anything but high-speed broadband and wi-fi.)

And then yesterday I came down with either stomach flu or severe food poisoning; either way, it was deeply unpleasant.

However, now that things are finally stabilising for me and for my family here, I did want to take some time to comment on an article written by Matt Forney regarding the pitfalls of dating Indian women.

I got a right good chuckle out of it. And I will state for the record that I agree with much of what he wrote.

Matt raised five points about Indian- more specifically, desi- girls:
  1. They are unattractive;
  2. They are prudish;
  3. They are self-loathing;
  4. They are feminists;
  5. They are mentally ill
I'll vouch for points 1, 2, and 4 openly. They are all basically true. Take a walk down any city street in Calcutta or Bombay or Madras or Bangalore- I refuse to use the newfangled "true" names that the Indian government has forced upon its major cities in an ill-founded attempt to do away with the legacies of the British Raj- and you will be hard-pressed indeed to find any attractive women.

The sad thing is, this was apparently a modelling contest...
This is due to a number of factors. The first, and most important, is diet. The typical Indian diet is completely unfathomable to me nowadays. It is very heavy on starches and carbohydrates, in the form of rice, bread, and potatoes. Indians also love their sweets and their sugar; indeed, if you follow anything approaching a Paleo or primal lifestyle, one of the absolute worst countries you can possibly visit is India. Add to this a relatively sedentary lifestyle brought on by the rising prominence of office-based work among the middle classes of the country, and you have the perfect recipe for a bloated, overweight, unattractive population.

And you can see the consequences of that lifestyle just by looking out the window on a car ride through Calcutta. Both men and women tend to follow that strange "skinny-fat" look which seems endemic in this country, and it is rare indeed that you will find a beautiful or even pretty woman walking the streets in a sari or Western dress.

As for points 3 and 5, well, I'm on less solid ground there and I'm not as willing to make sweeping generalisations as Matt is. So I will simply state that young women of Indian origin raised in the West tend to be liberals. This is actually true of Asian-Americans in general, regardless of ethnic extraction; as a result, a lot of Indian girls start out liberal and only get worse with time. To be honest, I have no idea why Asians in Western countries are liberals, and I'm not anthropologist enough to engage in conjectures on the subject. But I will concede that the self-loathing, mentally defective liberal mentality can indeed create the outcomes that Matt described.

Then Matt's article jogged my memory. Almost exactly a year ago, Charlie Bushmeister from Single Dude Travel had some similarly acerbic things to say about the dating scene in India. And as I said at the time, I agreed with Charlie's commentary as well.

The key difference between the two is that Charlie was commenting on Indian girls in India, whereas Matt was writing about desi girls. The two are NOT the same. A desi, for those of you who aren't familiar with the term, is basically a person of Indian origin who lives outside of India and has adopted non-Indian cultural norms and habits. As a consequence of India's massive diaspora between the 1960s and 1990s, you'll find lots of Indians in Western nations who, other than skin colour, are very difficult to tell apart from their Western neighbours because of the way they dress, talk, and act in public.

In that respect, desis are as far removed from native Indians as an ostrich is from an elephant.

Then Matt argues that the toxic effects of Western cultures are even more destructive to desi women than they are to Western ones. He states unequivocally:
Indians combine the worst of their native culture and the worst of American culture in one disgusting, rancid stew.
Now this is where I disagree with Matt. As generalisations go, this is both crude and inaccurate, because by definition it doesn't apply to native Indians. Nor does it really apply to desis. There are desis of my acquaintance who have next to no clue about their own native culture and neither want nor need to have anything to do with India. They are effectively just Westerners with dark skin- which, let's be clear, is not an endorsement of the more puerile aspects of Western culture, which Matt rightly criticises.

Indeed, the Indians who try the hardest to keep in touch with their roots are generally the first-generation Indians who came over here during the Indian Diaspora. They do so because they grew up in India and, like all emigrants to foreign shores, tend to focus as much on the good things from their past lives as on the bad things that drove them to seek better fortunes elsewhere.

As I discovered when I attended a couple of Asian weddings last year, for many Indians my age and younger, their attachment to their country of racial and cultural origin is pretty much skin-deep.

Nevertheless, when it comes to desi women, there is some truth to be found in Matt's otherwise nearly absurd generalisation. When the worst parts of Western culture get smashed headfirst into the worst aspects of Indian culture, the results are... well, weird.

I suppose the best way to illustrate the problem is with an anecdote. Even though I visit it almost every year, I do not like Calcutta- it is an incredibly noisy, overcrowded, dirty, and generally rather uncomfortable place to be, and it takes at least thirty minutes to get anywhere due to the insanely congested roads and impossibly convoluted street patterns. Never mind walking, it's neither safe nor healthy.

Like this, except much more depressing
Even so, you can get some idea of what appeals to the rising middle class of India by simply going for a drive from the airport in northeast Calcutta, to the suburbs of the south and southeast.

As we were driving along just such a route, I happened to spot a few posters advertising a New Year's bash of some sort- in Calcutta, around about this time of year, there's always a party or cultural event of some sort to be found somewhere.

This particular New Year's Eve party hinged on the presence of certain minor Bollywood luminaries- and when I saw one of the names on the poster, I had to do a double-take, because it turned out to be none other than Sunny Leone.

Don't be too surprised if that name rings a bell. As it happens, she was, and remains, a very well known name in the adult film industry. For the past few years she has been reinventing herself as a mainstream actress in Bollywood- with some success, apparently.

(I have no idea whether she actually is a mainstream success or not- I don't watch or keep up with Bollywood movies. I do find it rather ironic that a desi former porn star happens to look far better, fitter, and prettier at the age of 33 or so than most of her more mainstream homegrown peers. Also, surprisingly, most of this lady's pictures are merely LSFW)

A well-brought-up Punjabi desi girl
This indeed is what happens when you combine the worst aspects of Western culture with the worst aspects of Indian culture. You end up with a former porn star being the main attraction at a New Year's Eve party. And hey, if that's what Indians want, so be it- but don't then turn around and tell the rest of us that Indian women are somehow "more chaste" or "more feminine" or any other such silliness. They're not. They're just like women everywhere else.

And Indian men, who may be some of the thirstiest on the planet when it comes to women, are no paragons of virtue either, if they're willing to turn a completely blind eye toward the previous, er, youthful indiscretions of a woman who is probably very sweet and charming, but who also made a career out of banging both men and women on camera for money.

This example supports Matt's comment in certain extreme cases. In India, a native-born woman known for both acting in and directing pornographic films would be locked out of polite society- yet, because Sunny Leone (born Karenjit Kaur Vohra- you can't get much more Punjabi than this) is a desi girl who "rediscovered her roots", no one so much as bats an eyelash.

And as I wrote earlier, she might well be one of the nicest, most down-to-earth people you'll ever meet (whether she is or not, I have no idea), but there's no getting away from the fact that she was once an enthusiastic performer of hardcore porn. Yet Indians seem content to ignore this.

This is because Indians have an almost bipolar mentality when it comes to sex and female sexuality. This is a place and a culture known for producing some of the most sexually explicit art and literature ever produced- but modern India is still a deeply conservative, sexually prudish, hidebound society where a woman who states openly that no educated man should expect his bride to be a virgin is sued for "defamation" or some such nonsense, simply for speaking what should be a fairly obvious truth.

There are a few things that Matt did miss out. For one thing, native Indian girls- i.e. non-desi Indians- often do have domestic skills that Western women lack, because they've been brought up in a much more traditional setting and culture. For another, marriage is taken far more seriously within India than it is by desi communities outside the country. And, perhaps most importantly, the importance of family is absolutely paramount in the Indian mindset, for the most part; this is slowly changing as Indian society inevitably becomes more atomised and secular, but it's still far more family-oriented than the rather more selfish West.

With that being said, I do NOT recommend that the average Western man drop everything and book a one-way ticket to India to find a good woman to settle down with. This isn't the Philippines, Vietnam, or Thailand; white men are regarded as outsiders and strangers and are automatically treated with a polite, distant reserve, rather than as the way to a better life for the average woman.

What's more, the girls here just aren't worth it in terms of looks- and the women that do have looks will not be able to preserve them over time. I'm not sure what it is about Indian genetics, but over time Indian women really do tend to let themselves go. If you're aiming to create your own poosy paradise, the subcontinent really ain't the place to do it.

Indian girls, when married young, can and do make good wives and good mothers. They can be, and usually are, loyal and faithful. BUT- and this is critical- they are like that within the confines and mores of their own culture. Remove them from that culture and any of its touchstones, and put them into the moral and cultural sewer that is modern America, or the even more toxic swamp that is modern Britain, and they'll start acting like Western women all on their own.

Good, sweet, caring, feminine women do exist- not just in India but all over the world. But don't for one moment pretend that you can find what you're looking for just by banging women from non-Western cultures. It's not that simple. You have to know what you're looking for; you have to be willing to make sacrifices to achieve those goals; and you have to make compromises to find the right woman to be your wife and raise your children (if that's what you want). Banging your way through a bunch of desi girls may well be a lot of fun- for certain definitions of the word- but if my knowledge of desi culture is anything to go by, it likely won't bring you long-term happiness.

Friday, 26 December 2014

Young girls and dumb choices

My Christmas present arrived yesterday, in the form of a plane bearing my sister. Now, there is no doubt that I love that little brat- actually, she's not so "little" anymore, now that she's graduated college and is out and about on her own- but I do find myself strongly questioning the decisions she makes sometimes.

The trouble is, she's just out of college- an American college.

If you've been around any decent amount of time, if you've seen what American institutes of "higher learning" are producing these days, and if you have any experience whatsoever dealing with women of my generation or younger, then you know what this means.

First, she went and got a tattoo. And I'm not talking about one of those small, barely noticeable tattoos on her back or her foot, something silly and inane like "Destiny" or "Hope" or some such nonsense. I'm talking about a full-blown tattoo across her shoulder and down her upper arm. Fortunately, it wasn't anything too ridiculous- basically just a large colourful red flower, and not a rose. And it can be covered up with a blouse or shirt without problems.

Dear Lord, that is disgusting... And I'm not talking about the tattoo
(Let me take this opportunity to apologise profusely to readers with sensitive stomachs for forcing them to look at a picture of the Dunham Horror showing its teeth like that. I'll pass out free sick bags next time.)

Now, if a woman wants to get a tattoo, that's her business and her problem- but she needs to recognise that it IS a problem. The scientific evidence gathered thus far indicates that women with tattoos are seen as more promiscuous, more willing to engage in risky behaviour, less likely to be good long-term partners, more selfish and self-absorbed, and less mentally stable than their unblemished, ink-free counterparts. We have close to 20 years' worth of data, research, and analysis to show this, so it's not like this is some ridiculous theory concocted by a bunch of bitter, angry, emotionally stunted keyboard jockeys.

In fact, when you get threats of bodily injury and death thrown your way for pointing these things out, you know that you've hit a nerve and that somewhere, deep down, what you're saying is true.

The most worrying part of this, from an older brother's perspective, is the fact that women with tattoos are seen as sluttier. When it comes down to the individual woman in question, that may or may not be true- but every stereotype exists for a reason, and this one exists because, well, the women with the most tattoos are also the ones most likely to be found hanging out in bars and clubs, looking for their next casual hookup or fling.

I'm not saying that my sister is like this- and yes, I can practically hear the MGTOW choir section singing the chorus to the anthem, "All Women Are Like That". I'm not going to go a-white-knighting for my sister's honour, or whatever, because that would be idiotic. Her decisions are hers to make, not mine.

That tattoo happened a year and a bit back. I didn't like it then; I like it even less now. And if that were the last of the silly decisions my sister made about her appearance, that would be the end of it.

Then I saw what she'd done with her hair yesterday.

There has been a fashion trend going on for the last few years whereby women around the world do their damndest to look like this Danish dubstep "musician" named Skrillex. (Danes, dubstep, and music- three words that NEVER belong together in a sentence.)

This is what Skrillex looks like:

I can't tell if that's an ugly guy or a REALLY ugly girl... Sort of like Kirk Hammett, back in the day
And this is what a girl with a Skrillex haircut looks like:

Dafuq IS that thing???
Please God, make this stop...

So Natalie Dormer is actually a tranny?!?
Now imagine a haircut that stupid- and combine it with short hair.

Pretty much that, except on a much heftier girl
And now you see the problem.

All you have to do is look at that last picture to see how a combination of an idiotic fashion trend and the destruction of one of a woman's most obvious signs of fertility and beauty can wreak havoc on an otherwise very pretty girl's looks. I have no idea who that girl is, and therefore I have no evidence to show what she looked like before she mutilated her hair like that- but I can make an educated guess that a woman like that would look pretty damn good with long hair.

The basic rule for women and hair is very simple: DON'T CUT IT. That's all there is to it. Long hair is a sign of health, beauty, and fertility- and as a result, men are instantly attracted to it.

This applies to women at every point on the classic 1-10 scale above the 3 mark- any woman who scores less than a 3 is going to look ugly as sin regardless of the length of her hair. It applies to movie stars every bit as much as it does to regular women. For example, look at Julia Ormond with short hair, and then look at her with long hair:

There isn't even any point in asking the question as to which looks better. It's really obvious.

In conclusion, when I see young girls blindly following fashion trends and cutting off their hair, getting tattoos, or giving themselves downright stupid haircuts, and thereby voluntarily doing so much to damage and destroy their own femininity, I really do have to ask why.

Why do women think that devaluing their single greatest asset is somehow good and praiseworthy?

What do they hope to gain out of making themselves look uglier?

Women need to stop hopping on to this absurd bandwagon- to put it very bluntly, the destination is self-mutilation. For the sake of your own beauty, your own future prospects, and your own happiness, just STOP IT.

My little sister failed to heed this advice. Fortunately, she has time to redeem her mistakes- but not much. Women in their late twenties and early thirties, not so much- you're rapidly approaching the point of no return, whereby you will go from being pretty and desirable one moment, and then through simple application of scissors and hair clippers, turning into a troll that no man would bang with a stolen dick.

Ladies, those are your choices. The information is there. Make the right choice- and if you don't, then don't be surprised when you reap the consequences of what you have sown.