Young girls and dumb choices

My Christmas present arrived yesterday, in the form of a plane bearing my sister. Now, there is no doubt that I love that little brat- actually, she's not so "little" anymore, now that she's graduated college and is out and about on her own- but I do find myself strongly questioning the decisions she makes sometimes.

The trouble is, she's just out of college- an American college.

If you've been around any decent amount of time, if you've seen what American institutes of "higher learning" are producing these days, and if you have any experience whatsoever dealing with women of my generation or younger, then you know what this means.

First, she went and got a tattoo. And I'm not talking about one of those small, barely noticeable tattoos on her back or her foot, something silly and inane like "Destiny" or "Hope" or some such nonsense. I'm talking about a full-blown tattoo across her shoulder and down her upper arm. Fortunately, it wasn't anything too ridiculous- basically just a large colourful red flower, and not a rose. And it can be covered up with a blouse or shirt without problems.

Dear Lord, that is disgusting... And I'm not talking about the tattoo
(Let me take this opportunity to apologise profusely to readers with sensitive stomachs for forcing them to look at a picture of the Dunham Horror showing its teeth like that. I'll pass out free sick bags next time.)

Now, if a woman wants to get a tattoo, that's her business and her problem- but she needs to recognise that it IS a problem. The scientific evidence gathered thus far indicates that women with tattoos are seen as more promiscuous, more willing to engage in risky behaviour, less likely to be good long-term partners, more selfish and self-absorbed, and less mentally stable than their unblemished, ink-free counterparts. We have close to 20 years' worth of data, research, and analysis to show this, so it's not like this is some ridiculous theory concocted by a bunch of bitter, angry, emotionally stunted keyboard jockeys.

In fact, when you get threats of bodily injury and death thrown your way for pointing these things out, you know that you've hit a nerve and that somewhere, deep down, what you're saying is true.

The most worrying part of this, from an older brother's perspective, is the fact that women with tattoos are seen as sluttier. When it comes down to the individual woman in question, that may or may not be true- but every stereotype exists for a reason, and this one exists because, well, the women with the most tattoos are also the ones most likely to be found hanging out in bars and clubs, looking for their next casual hookup or fling.

I'm not saying that my sister is like this- and yes, I can practically hear the MGTOW choir section singing the chorus to the anthem, "All Women Are Like That". I'm not going to go a-white-knighting for my sister's honour, or whatever, because that would be idiotic. Her decisions are hers to make, not mine.

That tattoo happened a year and a bit back. I didn't like it then; I like it even less now. And if that were the last of the silly decisions my sister made about her appearance, that would be the end of it.

Then I saw what she'd done with her hair yesterday.

There has been a fashion trend going on for the last few years whereby women around the world do their damndest to look like this Danish dubstep "musician" named Skrillex. (Danes, dubstep, and music- three words that NEVER belong together in a sentence.)

This is what Skrillex looks like:

I can't tell if that's an ugly guy or a REALLY ugly girl... Sort of like Kirk Hammett, back in the day
And this is what a girl with a Skrillex haircut looks like:

Dafuq IS that thing???
Please God, make this stop...

So Natalie Dormer is actually a tranny?!?
Now imagine a haircut that stupid- and combine it with short hair.

Pretty much that, except on a much heftier girl
And now you see the problem.

All you have to do is look at that last picture to see how a combination of an idiotic fashion trend and the destruction of one of a woman's most obvious signs of fertility and beauty can wreak havoc on an otherwise very pretty girl's looks. I have no idea who that girl is, and therefore I have no evidence to show what she looked like before she mutilated her hair like that- but I can make an educated guess that a woman like that would look pretty damn good with long hair.

The basic rule for women and hair is very simple: DON'T CUT IT. That's all there is to it. Long hair is a sign of health, beauty, and fertility- and as a result, men are instantly attracted to it.

This applies to women at every point on the classic 1-10 scale above the 3 mark- any woman who scores less than a 3 is going to look ugly as sin regardless of the length of her hair. It applies to movie stars every bit as much as it does to regular women. For example, look at Julia Ormond with short hair, and then look at her with long hair:

There isn't even any point in asking the question as to which looks better. It's really obvious.

In conclusion, when I see young girls blindly following fashion trends and cutting off their hair, getting tattoos, or giving themselves downright stupid haircuts, and thereby voluntarily doing so much to damage and destroy their own femininity, I really do have to ask why.

Why do women think that devaluing their single greatest asset is somehow good and praiseworthy?

What do they hope to gain out of making themselves look uglier?

Women need to stop hopping on to this absurd bandwagon- to put it very bluntly, the destination is self-mutilation. For the sake of your own beauty, your own future prospects, and your own happiness, just STOP IT.

My little sister failed to heed this advice. Fortunately, she has time to redeem her mistakes- but not much. Women in their late twenties and early thirties, not so much- you're rapidly approaching the point of no return, whereby you will go from being pretty and desirable one moment, and then through simple application of scissors and hair clippers, turning into a troll that no man would bang with a stolen dick.

Ladies, those are your choices. The information is there. Make the right choice- and if you don't, then don't be surprised when you reap the consequences of what you have sown.


  1. "I really do have to ask why"

    Because other, less attractive women, have convinced more attractive women they look better that way. A woman's worst enemy is another woman

    1. Don't try to understand women. Women understand women. That's why they hate each other.

      -- Unknown author


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