Viva #Gamergate!

Andrew Klavan nails it with this one:

#Gamergate is not simply about putting power back in the hands of gamers, where it belongs. It is the latest front in a culture war that dates back at least 50 years.

And as I've said before, we are winning this war.

We are winning because we are fighting with the one weapon that the SJW types cannot endure. We are fighting with truth on our side.

The truth that video games are about entertainment and joy, not Big Serious Deep Messages.

The truth that masculine heroes and feminine heroines are compelling and interesting.

The truth that female characters should have epic boobs with dedicated jiggle-physics engines.
Andrew Klavan wasn't joking about Ivy Valentine's MAGNIFICENT tits...
The point is, video games are meant to be played for fun, diversion, and entertainment. Video gamers pay good money for these products. We are not interested in what the SJWs have to sell, and if they continue to push their idiotic agenda down our throats while trying to take our money, we will send them straight to the Hell that they so profoundly deserve.
Preferably with a chainsword


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