Vibrant Vikings

Tolerance and diversity only seem to work in one direction with most people- as amply demonstrated by an employer who rejected a Christian applicant for a job opening with his firm based entirely on his views about her religion:
A recent graduate from a Canadian Christian University who applied for a job with a Norwegian wilderness tourism company got the shock of her life when she was "attacked" for her religion in a series of emails in which Mary, the mother of Jesus, is called a "whore" and Jesus is threatened with sodomy. 
The graduate, Bethany Paquette, who attended Trinity Western University, said her application was rejected by Amaruk Wilderness Corp. because of her faith. And she provided the series of testy and, at times, obscene emails to prove it, according to CBC
Amaruk notes the company's website specializes in private guiding, highlighted as "custom expeditions throughout the world for private clients." The firm also "offers wilderness training, support, and logistics, as well as consulting services, to individuals, corporations, and governments," among other services. 
"It did really hurt me and I did feel really attacked on the basis that I'm a Christian," Paquette told CBC. 
Paquette, who's an experienced river rafting guide, has filed a complaint with the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal in Canada over the rejection. 
After applying to be an assistant guide intern with Amaruk, Olaf Amundsen, the company's hiring manager, replied with a rejection email in which he points out that her association with Trinity Western University, which opposes homosexuality, disqualified her from the job. 
"I do not understand the purpose of your application considering you do not meet the minimum requirements that are clearly outlined on our website," he began. 
"Additionally, considering you were involved with Trinity Western University, I should mention that, unlike Trinity Western University, we embrace diversity, and the right of people to sleep with or marry whoever they want, and this is reflected within some of our staff and management," he continued. 
"In addition, the Norse background of most of the guys at the management level means that we are not a Christian organization, and most of us actually see Christianity as having destroyed our culture, tradition, and way of life," Amundsen's rejection email ended. 
Paquette responded to Amundsen's email with a defense of her Christian faith and charged that the company was being discriminatory toward her and signed it "God bless." 
In a follow-up email Amundsen replied, in part: "In asking students to refrain from same-sex relationships, Trinity Western University, and any person associated with it has engaged in discrimination, as well as intolerance against other people's beliefs, religious, and otherwise. … There are also practical concerns about a Christian university that rejects the concept of evolution but still grants 'biology' degrees.
He then noted that if Christians simply abided by the tenets of their faith instead of trying to force their views on others, believers would be tolerable. "However, you force other people to embrace your religious beliefs, by preventing them from doing as they wish with their own life and body. This is where we draw the line however."
If you can stomach it, the actual emails from Mr. Amundsen are a doozy to read. They are case studies in projection, ignorance of Scripture, and bigotry.

To be as scrupulously fair as possible, I readily concede the known fact that Christianity in the Scandinavian nations has a very troubled history. It did not arrive in the Norse lands peacefully, the way it did throughout most of Europe. It came bearing fire and sword, and drove the old pagan civilisation of the Vikings underground. These things have never been forgotten by the natives of these nations, and as a result there is a small but proud and fiercely anti-Christian core of paganism that runs very deep within their cultures.

With that being said and conceded, one really has to wonder at the sheer ignorance of a man who seems to think that sleeping with and marrying whoever you want is the height of "tolerance".

This isn't tolerance. It's blind idiocy. 

You and I tolerate many things that we don't like- British dentistry, panhandlers on the street, train delays, the French, that sort of thing.

But would we really be tolerant of a culture that thinks that sacrificing a young woman when her jarl dies- and that's after she gets porked by every last one of his warriors, multiple times- to the pagan gods is a-okay? Would we really be willing to put up with a culture that celebrates victory in battle by drinking mead out of the skulls of its enemies? Would we actually be fine with a culture that believes that a man's actions are completely pre-determined by strands of the web of Fate, as woven by three mystical demi-goddesses known as the Norns- which means that if one of those same Vikings were to go on a killing spree and massacre a dozen Christians seeking a glorious death in battle, we'd have to simply shrug and accept it, because that is his wyrd, his fate?

Like the aberrant and unnatural reality of homosexuality, these are not things that we would put up with in a truly strong society. And by the way, neither did the Vikings, back in the day- being called "gay" in a warrior society as hyper-masculine and as aggressive as that of the Vikings was one of the worst insults you could offer a man.

We might tolerate certain odd points of view, certain weird ideas, as long as they do no harm to others and are not rammed down people's throats. But we are under no obligation to accept them as right and true.

Mr. Amundsen is free to hire and fire whoever he wants. That is his right of free association. It is God-given and therefore sacrosanct; none may take it from him. If he doesn't want to hire Ms. Paquette because of her religion, that's entirely his business and his problem.

But it would be nice if he at least had some idea of what it is that he's attacking so viciously.

As is usual with those who attack Christianity without knowing what the Christian faith really entails, Mr. Amundsen erects a series of straw men and attacks those, thinking that he's really attacking the teachings of the Lord Christ- starting with this nonsensical notion that Christianity is forced upon people. It is not. Christ was perfectly clear about this- He stated openly that He would force no one to follow His teachings, but that He, and He alone, was the true path to salvation.

Based on what I've seen so far in my life, I'm finding it progressively more difficult every day to be sceptical of that claim.

Let's not put all of the blame onto Mr. Amundsen, though. Ms. Paquette's response to this particular little episode of employer stupidity was not what I would call sensible or good.

She did the right thing by writing a reasonable, measured, and kindly letter to Mr. Amundsen defending her faith. This is how Christians win over the righteous and the sane- through logical, well-written, powerful apologetics. This is directly in line with what Christ said about "loving thy neighbour" and "turning the other cheek"- two quotes that are taken out of context so often, I really do wonder if those who use those quotes ever actually bothered to read the source material.

However, Christianity must also be defended by fire and steel and force of will, when necessary- and that does not mean running to hide behind the skirts of the nearest government organisation willing to take up some imaginary crusade for diversity and tolerance. It means being willing to stand one's ground, to defend the Cross and the Church, to die for both if necessary, in the face of real evil.

Complaining to a government agency about how the big mean hairy Viking dude is picking on you is most assuredly not the way you defend your faith. It is how you lose your faith.

We know that discriminating against Christians is now fully acceptable practice for most government "diversity" agencies- they're the only minority worth discriminating against, because Christians don't really fight back. Think about it- when was the last time you heard a Christian threatening to behead you or crucify you for insulting Jesus? When was the last time you heard of a Christian blowing himself, and dozens or even hundreds of others, up in public to make a point? When was the last time a Christian executed someone using the Blood Eagle?

The moment that Christians stand their ground, and make it clear that they will not be pushed around any more, is the moment that other faiths and persuasions will discover- very probably to their profound regret- that Christianity is strong, and pagan faiths are not. It should be very interesting indeed to see what happens when- not if- that day comes.


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