The useless, pointless, stupid, yet really fun party post

Seven stunningly beautiful women to help you celebrate the New Year properly. All more or less work safe (but use your discretion even so). You're welcome.

1. Kate Beckinsale

Nothing particular stands out about her, and yet she's quite possibly the most beautiful woman alive. I can't quite put my finger on exactly why, but... well, just look at her.
Class, elegance, and grace all in one

2. Gavintra Photijak

Thai former Miss Universe contestant. You really need to know any more?

A rose? How romantic.

3. Sunny Leone

Yeah, she used to be a porn actress. Yeah, she sounds kind of weird with her Canadian accent. And yeah, she's married. She's still ridiculously hot. And, apparently, a decent actress.

Probably THE hottest desi girl around

4. Stana Katic

TV's sexiest, funniest, and by far least realistic detective. Also married, sadly.
She looks great without makeup too

5. Floor Jansen

Now, the thing about Floor is, she looks downright weird sometimes, especially without all that makeup. However, she is also a hugely talented singer with incredible stage presence (I've seen her play live with REVAMP), she's apparently one of the nicest people you'll ever meet (my sister has met her), and she's frankly amazing at what she does. Plus, she looks great in the right outfit. What's not to like?

Easily the best frontwoman in metal today

6. Kelly Hu

Part Hawaiian, part English American, part Chinese. All hot. Even though she's 46. And she has one of the sexiest voices I've ever heard. WYB?

Wal Kelly Hu Movies
Not a bad candidate for Lady Deathstrike, actually

7. Emily Ratjakowski

Total sex kitten. Probably useless for anything else. So what?

No law against being this ridiculously bangable- at least until the feminists gain power

BONUS: Cortana

You knew this was coming. I didn't say they were all real women, after all.

Hot, crazy, and great at blowing stuff up- but only digital. Sorry, gents.


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