The Third Jihad arrives in Australia

The next great wave of Islamic expansion claims its most recent casualties in the Land Down Under:
An Iranian-born gunman was killed, two of his hostages are dead and four injured after a dramatic and chaotic firefight brought an end to a terrorist siege at a Sydney cafe. 
Teams of heavily armed police swooped on the Lindt Chocolat cafe in a hail of gunfire, ending a tense stand-off where Man Haron Monis had been holding around 17 people captive. 
Police issued a statement describing the event as a confrontation with a 50-year man, who they said died after shots were fired. The man was pronounced dead after being taken to hospital, police said. 
A man, aged 34, and a woman, aged 38, also died, the police said in their statement. 
Of the injured, two women have non life-threatening injuries and a police officer was injured by gunshot pellets, the police said. Another woman has a gunshot wound to the shoulder. 
Live television coverage earlier showed at least two people being taken away from the scene on stretchers, while one hostage was seen being carried out of the building. She appeared to be in pain and blood flowed down her legs. 
Nine News reported that eleven hostages had been accounted for after the police raid, which occurred shortly after 2am. 
Seven Network reporter Chris Reason, who was watching the siege unfold from his newsroom across the road, said some of the hostages broke free after Monis attempted to usher the hostages from one side of the cafĂ© to the other. 
One man emerged from the cafe with his hands up and lay down on the ground in front of police. Seconds later, a group of at least five hostages escaped from the cafe. 
It is believed that Monis then fired his shotgun, reportedly killing one of his captives. This appeared to be the trigger for tactical police to move in. 
Within seconds, they had blasted through the cafe door and opened fire with automatic weapons, also hurling what appeared to be stun grenades. The sounds of explosions echoed through the city, and the flashes of rifle fire and the grenades lit up the area. 
The gunfight lasted less than two minutes, and more hostages emerged after the police raid. 
As the scene calmed down, a bomb disposal robot was seen entering the cafe. 
Self-proclaimed Islamic cleric Man Haron Monis, a 49-year-old man living in southwest Sydney, came to Australia from Iran as a refugee in 1996. 
He first came to the attention of authorities when he started sending hate mail to the families of Australian dead soldiers between 2007 and 2009, according to The Daily Telegraph. 
The siege in the Lindt cafe in Martin Place on Monday reportedly followed an unsuccessful effort to have a conviction related to penning those letters overturned in the High Court on Friday, according to The Age
Monis received 300 community service hours and a two-year good behaviour bond for the correspondence, which he claims were his version of sympathy cards and sent with the help from his girlfriend Amirah Droudis.
When I first saw this story earlier this morning (London time), I played out four separate possible scenarios:
Either the Islamist nutbag holding these people hostage will be shot by police with no other loss of life- this is the optimal outcome, which I consider somewhat unlikely- maybe a 20% probability. 
Or he will execute some of his hostages before being shot, because according to the rather twisted standards of his so-called "religion", he will have guaranteed his place in the afterlife by becoming a shahid (literally, "witness"). I consider this highly likely- at least a 60% probability. 
Or he will execute all of his hostages, before being shot himself, again for the same reason. I give this a 15% probability, since the Sydney police hostage negotiators will do their level best to keep the hostages alive.
Or, he will see reason and sanity and surrender. (Yeah, I know, it's a stretch- young male Islamists are not exactly know for their capacity for either sanity or reason.) I put this at a 5% probability. [At the time I assumed that the perpetrator was, well, a young man. I was wrong about this.]
Normally, I like being right- and I often am. This is one time that I wish I wasn't.

Two innocents- and an Islamic nutbag- are dead. Four more are wounded.

As Dirty Harry might say, "that's a hell of a price to pay for bein' stylish."

And there is a good reason why I bring up that Dirty Harry quote. I do so because, no matter what the outcome would have been, the gatekeepers of the Left will immediately launch into damage-control mode.

They will refuse to acknowledge that decades of immigration from countries like Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Indonesia, and Malaysia- Muslim nations all- have brought Islam, in all of its ugliness and rigidity, to Australia's shores.

They will seek to blame a lack of "diversity" and "tolerance" for this latest skirmish in the global Jihad. They will do their level best to attribute the actions of a "lone gunman" to feelings of "alienation" and "dislocation" from native Australian society.

They will do whatever they can to ensure that anyone who questions this facile and foolish narrative is immediately branded as a RACIST and an intolerant bigot, and is therefore cast out of respectable society as quickly as possible.

They will do all of this because the alternative would be to admit the truth about Islam: it is a political philosophy first and a religion second, and as political philosophies go, it is steeped in violence, intolerance, and backwardness, and emphasises a worldview that is completely at odds with that of the post-Enlightenment West.

(The fact that Islam became what it did is deeply ironic considering that there is substantial primary, scholarly, and archaeological evidence to suggest that Islam actually started off as yet another heretical offshoot of Christianity. It will not surprise the knowledgeable reader to learn, however, the Islam's origins and doctrines- as perverse as they were originally- were made even more so for political ends following the first great Arabic expansion during and after what is considered the canonical Muhammed's lifetime.)

And as we know from bitter experience already, there is nothing so dangerous and so poisonous to the Morlocks of the SJW set than simple Truth.

It goes without saying that I had hoped that this incident ends without bloodshed- or at least, without loss of life on the part of the hostages. As for the Islamist nutbag who started this, well, if he wanted his 72 raisins virgins, why deny a dead man his dying wish? Delivering it via, say, a .50-cal sniper bullet seems like a perfectly equitable solution to me.

Unfortunately, I can pretty much guarantee that this will not be the last time that Australia will be faced with the ugly reality of Islamist aggression. This is only the beginning.

I'm not just basing this on a reasonably deep understanding of Islamic history. I'm basing this on personal experience. I used to live in Sydney- Martin Place, in fact, was pretty well known to me back when I was in school there. I was last there more than 12 years ago. I remember even then that Sydney had- has- a rather sizable contingent of Lebanese, Turkish, and Arab immigrants. The latter tended to be concentrated very much in Sydney's southwestern suburbs, in fact.

As I recall- and my Australian readers, if I even have any, can surely correct me if I'm wrong about this- they tended to have fractious relations, at best, with other large minority groups such as the Chinese and Koreans, who tended to be concentrated more in Northern Sydney.

Their relationships with the native white majority were considerably worse.

And now it would appear that those racial and cultural differences have well and truly come home to roost.

The Anglosphere nations are being confronted now on an almost monthly basis with the ugly reality of their policy of near-open borders and nearly-unrestricted immigration from the Third World. Not all immigrants are created equal. The Hindu doctors and lawyers and engineers from India, or the South Korean tailors and restaurateurs and laundromats, are nothing like the Islamics from the Middle East, Iran, and Egypt- and none of these groups are anything like the white, Anglo-Saxon majority that is being told, whether they like it or not, to accept these newcomers.

The fact is that as long as Islamists are allowed in through the porous and yielding borders of the once-proud nation-states of the West, incidents like this, and like the shootings that occurred in Ottawa not too long ago, will continue to occur.

As long as the West continues to believe, in defiance of an entire mountain range of historical evidence to the contrary, that Islam is a "religion of peace" and that Islamists just want to integrate and settle down, tragedies like this will continue to happen, innocent men and women will continue to bleed and die, and law-abiding citizens will continue to be pushed- until they can be pushed no farther. And when that happens... watch out.

There is one last aspect of this atrocity that needs to be explored- one that Americans generally will find difficult to understand.

In 1996- nearly 20 years ago- a man named Martin Bryant, who as it turns out was severely retarded, shot 35 people and wounded another 23 before turning his weapon on himself. The Port Arthur Massacre was and remains the single deadliest incident of mass murder in Anglosphere history. In the wake of an unspeakable tragedy, the Federal government of Australia did its level best to take advantage of public outrage and sorrow to ram through a truly draconian gun control bill that, eventually, led to the near-total destruction of the average Australian's God-given right to keep and bear arms.

I know this sounds facile to an American- from both sides of the aisle.

The Liberal will argue that guns should never be seen in public places, and that it is undoubtedly a Good Thing that the police were on scene to handle this particular incident without further loss of life.

To which I respond: these hostages were kept in the last extremities of mortal terror for over 16 hours. A single bullet from a single competent bystander's gun could have ended this horror long ago. An Islamist loony would have gone to his so-called "paradise", two innocents could perhaps have gone home to their lives and families, and up to four more might have been able to walk out of that coffee shop without further harm.

And all of this is a bad thing?

The Conservative will argue that there is absolutely no good reason why Australian citizens shouldn't be allowed to carry concealed weapons in public- after all, the vast majority of them are perfectly decent people and want nothing more than to go about their day unmolested. They have every reason to believe that they should be able to go to a coffee shop and order an overpriced artsy drink with an expensive bar of brand-name chocolate (OK, I'll admit, I'm very partial to Lindt dark chocolate myself) without having to worry about being taken hostage.

To which I reply: I agree.

Americans, or at least the ones I know who aren't liberal airheads, cannot conceive of giving up their rights to the degree that the Aussies, and the Brits, and the Canadians, already have. But make no mistake, my friends, the exact same phenomenon is coming to America's shores. You've already had tastes of it, what with Fort Hood and that beheading in a factory over in Oklahoma. It will get much, much worse from here. The barbarity of the Islamists that you permitted to settle within your borders will be revealed whether you like it or not, and many more of your people will suffer for the stupidity of your ruling class's insane dreams of a mixed-race, multicultural melting pot.

Don't let yourself become a casualty. Arm yourself. Be on your guard. Recognise the signs. And when the time comes, be ready to stand up for your people, your culture, and your identity.


  1. Please amend your post out of respect for Tory Johnson the manager of the cafe who was killed while trying to wrestle the gun from the terrorist.


  3. This has NOTHING to do with "insane dreams of a ... multicultural melting pot". It has EVERYTHING to do with white genocide. ANTI-RACIST = ANTI-WHITE. say it loud, often, everywhere. And the perps will go down. Because we ARE ready.


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