Rust in peace, MEGADETH...

Something is plainly going very wrong in the MEGADETH camp (again). First their drummer quits- then, within hours of that, their lead guitarist quits. All we need now is for Junior to quit and, well, it'll just be Dave Mustaine left (again).

Now don't get me wrong, MEGADETH will surely carry on. The revolving-door nature of the MEGADETH lineup has always been a constant feature of the band. And there is no denying that it has been a training ground for some of the finest musicians in metal or any other genre. Just look at some of the alumni who have played in MEGADETH over the years:

  • Chris Poland, jazz/metal guitarist extraordinaire- his jazz background and incredible technique made the first two albums instant classics;
  • Gar Samuelson, a drummer of tremendous talent who died well before his time;
  • Jeff Young, who among other great achievements kicked testicular cancer's ass;
  • Nick Menza, who might be a bit of a nutter but trained under Buddy Rich and... well, if you've ever listened to "Rust in Peace", you know what he's capable of;
  • Marty Friedman, enough said;
  • Al Pitrelli, formerly of SAVATAGE fame;
  • James McDonough, who used to play bass for ICED EARTH (another great bassist playing in another 5th-rate IRON MAIDEN cover band...)
  • Jimmy DeGrasso, one of the best jazz-fusion drummers EVER;
  • Glenn Drover, guitarist for EIDOLON;
  • His brother Shawn Drover, who as a drummer is at best kind of... meh...
  • Chris Broderick, formerly of JAG PANZER and one hell of a great shredder
You know what the common factor in all of this is, though?

Dave Mustaine.

More specifically, Dave Mustaine's reputation for being the biggest asshole in rock.

Apparently he's mellowed somewhat since he found God and got saved, but back when he was constantly strung out on enough drugs to have his own body classified as an entire addiction case study by itself, he was considered to be even worse than Axl Rose to deal with. (I'm not entirely sure this is humanly possible; Axl Rose set the absolute bar for human douchebaggery, and I cannot imagine what it would take to smash right through it. Sacrificing a goat live on television while in the midst of a really twisted version of a Heiros gamos, perhaps?)

It wouldn't surprise me to learn that, for all of the careful politically correct talk about "musical differences" and "more time with family", Dave Mustaine simply antagonised his fellow band-mates beyond the breaking point. The fact that the last album, "Super Collider", was terrible, probably didn't help matters any...

Oh well. MEGADETH will be back, eventually, and hopefully with some fresh ideas and good new music. These guys are thrash metal legends, and deserve their place in metal history as pioneers of the genre.


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