Reaxxion article

Hey, it's the truth
I wrote an article last weekend about female sexuality in video games. Since it seemed germane to the sort of thing that is dealt with over at, I sent it over to their editors to see if they would like to publish it.

You can see that version of the same article here. It is mostly identical in content, though certain edits have been made, and one or two of the images has been changed.

Many thanks to Roosh and the editors over at for publishing this, and for extending an invitation to me to send further material for consideration. It will be my goal to submit roughly one gaming-related article per week to the same site; most of these will be game reviews, some will be opinion pieces, depending on just how irritating the SJW Morlocks of the world are being at any given time.

I also would like to take a moment to say that, regardless of where my writing takes me, it is an honour and a privilege to be published alongside the same men who are fighting the good fight, standing up for real games and real gamers, and working to push back the tide of filth and stupidity that the gatekeepers of gaming media are trying to drown us in these days.

Help us continue that fight. Read. Comment. Write. Spread the good word. Give people like Vox, and Roosh, and Matt Forney, and all of the other columnists at Reaxxion- and way, way, waaaaaaaaay down the line, a hack like me- the support we need to win this war.

We will win, in the end- but it will be a long and difficult road to travel before we do. Walk it with us, into the brighter days ahead.


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