Of COURSE the Chief would win

I mean, I'm surprised there was even any question about this:

All respect to Captain America. He's a badass.

But when it comes to badassitude, the Master Chief not only broke the mould, he broke the scale.

(Literally. Dude weighs 1,000lbs in full armour.)

Honestly, the only other guy who comes anywhere even close to the balls-out uber-armoured badassification of the Chief is the goddamn Batman.

And in case there were any questions about who is more epic, well, here's the trump card.

Captain America's love interest is this chick, who gets old and wrinkly and dies:
Eventually becomes a crazy woman in a retirement home
The Master Chief has a naked blue chick in his helmet who, on top of being every bit as skilled at blowing stuff up as he is, also happens to be getting younger, hotter, and crazier every day:

Eventually goes crazy, but sacrifices herself in the most badass way possible
If that doesn't win the argument, I don't know what does.


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