Now THAT is a hypercar

The new Ferrari FXX K is... quite something. As the author of this review very amusingly points out, the marketing bods at Fezza probably put in that space between the "FXX" and "K" in order to ensure that the car's name wouldn't be mistaken for a censored version of the reaction that most people would have when they saw it for the first time:

I mean, look at it:

By the way, there is a precedent among Italian supercar manufacturers for naming cars based on what the average teenage boy would say if he saw one driving by.

Remember a car called the Lamborghini Countach? The word countach in Italian translates approximately as "phwoarrr..." or "daaaaaayumm". As Top Gear presenter James May discovered, it looks staggering- but drives like an absolute pig.

This thing, however, looks like it will be one of the greatest driving machines ever made. Which, given Ferrari's track record- the F430, F458, and the various specials that they've done over the last few years- it probably will be.

Actually, about the only thing that I can find wrong with this car is that it is, and there's no good way of saying this, a hybrid.

Yeah. A hypercar that by rights should have guns and missiles and ejector seats in it, and it's a goddamn hybrid.

Oh well. At least it looks like something that would chew up a Toyota Prius as an hors d'oeuvre. In fact, if your average electric or hybrid snot-box saw one of these things in its rear-view mirror, I imagine it would soil itself with its own battery fluids.

Which, of course, is exactly how things should be.


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