North Korean Top Gun

It's a bit lower-budget than the version the Americans made. (The Didact will not be held responsible for computer screens damaged by spontaneous expulsion of hot liquid beverages. Or for underpants damaged in similar fashion.)

Dear Lord, they are building me a condo in Hell right now...
Courtesy of Glorious Karl over at Ushanka.

(Speaking of whom- dude recently had a heart attack. Why not do him a solid and kick in a few bucks for one of his Comrade Obama hats? I hear they're quite "chic" these days, especially given how well the Obama economy is doing these days- tent sales are waaaay up, since loads more people are living under bridges and in fields now!)

Also, seeing as I just made a TOP GUN reference:

That film is either the gayest straight movie ever, or the straightest gay movie ever. It's also proof positive that a film can be both great fun and mind-blowingly stupid at the same time. Sort of like "Van Helsing". Or "Pacific Rim".

And I happen to love all three movies. I'll let you draw your own conclusions from this fact.


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