Game essentials for introverts

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Halfbreed puts together a compilation of exceptionally good advice in easily digestible form for all introverts looking to master game:
In some ways, introverted men are better at game. 
For example, many quiet guys are good at relationship game – adept at dealing with women they’ve already slept with. 
Introverts are able to make strong emotional connections, so they’re skilled at harem management, plate-spinning, or even traditional monogamous relationships. 
But in other areas, introverts under-perform their louder brethren. 
The beginning part, the initial approach and seduction phase, is harder for quiet men. Meeting and seducing new women takes introverts out of their comfort zone. 
In practice, most of that discomfort comes from direct approaches, online first dates, or social circle game. But you’ve gotta do those things to sleep with new girls. 
So to be successful with women, quiet men must adopt the extrovert persona. 
At least, sometimes.
Go read the rest here. And if you haven't already, bookmark his blog or add it to your favourite RSS reader. He doesn't write often, but when he does, it's worth reading.


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