Turn the bullshido up to 11

So there I was, with about an hour or so to go until the end of the workday and then I could start thinking about leaving and hitting the gym. I was taking a bit of a break (read: goofing off) and surfing teh interwebz looking for mildly interesting content when I started looking into one of my favourite bugbears: bullshido.

Now for those of you who are new to the term, "bullshido" simply means "martial arts BS". It's the sort of thing that Steven Seagal specialises in these days. But if you need to see a visual representation of what bullshido really is, look no farther than this... uh... well...

You know what, just watch it:

Maybe this is what was meant by a great phrase of Carey's coining: "a bag of bats***t wombats".

Beyond that... words fail me. It's just too insane. Even for the Chinese.


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